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College Football Bowl Picks: Music City Bowl, NC State Vs Vanderbilt;
Sun Bowl, Georgia Tech Vs USC; Chick-fil-A Bowl, LSU Vs Clemson

Clemson and LSU highlight Monday's action. (AP photo)
  By Brad Carroll  
Before we ring in the New Year, there's three very solid college football bowl games to feast on Monday afternoon and night. The Music City Bowl, Sun Bowl and Chick-fil-A Bowl each feature matchups from power conferences, making for an interesting battle not only between schools, but leagues as well. As always, we preview and pick those games both straight up and against the spread.

Jets Possible Quarterback Targets This Offseason, Including Matt Flynn, Michael Vick, Alex Smith And More

Michael Vick could be targeted by the Jets. (AP photo)
  By Brad Carroll  
There are several questions the New York Jets must answer this offseason, but the biggest has to be who will be the starting quarterback next year. It's the most difficult position to fill in the NFL, but thanks to the complete meltdown by current starter Mark Sanchez, the Jets are in the market once again for a franchise-caliber quarterback. Here's who the Jets could start at quarterback next season.

What Jets Should Do With Rex Ryan, Mike Tannenbaum, Tony Sparano & Mike Pettine This Offseason

Rex Ryan, Mike Tannenbaum and Woody Johnson. (AP photo)
  By Brad Carroll  
The New York Jets are finished with this disaster of a season, losing their finale with yet another embarrassing performance, this time a 28-9 loss to the Buffalo Bills. Starting very soon, heads are going to roll within the organization, starting with those making the decisions, both in personnel matters and those on the field. That is what happens when a team fails in as big a way as the Jets did this season. But before that, we'll break down exactly what the Jets should do.

New York Sports' Top 12 Storylines
Of 2012: Alex Rodriguez, RA Dickey, Champion Giants, Derek Jeter,
Tim Tebow, Mariano Rivera, More

  By GameDay Staff  
As the ball is getting closer and closer to being dropped in Times Square, it's only fitting to look back on the year that was, especially in sports. There was no shortage of storylines making the back pages and lead spots on websites covering the sports world this year, with the good, bad and ugly carving their way into the history books. Of course, with sports, it's all about stats and lists, and we have a great one to end this crazy year in the Big Apple. GameDay names the 12 best New York sports storylines from 2012. Make sure to comment on our list and come up with your own in the comments section below.

t12. Yankees' bats go silent in ALCS loss
The Yankees were historically bad at the plate during the American League Championship Series, one that ended with the Detroit Tigers sweeping their way to the World Series. The Yankees scored a total of six runs in four games and just two runs in the final three games. The Yankees batted a combined .157, the second lowest in ALCS history. It was so bad that Nick Swisher got a one-way ticket out of town based on how poorly he played. Swisher wasn't the only one who struggled, as Robinson Cano and Alex Rodriguez were terrible as well, but he was the poster boy for the team's epic failure in the playoffs.

College Football Bowl Picks: Pinstripe Bowl, West Virginia Vs Syracuse, Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl, Navy Vs Arizona State, Alamo Bowl, Texas Vs Oregon State, & Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl, TCU Vs Michigan State

Geno Smith and West Virginia play at Yankee Stadium. (AP photo)
  By Brad Carroll  
We'll all get a special treat Saturday as college football returns to its rightful home with four tremendous bowl matchups, starting with the Pinstripe Bowl at Yankee Stadium and ending with a late-night game featuring TCU and Michigan State. In between, there's a pair of other big matchups, with Navy's triple-option offense going against a stout Arizona State defense followed by Texas and all of its legal problems taking on an underrated Oregon State squad.

As always, we pick all of those games both straight up and against the spread below.

College Football Bowl Picks: Russell Athletic Bowl, Virginia Tech Vs Rutgers & Meineke Car Care Bowl Of Texas, Minnesota Vs Texas Tech

Texas Tech goes against Minnesota Friday night. (AP photo)
  By Brad Carroll  
After an extremely slow start to the bowl season, we finally have two must-watch bowl games on the schedule for Friday. Rutgers and Virginia Tech battle in the Russell Athletic Bowl with both teams looking for a positive end to disappointing seasons. In the nightcap, Minnesota is a big underdog against a Texas Tech team playing without its head coach in the Meineke Car Care Bowl of Texas (clearly one of the worst bowl names in the country).

We preview and pick both games below both straight up and against the spread.

College Football Bowl Picks:
Holiday Bowl, Baylor Vs UCLA

UCLA should be celebrating after Holiday Bowl. (AP photo)
  By Brad Carroll  
We're slowing working our way into the bigger and bigger bowl games of the season, ultimately crowning a national champion between Notre Dame and Alabama after New Year's. Until then, there's plenty of great matchups to get excited about, including the one game we pick below, which features Baylor and UCLA in the Holiday Bowl Thursday night.

It continues our season-ending drive in the GameDay Battle for College Football Supremacy, where we'll pick the 22 best bowl games and crown one champion. One bowl game is in the books, with only Evil Craig picking Washington to cover against Boise State. He now trails leader Kool Aid Glenn by four games and leads third-place Brad by one game in the season race.

Sanchez Will Start Season Finale Against Buffalo, Another Shocking Development In Season Full Of Them

Mark Sanchez is back as the starting quarterback. (AP photo)
  By Brad Carroll  
Anyone who has followed the New York Jets quarterback situation this year wouldn't be surprised in the least that anything could and would happen that defies the laws of probability. But this item might be the one that breaks the rule, because I don't believe anyone would have expected this - Mark Sanchez will start Sunday's season finale against Buffalo.

Coach Rex Ryan made the announcement Thursday to open his press conference, saying Greg McElroy has a concussion and won't play Sunday. Just as he did last week, Ryan passed over Tim Tebow and will have Sanchez as the starter. Tebow, Ryan said, isn't happy about the decision, obviously.

What does it mean for the Jets quarterback situation for the future?

Chargers 27, Jets 17: Best (Kerley, Wilkerson, Coples) And Worst (Tebow Asking Out, McElroy, Sparano)

Tim Tebow isn't going out on the right note. (AP photo)
  By Brad Carroll  
The New York Jets 27-17 loss to the San Diego Chargers was as close to unwatchable as a game gets. The Jets had already been eliminated from postseason contention with their embarrassing loss to the Tennessee Titans on Monday night, and their starting quarterback was a seventh-rounder who has no chance to be a franchise player in the league, despite what some might tell you. Plus, there was the conflicting emotions of wanting the team to win, while at the same time realizing a loss would be better in the long run.

And, of course, to make matters worse, the Cincinnati Bengals ended up beating the Pittsburgh Steelers, meaning if the Jets had won out, they would have needed just a Bengals loss to the Baltimore Ravens to make the playoffs. But that's exactly what this franchise is about, isn't it?

Red Sox Analysis: Dissecting The Questionable Offseason Moves By The Red Sox, Including Ryan Dempster, Shane Victorino, Mike Napoli, More

Ryan Dempster is the newest member of the Red Sox. (AP photo)
  By Matt Straub  
I was correctly reminded by Brad recently that I hadn’t done an update on the Red Sox offseason for the GameDay readers who want to keep tabs on the competition. Part of the reason for the absence is because we’re in a busy time at work. Part of it is because the offseason for the Red Sox has been so uninteresting, it hasn’t been worth talking or writing about.

There are two typical approaches to an offseason for a major league baseball team. Small market teams like the Rays and Pirates either look for low-cost, high-ceiling veterans or trade the veterans they have for prospects. In either case, the idea is to get the most out of every dollar and win with as young (and cheap) a group as possible.

The second approach is one often taken by teams like the Yankees, who just try and get the best players, no matter what the cost, and overwhelm opponents with their talent. This is the easiest way to put together a good team, though it’s only an option for a few teams and has a high risk factor. Spending sprees can come back to bite a team. Just as ask the Miami Marlins.

College Football Bowl Picks: Las Vegas Bowl, Washington Vs Boise State

Boise State takes on Washington Saturday. (AP photo)
  By Brad Carroll  
Saturday represents one of the first "true" bowl games of the season, as the Las Vegas Bowl features Washington taking on No. 19 Boise State. While, in the big picture, it's nowhere near one of the several must-watch bowls to be played on or around New Year's Day, it is special because it kicks off the postseason part of our GameDay Battle for College Football Supremacy.

Right now, Kool Aid Glenn holds a five-game lead over both myself and Evil Craig. We will pick, starting now, the 22 top bowl games of the season to determine an overall champion. Our next picks column will hit the website this coming Wednesday, in advance of another slate of bowl games, which begin Thursday.

Jets Bench Sanchez For McElroy

Greg McElroy gets the start next week. (AP photo)
  By Brad Carroll  
Jets coach Rex Ryan made the expected decision to bench starting quarterback Mark Sanchez Tuesday, but he's not turning to backup Tim Tebow, instead opting for Greg McElroy to take over. The former Alabama star should be the starting quarterback for the next two games. After that, nobody knows.

The Jets will go into next season, barring a gigantic upset, with a starting quarterback that isn't currently on the roster. There is no way Tebow, especially now, will be that guy, and there's little chance McElroy has the talent to take over that role either. Sanchez? Forget about it. It would be a shock if he was even allowed to compete for the job next season.

Titans 14, Jets 10: Worst Of The Worst From Jets Season-Ending Loss To Tennessee (Sanchez, Coaching, More)

Mark Sanchez gets an obvious Game Fall. (AP photo)
  By Brad Carroll  
Of all the bad losses this season. Of all the embarrassing moments this season. Of all the drama, controversy, stupidity and flat-out incompetence by the front office this season. The Monday night loss to the Tennessee Titans that eliminated the New York Jets from the postseason was the worst of them all. Nothing could top a fumbled snap on first down, 25 yards away from pulling off an unlikely victory and continuing an even more unlikely, but entirely possible, run to the postseason.

And so it ends. The Jets postseason hopes are toast and their season is effectively over, even with two weeks left to play. The Jets haven't been eliminated this early since before Brett Favre came to New York and failed, just like so many before and now after him. We've already broken down the devastating loss and what it means for the franchise and the fact Mark Sanchez will never play quarterback for the Jets again, now it's time for a depressing edition of Game Balls and Game Falls.

Mark Sanchez Will Never Start At Quarterback For The Jets Again

It's over for Mark Sanchez as a starter. (AP photo)
  By Brad Carroll  
After the Tennessee Titans ran out the clock on the Jets season Monday night, there was a moment caught on camera at midfield that spoke volumes about where this Jets team and season has gone. Coach Rex Ryan was walking one way and quarterback Mark Sanchez was walking the other, heading directly in each other's direction. Ryan sidestepped Sanchez without saying a word and continued on his path.

The head coach and quarterback that were always linked together, with Ryan saying time and time again Sanchez would always be his franchise passer, now couldn't even look at each other.

Jets Eliminated From Postseason Contention In Most Excruciatingly Painful, But Expected, Way Possible

Mark Sanchez turned the ball over five times. (AP photo)
  By Brad Carroll  
When the Cowboys picked off Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger in overtime to set up the game-winning field goal, every single Jets fan started to celebrate as if they had seen their team win a playoff game. After the Cowboys kicked the winner a play after the pick, the Jets' chances for the postseason went from highly unlikely to very possible. For the first time in a long time this season, maybe since Week 1, everything was breaking right for the Jets.

Then came the easy part, right? Monday night against the Tennessee Titans, one of the worst teams in the AFC, the Jets could turn this horrible season into the most unlikely run to the postseason possibly ever with a victory on the road. The Jets had everything to play for. The Titans had nothing to play for. There was no way the Jets were going to lose this game. Heck, there was no way the Jets were going to lose the two games that follow either, right?

Jets Finally Bring Back Braylon Edwards, Who Should Help Sanchez Immediately In Quest For Postseason

Braylon Edwards is back with the Jets. (AP photo)
  By Brad Carroll  
We've been practically begging the New York Jets to bring back wide receiver Braylon Edwards for months   here on the website. Actually, we've been telling anyone who bothered to read our stories the Jets should have chosen to sign Edwards instead of Santonio Holmes two years ago.

Now, finally, the Jets have listened. The Jets brought back Edwards Tuesday night, acquiring him on waivers after the Seattle Seahawks let him go. It comes just a week after Edwards came to the defense of Mark Sanchez and called the Jets' hierarchy "idiots" for how they've handled the quarterback situation. Which actually might have been the turning point in Edwards rejoining the team.

Edwards had a tremendous bond with Sanchez on the field during the 2009 and 2010 seasons, when the Jets went to back-to-back AFC championship games. It was downright expected for Sanchez and Edwards to hook up for big plays nearly every game. Since Edwards left, Sanchez and the Jets have had absolutely no downfield passing game.

Jets Postseason Chances Improve Greatly After Near-Perfect Sunday

The Jets don't need as many prayers as last week. (AP photo)
  By Brad Carroll  
It was a near-perfect Sunday for the New York Jets, as they not only defeated the Jacksonville Jaguars to improve to 6-7 this season, but watched their postseason chances improve dramatically as well. The once-thought impossible opportunity of qualifying for the final wild card position in the AFC became more real after two other games went the Jets way in Week 14.

Now, believe it or not, the Jets have a downright realistic shot at making the postseason this year.

Jets 17, Jaguars 10: Best (Defense, Harris, Greene, Powell) And Worst (Let Sanchez Throw The Ball)

Shonn Greene celebrates with Bilal Powell. (AP photo)
  By Brad Carroll  
It was anything but pretty, but the New York Jets extended their season by at least one more week with a 17-10 victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars. Not only did the Jets improve to 6-7 on the season, but their playoff chances actually improved greatly after Sunday's early games, giving renewed hope to a franchise that couldn't have been lower just one week ago. The win also means the quarterback controversy surrounding the team will be an afterthought leading up to Monday night against Tennessee.

It makes for one great week and a lot to look forward to next Sunday as the Jets continue their unlikely climb to a possible postseason berth. For now, it's Game Balls and Game Falls for Jets 17, Jaguars 10.

GameDay Live Scoring:
Class M State Championship
No. 2 Berlin Vs No. 4 Hillhouse

 No. 4 Hillhouse 34, No. 2 Berlin 12
Class M State Championship

No. 4 Hillhouse             6   0   7   21   -   34
No. 2 Berlin                  6   6   0     0   -   12

LAST SCORING PLAY: Hillhouse's Harold Cooper scores on a 6-yard run (31 seconds remaining in fourth quarter).

Manti Te'o Should Win Heisman, Plus Picking Winner Of Army Vs Navy

Manti Te'o cleaned up at Thursday's awards show. (AP photo)
  By Brad Carroll  
College football's regular season wraps up Saturday with two of the great events of the year. First, the annual Army-Navy game will take place in the afternoon. Then, the Heisman trophy ceremony will take place that evening. The Army-Navy game is one not to miss, no matter the records. No matter who you root for on a weekly basis, everyone has a side in this ultimate rivalry game. Forget any other, this is the real deal.

For the GameDay picks challenge, it's the last chance to add a couple of victories to the win total before bowl season begins in two weeks. Kool Aid Glenn went 6-4 last week to regain control of the title race, now holding a five game lead over myself and Evil Craig. Both Craig and I are tied for second, or last, after each of us went 3-7 in championship week.

Jets Stick With Mark Sanchez As Starting Quarterback Against Jaguars

Mark Sanchez will start against Jaguars. (AP photo)
  By Brad Carroll  
It shouldn't come as a surprise the Jets are sticking with Mark Sanchez as the team's starting quarterback. Like it or not, he's the best quarterback on the roster. By far. Tim Tebow and Greg McElroy are nowhere near the talent level, or maybe potential is the right term, of Sanchez. Of course, Sanchez hasn't played up to his potential, especially this season, and has opened up a quarterback controversy nobody wants.

Ryan and the Jets organization realize Sanchez gives them the best chance to win. Winning is the most important thing right now for a regime that is in serious danger of losing their jobs as season's end. Ryan and general manager Mike Tannenbaum could both hit the unemployment line if the season goes in the toilet from here. Remember, the Jets still have a shot at a winning season and a outside chance of making the playoffs.

Jets 7, Cardinals 6: Best (McElroy, Greene, Wilkerson, More) And Worst (Sanchez, More) From Jets Win

The Jets should start Greg McElroy for rest of the year. (AP photo)
  By Brad Carroll  
The New York Jets won a game Sunday afternoon against the Arizona Cardinals, but it felt more like a loss than anything else. The Jets have virtually no shot at making the playoffs, after both the Colts and Steelers won games they shouldn't have. They have no starting quarterback on the roster, as Mark Sanchez, Tim Tebow and Greg McElroy are all backups now, at best. And while nearly every single fan wanted Rex Ryan to bench Sanchez, and it was the correct move, it signified the Jets must reset the franchise back to square one. The Jets won, but the entire franchise will look completely different in a few months.

There's still time, however, to breakdown the best and worst of the afternoon, as we hand out our Game Balls and Game Falls after Jets 7, Cardinals 6.

College Football Bowl Breakdown: BCS National Championship
No. 1 Notre Dame Vs No. 2 Alabama, Plus Rose Bowl, Fiesta Bowl, Orange Bowl, Sugar Bowl And Many More

  By Brad Carroll  
Notre Dame and Alabama placing 1-2 in the final BCS standings Sunday night was completely expected, but a party-crashing Northern Illinois squad receiving an invite to one of the big-money games was not. But that's exactly what happened when the computers spit out the final batch of rankings and the MAC champions stood at No. 15. That meant the Huskies would receiver an automatic bid into a BCS game, as they needed to be No. 16 or better to qualify. It also meant Oklahoma was booted as an at-large bid.

Here is a rundown of the biggest bowl games, including the BCS national championship, Rose Bowl, Sugar Bowl, Fiesta Bowl, Orange Bowl and more.

Jets Playoff Chances Are Close To Impossible, But There Is Slight Hope

Rex Ryan hasn't had any answers this season. (AP photo)
  By Brad Carroll  
If you're wondering just how impossible the Jets playoff chances are, we have the answers right here. The first thing that must happen for the postseason dream to become a reality is the Jets to run the table and finish the season with a 9-7 record. They did their part today, beating the Cardinals, but wins must follow against Jacksonville, Tennessee, San Diego and Buffalo.

That is the easy part. The rest will depend on a series of outcomes that could happen, but are highly unlikely. Believe it or not, only three teams are ahead of the Jets in the chase for the two wild card spots. The Colts are 8-4 and the Steelers and Bengals are both 7-5. The Colts and Steelers are the wild card leaders. The Bills and Dolphins are tied with the Jets at 5-7, but the Jets wold win out over those two.

The Jets would also win tiebreakers over the Colts and Bengals, but would lose head-to-head against Pittsburgh. So, while it appears the Jets don't have much in front of them, it would still take a minor miracle to jump in the standings.

Jets Bench Mark Sanchez, Changing Future Of Franchise This Season And Years To Come, Especially Now With Postseason Berth A Near Impossibility

Greg McElroy led the Jets to victory. (AP photo)
  By Brad Carroll  
It was just about the worst offensive performance by two teams in a long, long time, but the Jets came out on top with a 7-6 victory over the Arizona Cardinals Sunday that extends their season for at least one week. Even though the Jets managed just one touchdown drive in a game no one would like to live through again, it will go down as a franchise-shaping afternoon.

Jets coach Rex Ryan benched starting quarterback Mark Sanchez for the first time in his career, going with third-stringer Greg McElroy and forever changing the team's future, whether he realizes it or not. The moment came with 4:48 to go in the third quarter and the Jets down 3-0. Sanchez was playing perhaps the worst game of his career, and that's saying something. He had thrown three interceptions and couldn't create any offense whatsoever. More importantly, he led the team to zero points against a terrible Cardinals team.

Ryan, who many believed would never make a change at quarterback this season, finally made an actual head-coaching decision, pulling Sanchez for a player who not only hadn't taken a snap in the NFL, but hadn't even been activated before today.

GameDay Live: Class M Semifinals
No. 2 Berlin Vs No. 6 Weston

 No. 2 Berlin 21, No. 6 Weston 7
Class M State Semifinals
Berlin will play for a Class M state championship
Saturday against No. 4 Hillhouse

No. 6 Weston               0   0   7   0   -     7
No. 2 Berlin                  7   7   7   0   -   21

LAST SCORING PLAY: Berlin's Scott McLeod scores on a 52-yard pass from Mitch Williams (2:25 remaining in third quarter).

Class M Semifinal Score: Hillhouse 48, Montville 26