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GameDay Live Football Scoring:
Battle For The Bell
Bristol Central At Bristol Eastern

Bristol Eastern 21, Bristol Central 18
Battle for the Bell
Bristol Central                       6   0   6   6   -   18
Bristol Eastern                      7   0   7   7   -   21

: Bristol Central's Drew Lee scores on a 13-yard pass from Jarrett Michaels.

First Quarter
BC-Tyler Burrow 26 run (kick failed), 10:22
BE-Gerry Ouellette 23 run (Jeremy Meccariello kick), 5:09
Second Quarter
Third Quarter
BE-Ouellette 64 run (Meccariello kick), 11:11
BC-Drew Lee 29 pass from Jarrett Michaels (run failed), 3:51
Fourth Quarter
BE-Kyle Porter 0 fumble return (Meccariello kick), 8:10
BC-Lee 13 pass from Michaels (no attempt), :00

In a heartbreaker, Bristol Eastern misses the playoffs by .91 points, finishing ninth in the Class L state tournament points standings. The top eight teams make the playoffs. Daniel Hand is the eighth seed.

Bristol Eastern would have won the tiebreaker IF Notre Dame-West Haven defeated Hamden, as Eastern, Naugatuck and Daniel Hand would have been tied. But ND-West Haven lost.

Bristol Eastern tied Naugatuck in the Class L points standings after Eastern beat Bristol Central and Naugatuck lost to Ansonia (66-28). Bristol Eastern holds tiebreaker over Naugatuck.

Check out the Friday Bristol Press for full coverage of the game, including reaction from the team. You can also check out later tonight. Thanks for joining us live!

FOURTH QUARTER: Bristol Eastern beats Bristol Central 21-18 in the Battle for the Bell. Now, the Lancers have to wait for other results around the state to see if it can get one of the eight playoff spots in Class L. ... Bristol Central scores on a 13-yard pass from Jarrett Michaels to Drew Lee as time expires. ... Bristol Central gets pass interference call and has first and 10 from Eastern 17. ... Bristol Eastern downs punt at Central's 37 with 1:05 to play. ... Bristol Eastern's Gerry Ouellette is stopped a yard short on third and four and Central takes timeout with 1:15 to go. ... Bristol Central calls timeout with 1:21 to go and Eastern facing a third and four at own 30. ... Bristol Eastern's Kyle Porter stuffs Bristol Central's Tyler Burrow on fourth down and Eastern takes over at own 14 with 3:37 to go. ... Bristol Central has a fourth and two from the 12, timeout with 3:43 to play. ... Bristol Eastern comes up with biggest defensive play of the game, forcing a fumble that Kyle Porter recovers in the end zone for a touchdown. After the extra point, Eastern leads 21-12 with 8:10 to play. ... Bristol Eastern pushed Bristol Central back to the one, setting up a long second down play. ... Bristol Eastern downs the punt at the 7 and Bristol Central has it with 9:29 to go. ... Bristol Eastern to punt from own 49 with 9:39 to go. ... Bristol Central jumps offside on third and two and Eastern gets first down at own 48 with 10:30 to play. ... Bristol Central's Jarrett Michaels throws incomplete on fourth down; he did have Taylor Whitten open behind the defense. Eastern takes over at own 35 with 11:55 to go in game. ... Bristol Central has as fourth and five from Eastern's 35 to open fourth.

THIRD QUARTER: Bristol Central will be facing a fourth and five from Eastern's 35 as we close the third quarter. ... Bristol Central's Keon Walton opens drive with a good run to get to the Eastern 40. ... Bristol Eastern's Gerry Ouellette is stopped on a direct snap on fake punt and Bristol Central takes over at own 42 with 1:41 to go. ... Bristol Eastern's Ken Smith fights for 14 yards on kick return to get ball to Central's 49 with under three and a half minutes to go. ... Bristol Central's Drew Lee takes a short pass from Jarrett Michaels and goes 29 yards for a touchdown. Central goes for the tie, but Tyler Burrow is stopped a yard short by Ken Smith despite a great effort. Central trails Eastern 14-12 with 3:51 to go in third. ... Bristol Eastern's Jeremy Meccariello misses a 26-yard field goal and Bristol Central takes over at own 20 down 14-6 with 6:52 to go in third. ... Bristol Eastern's Gerry Ouellette scores on next play, but a holding call brings it back. ... Bristol Eastern's Gerry Ouellette breaks a 57-yard run but Drew Lee saves the touchdown for now at the Central 3. ... Bristol Central has a short punt and Bristol Eastern takes over at own 40 with 9:35 to go in third. ... On second play of second half, Bristol Eastern's Gerry Ouellette goes 64 yards for a touchdown run and the Lancers take a 14-6 lead after the extra point. ... Alex Macias falls on own fumble on Bristol Central's kickoff and Bristol Eastern has a first and 10 from own 35 top open third quarter.

SECOND QUARTER: Still four minutes to go in a 30-minute halftime. ... Bristol Eastern is 0-for-5 passing with an interception at halftime. Bristol Eastern does lead 77-75 in total yards of offense, but all were on ground. Gerry Ouellette has 49 rushing yards. ... Bristol Central's Jarrett Michaels is 4-of-13 for 28 yards passing at halftime. Tyler Burrow has 75 rushing yards at the break. ... The halftime show has been moved to the grass area while speedy dry is being put on the Muzzy Field mud. ... And we reached halftime with Bristol Eastern up 7-6 on Bristol Central. ... Holding penalty on Bristol Central negates good run by Tyler Burrow and Rams have third and seven at own 41 with five seconds to go. ... Bristol Central gains six on first down to Bristol Eastern 41 and calls timeout with 19 seconds to play. ... Bristol Eastern's Alex Hunter breaks a long run, but Central forces a fumble on the play and Christian Hildebrand recovers at own 35 with 49 seconds to play in half. ... Bristol Central has a good punt and Bristol Eastern gets ball back at own 26 with 2:45 to go in half. ... Bristol Eastern calls timeout with 2:52 as Bristol Central faces a fourth and 23 at own 31. ... Bristol Eastern has quick three and out and Bristol Central takes over at own 44 after punt, 4:11 to go. ... Bristol Central's Tyler Burrow misses a 27-yard field goal and Bristol Eastern gets the ball at own 20 with 6:20 to go in half. ... Bristol Central has a fourth and goal from 10, timeout Central with 6:25 to go. ... A holding call on Central sets the Rams up with a first and goal from 15. ... Bristol Central's Drew Lee comes up with an interception at the Eastern 22 and returns it to the three. First and goal for Bristol Central with 8:30 to go. ... Bristol Eastern facing a third and 13 at own 8 with 8:39 to go in half. ... Bristol Eastern has a second and five from the Eastern 6. ... Bristol Central's Keon Walton punts down to the one-foot line, getting the great roll and cover by the special teams unit. ... Bristol Central will punt at Eastern 42 with 11:51 to go in second.

FIRST QUARTER: Bristol Eastern's Roderick Green and Kyle Porter sack Jarrett Michaels as first quarter ends with Lancers leading 7-6 over Rams. ... Bristol Eastern fumbles again, but this time Bristol Central's Bob Jacques recovers. Rams take over at Eastern 34 with three seconds to go in first. ... Bristol Eastern's Kyle Baker is playing with a cast on his right arm. ... Bristol Eastern's Kyle Baker comes up with an interception and the Lancers take over at own 35 with 10 seconds to go. ... Bristol Central gets a pass interference penalty on Eastern on a third and 10 play. Rams have first and 10 from Eastern 40 with 1:03 to go. ... Bristol Central's D'Andre Conaway gets three yards on fourth and one and the drive continues. ... Bristol Central has a fourth and one at own 42 with two minutes to go. ... Quarterback Alex Hunter is hit on pass attempt and it's incomplete and Eastern turns ball over on downs. Taylor Whitten had the hit for the Rams. Central takes over at own 33 with 3:39 to go. ... Bristol Eastern has a fourth and 8 from Central 33 with 3:39 to go. ... Michael Belton recovers a squib kick on muddy infield and Eastern has a first and 10 from Central 25 with five minutes to go. ... Bristol Eastern's Gerry Ouellette breaks several tackles, including one in the backfield, on his way to a 23-yard touchdown run. After the extra point, it's 7-0 Eastern with 5:09 to go in first. ... Bristol Eastern has fumbled twice on current drive, but has recovered both. Has a third and one from 23. ... Bristol Eastern's Pete Roche returns punt 14 yards and the Lancers take over at Central's 31 with seven minutes to go in first. ... Bristol Eastern's Ken Smith gets big sack of Jarrett Michaels on third and seven and Keon Walton will punt for Bristol Central. ... Bristol Eastern goes three and out on opening drive, with a false start on third and 5 being a killer. Jeremy Meccariello punts the ball down to the Central 25 with 9:15 to go. ... Bristol Eastern takes over at own 44 after another short kickoff. ... Bristol Central's Tyler Burrow scores on a 26-yard run to put the Rams up 6-0 after missed extra point kick, 10:22 to go in first. ... Bristol Central's Tyler Burrow goes 32 yards on first play from scrimmage through a wide open hole. ... Field conditions aren't ideal for football, especially on baseball side of field. ... Bristol Central takes over the ball after a short kickoff by Bristol Eastern, will start with the ball at own 41. ... Bristol Eastern wins the coin toss and defers to second half. Bristol Central will receive. Eastern defends the west goal.

GAME NOTES: Bristol Central is 4-5 on the season and has won two games in a row. The Rams have beaten E.O. Smith, Bulkeley, Maloney and Fermi and lost to Windsor, RHAM, Middletown, Farmington and Rocky Hill. Bristol Eastern is 8-2 on the year and is currently in the ninth position in the Class L playoff standings, with the top eight making the postseason. The Lancers need a victory against Central and help from two other teams to lose to make the tournament. Two teams below Eastern in the standings were expected to jump it, and one of them did in Daniel Hand Wednesday. North Haven should also jump Eastern today. That means the Lancers need losses by two of the following three teams, Farmington, New London and Naugatuck. A loss by Darien, which has already clinched a berth, could also help, but Eastern jumping depends on bonus points. Eastern has defeated Berlin, Hartford Public, Bulkeley, Fermi, Maloney, Windsor, Northwest Catholic and E.O. Smith and has lost to Middletown and Farmington. ... Check out our Bristol Eastern game preview here and a feature on the playoff picture here. ... Check out our Bristol Central game preview here. ... For even more coverage pick up a copy of the Bristol Press Thursday and Friday. ... Use the comments section below to use as an open thread to connect with other fans, ask questions or provide your own commentary.

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