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Week 14 College Football Picks: Alabama Vs Georgia, Oklahoma At TCU, Texas At Kansas State, Plus The ACC & Big 10 Championship Games

Alabama and Georgia play for the SEC title. (AP photo)
  By Brad Carroll  
For all those college football fans who can't wait until a playoff system debuts, Saturday afternoon will come as close to it as ever before. When Alabama and Georgia play in the SEC championship game, it will be a semifinal playoff game with the winner advancing to the national championship game. With Notre Dame the only eligible undefeated team remaining, the battle between the No. 2 and No. 3 teams in the country will determine who plays the Fighting Irish for the national championship.

That SEC title game highlights a Saturday full of conference championship games and a bunch of meaningful matchups to end the regular season. The ACC and Big 10 will hold its championship games and the conference title will be determined in both the Big 12 and Mountain West as well.

Week 14 College Football Picks, Part I: Louisville At Rutgers, UCLA At Stanford, Northern Illinois Vs Kent St

Stanford goes for another win over UCLA Friday. (AP photo)
  By Brad Carroll  
It's championship week in college football and the action starts early as Louisville and Rutgers get the national stage to themselves in the de facto Big East title game Thursday night. Of course, after both teams were handed embarrassing losses last week, I'm not quite sure either team wants the spotlight. Rutgers lost big to Pittsburgh and Louisville lost in overtime to UConn, meaning the two "best" teams in the Big East lost to two of the worst. That's a terrible showing for the conference we like to call the Big Least. But a game with a BCS berth on the line is still special and worth watching.

There's a pair of more attractive championship games the following night to get excited about heading into the bigger slate of Saturday matchups, which we'll break down here Friday. The MAC championship has two teams on the rise, while the Pac-12 title game features a rematch from just one week ago. We break it all down and pick winners in Part I of our Week 14 college football picks column.

College GameDay Rewind Week 13: ACC Makes Right Call In Choosing Louisville Over UConn; Miles Not Dumb Enough To Leave LSU; More

Prayers answered: Louisville is headed to the ACC. (AP photo)
  By Brad Carroll  
The ACC's decision to add Louisville instead of UConn Wednesday in the latest round of conference defections was a no-brainer. Louisville is by far the more attractive athletic option, with a football team that can compete on a national level and a basketball program that is already a championship contender. UConn just can't compete with that.

The ACC has now added Pittsburgh, Syracuse and Notre Dame for football, in addition to Louisville. The ACC has a strong 14-team conference, with the Fighting Irish as a scheduling partner. Louisville is also an upgrade over Maryland, the school that bolted the ACC for the Big 10.

For UConn and its faithful, this had to come as a huge punch to the stomach. Not only has UConn been passed over by the ACC, but was also deemed unattractive by the Big 10 as well. The latter conference took Rutgers and Maryland instead. The ACC took just about every single Big East team except UConn.

GameDay Live: Class LL State Playoffs
(7) Glastonbury At (2) Southington

 No. 7 Glastonbury 23,
No. 2 Southington 14
Class LL state quarterfinal

Glastonbury              7   3   6   7   -   23
Southington              7   7   0   0   -   14

LAST SCORING PLAY: Glastonbury's Ryan Marano scores on a 24-yard pass from Ben Berey (11:51 remaining in fourth quarter).

GameDay Live: Class M State Playoffs
(7) Bullard Havens At (2) Berlin

 No. 2 Berlin 41,
No. 7 Bullard Havens 14
Class M state quarterfinal

Bullard Havens                8    6     0   0   -   14
Berlin                              21   7   13   0   -   41

LAST SCORING PLAY: Berlin's Tyler Undercuffler scores on a 26-yard pass from Mitch Williams (44 seconds remaining in third quarter).

Week 13 College Football Picks: Michigan At Ohio State, Notre Dame at USC, Oregon At Oregon State, Auburn At Alabama, Florida At Florida State, Rutgers, Georgia, More

Michigan and Ohio State kick things off Saturday. (AP photo)
  By Brad Carroll  
Rivalry week continues in college football, and our GameDay picks column as well, as Part II is here with our experts selecting winners of the biggest games from a busy Saturday, both straight up and against the spread. The day starts perfectly, with Michigan taking on Ohio State in what many consider the greatest rivalry in all of college sports. Then, in the late afternoon games, Oregon-Oregon State, Alabama-Auburn and Florida-Florida State each feature heated rivalries with national title implications.

To finish off the night, there is the mega showdown with a guaranteed spot in the BCS national championship game up for grabs if Notre Dame can hold off Southern Cal and finish the season undefeated. The Irish are as close to a team of destiny as it gets right now, and with USC starting quarterback Matt Barkley out with an injury, the door opens even more for the Fighting Irish to play for a title.

There's nothing better than watching rivalry games in college football and we have them non-stop Saturday afternoon and through the night. Enjoy the games and Part II of our picks column below. Part I is here and the stats below are fully updated through Friday night's games. I'm on a 27-13 run, but reside in third place. Craig and Glenn are tied at the top of the season standings.

Patriots 49, Jets 19: Breaking Down the Worst (Sanchez, Ryan, Scott, Many More) And Best (A Stretch)

It was another terrible game by Mark Sanchez. (AP photo)
  By Brad Carroll  
After letting the embarrassing loss to the New England Patriots Thanksgiving night sink in, it's become a little easier to break down who did the worst and even who played well in the 49-19 loss that all but ended the Jets season. It starts where it always does in a loss - with quarterback Mark Sanchez and his untimely, and almost inexplicable, turnovers. But Sanchez wasn't the only one who embarrassed himself on this night, as the entire team became a late-night comedy that had the entire world laughing. Excepts Jets fans.

Will the Same Old Jets ever die? It sure doesn't appear that way.

Jets' Embarrassing Loss To Patriots Could Force A Complete Change In The Franchise As It Stands Today

The end is near for Mark Sanchez and company. (AP photo)
  By Brad Carroll  
The only thought that came to mind watching the New York Jets' 49-19 loss to the New England Patriots Thursday night was it's over. Not just this season, because it's going to be nearly impossible for the Jets to make the postseason with a 4-7 record. But the Jets as we know them today will no longer exist. Watching the Jets embarrass themselves on national television on Thanksgiving it became clear this team will be headed in a completely different direction sooner than later.

This Thanksgiving loss put the entire franchise on life support, with little chance of survival. That means this offseason will begin with a new general manager, a new head coach, with all new assistants, and a new quarterback. Of course, with the way the Jets run things, the same group may very well be back next season with or without a solid finish. But even that appears impossible now.

Week 13 College Football Picks: Part I, TCU At Texas, LSU At Arkansas, Arizona State At Arizona, Nebraska At Iowa, West Virginia At Iowa State

Kent State makes its GameDay picks column debut. (AP photo)
  By Brad Carroll  
Just like the Thanksgiving holiday itself, we're going big here at GameDay this week. In fact, we're going ginormous. We will preview and pick winners for the best college football games of the week, as we always do. But this week we're doing a full slate of selections ... twice. As in, we're breaking down the best games from Thursday and Friday below in Part I of our picks column, and then Part II will feature the best games from Saturday's schedule of games.

It's big, just like the amount of turkey, stuffing and pieces of pie all three of us will down Thursday and throughout the weekend while watching plenty of college football. So, with no time to waste, let's jump right in. Of course, I'll take one extra second to mention I'm on a 22-9 run picking games and looking to improve on that here. Glenn still leads the season-long race, with Craig a close second.

GameDay Live Scoring:
Bristol Eastern At Bristol Central

 Bristol Eastern 17, Bristol Central 6
Battle For The Bell

Bristol Central                0   6   0   0   -    6
Bristol Eastern               7   3   7   0   -   17

LAST SCORING PLAY: Bristol Eastern's Sean Aiudi scores on a 49-yard pass from Tommy Curtin (7:49 remaining in third quarter).

GameDay Live Scoring:
Cheshire At No. 8 Southington

 No. 8 Southington 38, Cheshire 13
Apple Valley Classic

Cheshire                          0    0   6   7   -   13
No. 8 Southington         10   14   7   7   -   38

LAST SCORING PLAY: Cheshire's Sam Pascale scores on a 16-yard run (4:51 remaining in fourth quarter).

GameDay Live Scoring:
Wethersfield At Newington

 Newington 33, Wethersfield 19

Wethersfield                  13   0   6    0   -   19
Newington                     13   0   6   14   -   33

LAST SCORING PLAY: Newington's Eric Ryan scores on a 40-yard run (1:41 remaining in fourth quarter).

GameDay Live Scoring:
Plainville At Farmington

 Farmington 46, Plainville 14
Olde Canal Cup

Plainville                  7    0    7    0   -   14
Farmington             6   20   13   7   -   46

LAST SCORING PLAY: Farmington's Mitch Berlandy scores on a 42-yard run (11:49 remaining in fourth quarter).

College GameDay Rewind Week 12: Rutgers, Maryland Bolt For Big 10 As Conference Defections Start Up Again

Rutgers is charging into the Big 10. (AP photo)
  By Brad Carroll  
The biggest news to hit college football this week, after we've finally recovered from the chaos developed after both Kansas State and Oregon were handed shocking losses, was the conference landscape changing dramatically again. Maryland and Rutgers are the latest defectors to bolt for greener pastures, setting up what is sure to be another seismic shift in the sport we all know and love.

Maryland and Rutgers each will be joining the Big 10 for all sports in the coming years, with the main focus being on football, of course. Maryland left the ACC, while Rutgers ran from a slowly dying Big East. While the football programs at Maryland and Rutgers won't ever be confused with Michigan or Ohio State, or even Northwestern, it's pretty easy to see where the conference is coming from in adding them.

GameDay Live: The Wishbone Bowl
New Britain Vs. No. 19 Berlin

 No. 19 Berlin 32, New Britain 28
The Wishbone Bowl

New Britain                   0   14     6   8   -   28
No. 19 Berlin               14     8   10   0   -   32

LAST SCORING PLAY: New Britain's Malique Jones scores on a 1-yard run (3:09 remaining in fourth quarter).

GameDay Live Scoring:
St. Paul At Hamden Hall

 St. Paul 55, Hamden Hall 48

St. Paul                  7    14   13   21   -   55
Hamden Hall          14    6    20    8   -    48

LAST SCORING PLAY: St. Paul's Daija Fitzpatrick scores on a 26-yard pass from Logan Marchi (58 seconds remaining in fourth quarter).

Jets 27, Rams 13: Best (Sanchez, Wilkerson, Powell, More) And Worst (Hill, Tebow) After Big Victory

Mark Sanchez and the Jets are still alive this season. (AP photo)
  By Brad Carroll  
The Jets saved their season with a dominating 27-13 win over the St. Louis Rams on the road Sunday. Quarterback Mark Sanchez quieted his critics for at least one week with an impressive performance. The defense came up big again, creating pressure on quarterback Sam Bradford and causing three turnovers. Now, if only the special teams can get their act together, the Jets might be on to something. Then again, it's just one week and one win to get the team to 4-6.

But this was a must-win game for a desperate team, and the Jets got the job done, opening the door to a possible run at a postseason berth.

Jets 27, Rams 13: Jets Keep Playoff Hopes Alive With Impressive Victory Over Rams, We Break Down Chances

Bilal Powell and the Jets had a lot to celebrate Sunday. (AP photo)
  By Brad Carroll  
One game won't cure everything that ails the New York Jets, but the biggest thing it does is keep this season alive. A loss to the Rams on the road would have effectively ended any postseason hopes the team may have had. But the dominating, 27-13, win over St. Louis has the Jets in solid position to make another run at a playoff berth.

The Jets are 4-6 after the win in St. Louis, which is nothing to trumpet, but with a schedule as weak as any team in the league, there is renewed hope this season isn't as lost as everyone made it out to be last week.

Of course, there was every reason to declare the Jets' chances dead last week after the team was handed a humiliating loss by the Seahawks. But the Jets bought into coach Rex Ryan's message this week of this being a desperate team desperately in need of a win.

BCS Chaos As Kansas State & Oregon Lose, Opening Title Game Door For Notre Dame, Alabama & Georgia

Notre Dame has a clear path to the title game now. (AP photo)
  By Brad Carroll  
For the first time in the BCS era, I didn't want chaos. I didn't want controversy. I wanted things to fall exactly as they were planned to, even if one undefeated team would be on the outside looking in at season's end. When Alabama went down to Texas A&M last week, that was the one domino I, and every college football fan outside of SEC country, wanted to see fall.

That loss by the Crimson Tide opened the door for Kansas State, Oregon and Notre Dame to move into the top three spots in the BCS standings as the lone remaining unbeaten teams. More importantly, it would most likely end the reign of college football terror the SEC has had on the sport for the past six years. For the SEC to return to the title game, two of the three remaining unbeatens would have to lose to open the door again.

Week 12 College Football Picks: Stanford At Oregon, Kansas State At Baylor, Wake Forest At Notre Dame, Oklahoma At West Virginia, More

No. 2 Oregon takes on No. 13 Stanford Saturday night. (AP photo)
  By Brad Carroll  
We're down to three undefeated teams that can claim a spot in the BCS national title game and each will be in action Saturday, all with varying degrees of difficulty. While many will point to Oregon as having the biggest chance of being upset, as it takes on No. 13 Stanford, it may very well be top-ranked Kansas State that has the toughest test. The Wildcats play unranked Baylor on the road, a team that sports an explosive offense that can pose problems for any team.

The other undefeated contender, Notre Dame, shouldn't have a problem with Wake Forest. So, unfortunately for Irish fans, their team won't get the opportunity to change people's minds about them moving up in the rankings, unless Oregon or Kansas State slip up Saturday night.

For us here at GameDay, it was another profitable session last week, as all three of us sported winning records. I'm finally starting to get on a roll this season, as I am currently on a 14-5 run and looking to keep that going on Saturday. Glenn leads Craig by one game and me by seven in the season title race.

GameDay Live Scoring:
St. Paul At Holy Cross

 Holy Cross 63, St. Paul 28

St. Paul                    0     7   14     7   -   28
Holy Cross             28    21    0    14   -  63

LAST SCORING PLAY: St. Paul's Reid Morin scores on a 32-yard pass from Patick Etter.

Seahawks 28, Jets 7: Best (Defense) And Worst (Sanchez, Keller, Kerley, Sparano, Tebow) From Jets' Loss

Rex Ryan is sticking with Mark Sanchez at QB. (AP photo)
  By Brad Carroll  
This New York Jets season just keeps getting worse, as they were pegged with another embarrassing loss, this time a 28-7 setback against the Seattle Seahawks. The Jets are now 3-6, their worst start to a season since 2007. The offense, and quarterback Mark Sanchez, were completely inept, scoring zero points. The special teams had another disastrous moment, a fumble that tuned the momentum of the game in Seattle's favor. And the defense, which played its best ball of the season for three quarters, wore down in the fourth and couldn't stop the Seahawks offense. Still, the Jets carry on, as coach Rex Ryan said after the loss the team is sticking with Sanchez as the starting quarterback.

Like it or not, Sanchez is the guy this season.

College GameDay Rewind Week 11: Breaking Down The BCS Title Game Race And How The Season Will End For Oregon, Kansas State, Alabama, Notre Dame And Georgia

Texas A&M upset Alabama Saturday night. (AP photo)
  By Brad Carroll  
The Texas A&M upset of top-ranked Alabama has the college football world abuzz, especially when it comes to the BCS standings. Before Johnny Manziel and the Aggies stunned the Tide, there was four teams that could realistically claim the right to play for a national title. Now, there are just three.

Unlike Alabama, Oregon, Kansas State and Notre Dame each took care of business Saturday, remaining undefeated with relatively unchallenged victories. If everything stays the same, there will still be one team on the outside looking in, but fighting for two spots is a heck of a lot better than one. If Alabama won out, it would have been guaranteed a spot in the title game. It's a wide open race now.

But the road getting to the BCS title game won't be easy for the undefeated teams, and a couple of slip-ups could open the door for ... yes ... Alabama or Georgia to crash the party again.

GameDay Live Scoring:
Wethersfield At Bristol Eastern

 Wethersfield 28, Bristol Eastern 14

Wethersfield                  0   21   0    7   -   28
Bristol Eastern              0     0   0   14   -  14

LAST SCORING PLAY: Wethersfield's Ivan Mangual scores on a 28-yard run.

No. 15 Texas A&M 29, No. 1 Alabama 24 FINAL

GameDay Live Scoring:
New Britain At South Windsor

 New Britain 38, South Windsor 17

New Britain                  0   14   16   8   -   38
South Windsor             0    3     7   7   -   17

LAST SCORING PLAY: New Britain's Malique Jones scores on a 5-yard run.

GameDay Live Scoring:
Plainville At Weaver

 Plainville 23, Weaver 22

Plainville                  2   7    7    7   -   23
Weaver                    8   0   14   0   -   22

LAST SCORING PLAY: Plainville's Marc DeMartinis scores on a 1-yard run.

Week 11 College Football Picks:
Texas A&M At Alabama, Mississippi State At LSU, Northwestern At Michigan, Oregon State At Stanford

T.J. Yeldon scores the winning TD against LSU. (AP photo)
  By Brad Carroll  
The going doesn't get any easier for No. 1 Alabama this week, as red-hot Texas A&M comes into town looking to throw the BCS standings for a loop. We still have four major undefeated teams in the land, with Oregon, Kansas State and Notre Dame joining the Crimson Tide atop the standings. If A&M pulls the upset Saturday afternoon, it would actually clear up the race for once.

But, more than likely, all four will survive this week and we'll wait for all the controversy that is sure to follow at the end of the season.

I closed last week on a 5-1 run in picking games against the spread, so the confidence is high as we head to Week 11 in college football. That, coupled with Craig and Glenn combining for an 18-8 week, should make this a profitable day for all of us.

GameDay Live Scoring:
No. 9 Southington At Manchester

 No. 9 Southington 13, Manchester 12 

No. 9 Southington            0   7   0   6   -   13
Manchester                     12   0   0   0   -   12

LAST SCORING PLAY: Southington's Corbin Garry scores on a 31-yard pass from Steve Barmore on final play of the game. Southington wins.

GameDay Live Scoring:
No. 10 Berlin At Bloomfield

 No. 10 Berlin 29, Bloomfield 18

No. 10 Berlin                14   7   6   2   -  29
Bloomfield                      6   6   0   6   -  18

LAST SCORING PLAY: Berlin scores on a safety as Bloomfield recovers own fumble in end zone.

GameDay Live Scoring:
Conard At Newington

 Newington 41, Conard 16

Conard                          7   7   0   2   -   16
Newington                   21   7   6   7   -   41

LAST SCORING PLAY: Newington's Nicholas Ivy-Brooks scores on an 11-yard pass from Jake Hedberg.

GameDay Live Scoring:
Bristol Central At E.O. Smith

 Bristol Central 28, E.O. Smith 13

Bristol Central           14   7   7   0   -  28
E.O. Smith                   0   0   7   6   -  13

LAST SCORING PLAY: E.O. Smith's Kodey Duplissie returns a blocked punt 35 yards.

College GameDay Rewind Week 10: Yankees Free Agent Targets This Offseason, Including Hiroki Kuroda and Joakim Soria; College Football

The Yankees want Hiroki Kuroda back next season. (AP photo)
  By Brad Carroll  
The offseason for the New York Yankees may have begun after getting booted out of the American League Championship Series by the Detroit Tigers last month, but things truly get started Friday at 5 p.m. That is when Rafael Soriano, Nick Swisher and Hiroki Kuroda have to decide whether or not to accept one-year, $13.3 million contract offers. When those three make their decisions, general manager Brian Cashman and the Yankees can move forward and know exactly what needs to be done this offseason.

Obviously, there is little chance Soriano and Swisher accept, as both are looking for long-term deals, so the Yankees should already be in the process of identifying a new right field target and an extra reliever, if they even need one. But Kuroda is a wild card, as he might bypass the $3 million raise and test the market.

Jets Analysis: The Worst Moments Of The Jets Season At The Midway Point

One of our cover photos this year, of Santonio Holmes. (AP photo)
  By Brad Carroll  
We're at the midpoint of a New York Jets season that has seen immense lows and few highs. The Jets sit at 3-5 at the break and hope for a postseason berth at year's end are slim at best. As the Jets and their fans take a much needed break, with the team on a bye, this is the perfect time to break down the team's best and worst moments through the first eight games of the season.

We already started with the season's best moments of the half-way point. Now, here is the season's worst moments of the half-way point.

Jets Analysis: The Best Moments Of The Jets Season At The Midway Point

Our cover photo after Jets beat Buffalo in Week 1. (AP photo)
By Brad Carroll
We're at the midpoint of a New York Jets season that has seen immense lows and few highs. The Jets sit at 3-5 at the break and hope for a postseason berth at year's end are slim at best. As the Jets and their fans take a much needed break, with the team on a bye, this is the perfect time to break down the team's best and worst moments through the first eight games of the season.

We start with the season's best moments of the half-way point.