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Curtis Granderson Breaks Forearm, Won't Return Until At Least May, Here's Who Could Replace Him

Curtis Granderson will be out until at least May. (AP photo)
  By Brad Carroll  
The one thing the New York Yankees couldn't afford this spring was an injury, especially to one of the team's marquee players. But in the team's first televised game of spring training, that's exactly what happened, and the effects will be felt way into the regular season.

Yankees outfielder Curtis Granderson broke his right forearm after getting hit by a pitch from Blue Jays starter J.A. Happ in the first inning Sunday afternoon. Granderson left the game in obvious pain, but the extent of the injury wasn't known until X-rays revealed the fracture. Granderson will be out until at least the first week of May, a month into the regular season.

Jets Release Linebacker Bart Scott

Bart Scott was released by the Jets Tuesday. (AP photo)
  By Brad Carroll  
Well, that didn't take long. After the New York Jets released Calvin Pace, Eric Smith, Jason Smith and Josh Baker Tuesday, it appeared the team would be done reshaping the roster for the day. But the one man who appeared to have survived the first wave, Bart Scott, ended up not getting the extra chance after all.

The Jets announced they have released Scott a few hours after releasing the first round of cuts. Scott will save the Jets over $7 million in cap space for next season. It also means the Jets should be under next year's projected salary cap by at least $5 million.

Jets Begin Offseason Of Salary Dumping, Releasing Calvin Pace,
Eric Smith, Jason Smith, Josh Baker

Calvin Pace didn't get to the quarterback enough. (AP photo)
  By Brad Carroll  
The New York Jets finally made a flurry of roster moves everyone has been expecting since the season ended. The Jets released linebacker Calvin Pace, offensive tackle Jason Smith, safety Eric Smith and tight end Josh Baker Tuesday afternoon. The moves save the Jets anywhere between $24 and $27 million, if you count the "dead money" in Pace's contract. The moves get the Jets within a million of next year's projected salary cap.

Linebacker Bart Scott, expected to be among those receiving a pink slip this offseason, survived the first round of cuts. Scott will either be released in the coming weeks, take a gigantic pay cut to stay with the team next year or be traded. The first option is most likely.