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Dolphins 30, Jets 9: Breaking Down The Worst (Sanchez, Sparano, Wilson, More) & Best (Greene, Keller)

Mark Sanchez had no answers Sunday. (AP photo)
  By Brad Carroll  
Forget about the loss to the San Francisco 49ers earlier this season, this defeat at the hands of the Miami Dolphins was the most humiliating of the year for the New York Jets. Needing a victory against a sub-par team within the division, the Jets came out and looked clueless on offense, got burned by big pass plays on defense and the special teams unit was a disaster. It all added up to an embarrassing 30-9 loss to the Dolphins Sunday afternoon. The Jets enter their bye week at 3-5 and on the brink of another lost season.

  Game Falls  
Mark Sanchez: If the Jets are going to make a change at quarterback, it will happen within 24 hours. Heading into the bye week, the team will have two weeks to prepare the offense with a new quarterback. The reason it's even a possibility is because the starter, Sanchez, was about as bad as he's ever been against the Dolphins. Instead of using last week's performance against New England as motivation (and he played very well for the majority of the game), Sanchez was back to his indecisive self. He held the ball too long, he missed open receivers and he couldn't lead his team to victory in a game the Jets absolutely had to have. Sanchez was 28-for-54 for 283 yards with a touchdown, interception and fumble lost. He was sacked four times. Most of his throws were nowhere near the intended receiver. The worst part of Sanchez's game Sunday was his lack of urgency. The Jets were down big, 27-3 with just under nine minutes to play in the third quarter, yet Sanchez was never aggressive in rushing his team to the line of scrimmage. On one drive in the fourth quarter, Sanchez took the shotgun snap with one second on the play clock. That's inexcusable. I can almost excuse poor play, but I'll never excuse poor game management. Sanchez was terrible in every aspect of his job Sunday and he may pay the ultimate price for it, as he could have started for the last time in the NFL. I wouldn't bet on it, though, because Tim Tebow just isn't the answer.

GameDay Live Scoring:
Hall At No. 9 Southington

 No. 9 Southington 42, Hall 10

Hall                          7     3     0    0   -  10
Southington             7   14   14    7   -  42

LAST SCORING PLAY: Southington's Corbin Garry scores on an 18-yard pass from Stephen Barmore.

GameDay Live Scoring:
Newington At South Windsor

 Newington 34, South Windsor 20

Newington                   14   10   7    3   -  34
South Windsor              6     0   7    7   -  20

LAST SCORING PLAY: South Windsor's Jessie Lavoie scores on a 55-yard punt return.

GameDay Live Scoring:
Kennedy At St. Paul

 St. Paul 41, Kennedy 0

Kennedy                  0      0   0    0   -  0
St. Paul                   14   20   7    0   -  41

LAST SCORING PLAY: St. Paul's Jordan Rowley scores on a 1-yard run.

Week 9 College Football Picks: Notre Dame At Oklahoma, Florida Vs Georgia, Texas Tech At Kansas State, Mississippi State At Alabama, More

Kansas State QB Colin Klein is a Heisman favorite. (AP photo)
  By Brad Carroll  
Three national title contenders can make or break their seasons Saturday, as No. 2 Florida, No. 3 Kansas State and No. 5 Notre Dame could all easily find themselves on the wrong end of the scoreboard. The Gators play No. 10 Georgia in Jacksonville, the Wildcats host No. 14 Texas Tech and the Fighting Irish travel to take on No. 8 Oklahoma.

The one team in the most trouble is Notre Dame, which is an 11-point underdog, an absolutely huge number for a team ranked so high. Will the Irish pull the upset? Will more highly-ranked teams fall by the waist side? We have all the answers right here in our Week 9 college football picks breakdown.

GameDay Live Scoring:
Simsbury At New Britain

Simsbury 21, New Britain 12

Simsbury                  0   7   7    7   -  21
New Britain               6   0   0    6  -  12

LAST SCORING PLAY: New Britain's Juan Usuga scores on a 15-yard pass from Malique Jones.

GameDay Live Scoring:
Plainville At No. 10 Berlin

 No. 10 Berlin 34, Plainville 14

Plainville               0     0     0   14   -  14
Berlin                    0   14   14     6   -  34

LAST SCORING PLAY: Plainville's Matt Thomas scores on a 20-yard pass from Dean DeMartinis.

GameDay Live Scoring:
Maloney At Bristol Eastern

 Bristol Eastern 40, Maloney 13

Maloney                     7     0    6    0   -   13
Bristol Eastern          7   14   19    0   -  40

LAST SCORING PLAY: Maloney's Dante Howell scores on a 58-yard pass from Mike Gulino.

GameDay Live Scoring:
Bristol Central At Middletown

 Middletown 49, Bristol Central 0

Bristol Central              0    0   0    0   -   0
Middletown                  35   0   0   14   - 49

LAST SCORING PLAY: Middletown's Dario Highsmith scores on a 71-yard run.

College GameDay Rewind Week 8: Islanders' Move To Brooklyn A Rebirth, And Death Sentence For Nassau Coliseum; College Football

Charles Wang has moved the Islanders to Brooklyn. (AP photo)
  By Brad Carroll  
It wasn't too long ago I drove past the Nassau Coliseum on Long Island. It was the first time in a long time, probably years. The Coliseum was a place I spent many nights as a high-schooler, going to countless New York Islanders games, probably even more wrestling cards, and a bunch of other events from pro lacrosse to the circus. I also attended games later in life as a journalist, getting to see the action from the press box and go into the locker room.

Amazingly, the Coliseum I remember and the one still standing are quite similar.

When I drove by recently I could have sworn the place was left for dead. There may have even been a bunch of tumbleweed flying through the parking lot. The place looked nothing short of a dump. The chain-link fence around the decrepit parking lot made the space look like it hadn't been touched in years. There surely was no way a professional team was still playing games there.

Patriots Defeat Jets: Game Falls (Sparano, Hill, Sanchez, More) And Game Balls (Kerley, Folk, More)

Mark Sanchez couldn't lead his team to an OT win. (AP photo)
  By Brad Carroll  
We're handing out Game Balls and Game Falls after the New York Jets suffered a depressing, 29-26 overtime defeat at the hands of the New England Patriots Sunday night. This was a game the Jets should and easily could have won, as they outplayed the Patriots most of the way. But kicking field goals instead of going for touchdowns, and an inexcusable fumble by quarterback Mark Sanchez in overtime has the Jets residing in third place in the AFC East with a 3-4 record.

  Game Falls  
Tony Sparano: For the most part, the Jets did a solid job moving the ball on offense, but Sparano's call on third and two from the Patriots' 3 was a game-changer. With the chance to take the lead on the first drive of the third quarter, Sparano called for a spread look with Sanchez alone in the backfield in the shotgun. Sanchez threw a quick slant to wide receiver Chaz Schilens, but the ball fell incomplete. The Jets kicked a field goal to cut the Patriots' lead to 16-13. The Jets had been running the ball down the Patriots' throat on the drive, converting on third and one earlier in the drive with Shonn Greene. Greene, by the way, has been perfect on third and one runs this season. While the Jets needed two yards on this third down play, there is no reason to believe the Patriots would have stopped Greene on a run. And if they did, run it again on fourth down. If Greene wasn't an option, let Tim Tebow run a draw. But Sparano thought throwing the ball to Schilens was a good idea. He's the only one. Sparano allows Sanchez to throw the ball downfield, which is great, but he becomes overly conservative in scoring situations. Sparano has to get better and in a hurry.

Yankees Analysis: We Put The Current Roster Through Our Pay Him Or Slay Him Evaluation, A-Rod, Swish, More

Pay or Slay Curtis Granderson? Find out below. (AP photo)
  By Brad Carroll  
After a downright embarrassing performance at the plate during the postseason, the immediate reaction should be to blow the entire Yankees offense up. Get rid of everybody and start over. Build a team that doesn't have to rely on the home run to score. Build a team that actually has a pulse at the dish. Build a team that has a will to win, and does it in any way possible, especially in the playoffs.

But, of course, that's easier said than done. Seemingly everyone wants the Yankees to dump Alex Rodriguez, but in reality, he's not going anywhere. Other players (Nick Swisher) won't be as lucky, as there as good as gone. We'll go through here who should stay and who should go, or better yet, who we should slay and who we should pay.

Some are obvious, others aren't going to be so easy. It'll be fun breaking it all down, though. And remember, the players listed below have a decision to be made on their status for next year, so the CC Sabathias, Derek Jeters and Mariano Riveras of the team are all coming back.

Long Courtship Finally Ends With John Farrell Named Red Sox Manager

John Farrell is the new Red Sox manager. (AP photo
  By Matt Straub  
Imagine there’s someone you’ve had a crush on for a few years. You’ve been friends for a long time, but have never been able to take the relationship to the next level for a lot of reasons. You were seeing someone you’d been with for a long time, and then your friend moved far away just as you were breaking up. You dated someone else for a while, but it didn’t work out. In fact, it ended in disastrous fashion. All the while, you never lost sight of your true love.

Then, the good news comes. You hear your crush isn’t getting along with their current boyfriend, so you send some overtures out there to let her know you’re available. Finally, you agree the time is right and the two of you go off into a new relationship together.

This scenario can end one of two ways. Either you live happily ever after, or there’s a bitter breakup made worse by how much you went through just for the chance to date your dream girl.

The Boston Red Sox are about to find out how their scenario ends. After two years of trying, they’ve finally got John Farrell to be their manager.

GameDay Live: No. 8 Glastonbury
At No. 11 Southington

 No. 11 Southington 28, 
No. 8 Glastonbury 21,

Glastonbury           7   14   0    0    -  21
Southington           7     0   7   14   -  28

LAST SCORING PLAY: Southington's Jarrid Grimmett scores on a 17-yard run.

POLLS: Pick the winners for each of our area football games on right panel.

GameDay Live Scoring:
New Britain At Conard

New Britain 27, Conard 24 (OT)

New Britain            0     6   8   7    6   -  27
Conard                   0   14   7   0    3   -  24

LAST SCORING PLAY: New Britain's Malique Jones scores on a 10-yard run in overtime for the game-winning touchdown.

GAMEDAY LIVE TONIGHTNo. 8 Glastonbury vs. No. 11 Southington

GameDay Live Scoring:
Manchester At Newington

 Newington 21, Manchester 18

Manchester             2    0   16     0   -  18
Newington               0   6     0    15   -  21

LAST SCORING PLAY: Newington's Christian Beauford scores on a 10-yard pass from Jake Hedberg.

GAMEDAY LIVE TONIGHTNo. 8 Glastonbury vs. No. 11 Southington

Week 8 College Football Picks: South Carolina At Florida, Kansas State At West Virginia, LSU At Texas A&M, Alabama, Notre Dame, More

TCU hosts Texas Tech Saturday night. (AP photo)
  By Brad Carroll  
This college football week could be dubbed the "what if" matchups of the year. No. 7 South Carolina takes on No. 2 Florida Saturday afternoon, a game not to be missed. But if South Carolina held on to its lead against LSU last week, it would have most likely been No. 2 vs. No. 3. No. 4 Kansas State travels to take on No. 13 West Virginia Saturday night, another must-watch game. But, again, if West Virginia beats then-unranked Texas Tech last week, this matchup could have been No. 4 vs. No. 5.

Still, it's another solid week of college football matchups and we have all the picks for the eight biggest games of the day, straight up and against the spread.

GameDay Live Scoring:
Rockville At No. 10 Berlin

 No. 10 Berlin 47, Rockville 0

Rockville           0      0   0   0   -   0
Berlin               28   13   0   6   -  47

LAST SCORING PLAY: Berlin's Geoff Main scores on a 8-yard run.

POLLS: Pick the winners for each of our area football games on right panel.

GameDay Live Scoring:
Northwest Catholic At Plainville

 Northwest Catholic 20, Plainville 0

Northwest Catholic             0   6   0   12  -  20
Plainville                              0   0   0    0   -   0

LAST SCORING PLAY: Northwest's Aidan McDonnell scores on a 18-yard pass from Christian Flynn.

POLLS: Pick the winners for each of our area football games on right panel.

GameDay Live Scoring:
St. Paul At Wilby

 Wilby 52, St. Paul 50

St. Paul             14     6     0   30   -   50
Wilby                  7   23   16     6   -   52

LAST SCORING PLAY: St. Paul's Jordan Rowley scores on a 9-yard run.

POLLS: Pick the winners for each of our area football games on right panel.

College GameDay Rewind Week 7: Does It Ever End, More Controversy Surrounds A-Rod; Patriots Game Could Determine Jets Season; More

More controversy for Alex Rodriguez. (AP photo)
  By Brad Carroll  
It really is amazing what a lightning rod of controversy Alex Rodriguez is. Really, I'm amazed. Every single time you think it can't get any worse. Every single time you think he's turned the corner and put his silly antics behind him. Alex Rodriguez's gossip page life just has to have a soap opera type storyline that has nothing to do with his ability, or lack thereof, to hit a baseball.

The latest news on A-Rod is he courted a woman in the stands at Yankee Stadium after being replaced in Game 1 of the American League Championship Series. He reportedly gave a ball to a bat boy to hand to a woman looking for her phone number. It was first reported in the New York Post and at least one other outlet had a source confirm it. Rodriguez, of course, denied the allegations.

GameDay Live Scoring:
Maloney At Bristol Central

 Maloney 27, Bristol Central 26

Maloney                  14   7     0   6   -   27
Bristol Central          7   0   13   6   -   26

LAST SCORING PLAY: Bristol Central's Tyler Burrow scores on a 9-yard run.

POLLS: Pick the winners for each of our area football games on right panel.

GameDay Live Scoring:
Bristol Eastern At Farmington

 Farmington 42, Bristol Eastern 3

Bristol Eastern         0     3     0   0   -   3
Farmington               0   14   21   7   -  42

LAST SCORING PLAY: Farmington's Ivan Guadalupe scores on a 4-yard run.

POLLS: Pick the winners for each of our area football games on right panel.

Nick Swisher Not Only Failing At Plate And In Field This Postseason, But He Has No Sense Of Reality Either

Nick Swisher misses a fly ball into the stands. (AP photo)
  By Brad Carroll  
The New York Yankees are down 2-0 in the American League Championship Series and there is little hope the team suddenly turning things around heading to Detroit for Games 3 and 4. But with that reality, I still don't think I've been as angry as I was after hearing Nick Swisher's thoughts after the loss in Game 2.

"To go through a stretch like this where it's kind of a negative attitude, a negative type setting, that's tough. But hey, that's part of the game. Rightfully so. There are a lot of expectations here and I guess when you don't get the job done, you're going to hear about it."

Swisher's words are simply ridiculous and show how delusional he is as a multi-millionaire out of touch with the general public. Would Yankee Stadium be so negative if you actually got a base hit every now and again, or didn't misplay a fly ball in the outfield to cost the team a key victory in the ALCS opener, huh, Nick? Would you expect them to cheer every time you strikeout weakly, Nick?

Jets Defeat Colts: Game Balls (Greene, Cromartie, Sanchez, Tebow, More) And Few Game Falls After 35-9 Win

Shonn Greene ran for 161 yards and three TD's. (AP photo)
  By Brad Carroll  
We're handing out Game Balls and Game Falls after the New York Jets played their best game since the season opener, routing the improved Indianapolis Colts 35-9 Sunday. Mark Sanchez was productive, Shonn Greene had the best game of his career, the defense finally showed up and even Tim Tebow came up with a huge play. All in all, it was a performance the Jets absolutely needed.

  Game Balls  
Shonn Greene: He ran with power and elusiveness that hasn't been seen since his rookie season, showing why everyone thought he would be the next big running back in the Jets system. Greene ran for a career-high 161 yards and added three touchdowns. He led a ground attack that picked up 252 yards, including a 61-yard run by Joe McKnight, the longest Jets' run in three years. The offensive line beat up the Colts front seven and Greene took advantage for not only a huge performance, but one that should keep him in the starting lineup for the rest of the season. Remember, Bilal Powell (who was injured Sunday) was starting to take carries away from Greene. Just like the Jets needing a win in the worst way, Greene needed this performance equally as bad.

Time For Yankees To Wake Up After Not Only Losing Game 1 To Tigers, But Derek Jeter For Postseason As Well

Derek Jeter is done for the season. (AP photo)
  By Brad Carroll  
I don't believe it's possible to go through as many different emotions as I did watching Game 1 of the American League Championship Series Saturday night and into Sunday morning.

From pure rage and anger toward an offense that could do nothing at the plate, to shocked excitement after another unbelievable comeback took place in the bottom of the ninth, right back to rage and anger at some terrible defense in the 12th inning, to a numbed sadness as an all-time great had to be helped off the field, this ALCS opener didn't lack drama.

The 6-4 loss to the Detroit Tigers in 12 innings wasn't just a terrible defeat on the field, it was a terrible loss to the soul of the Yankees. On a ground ball during the final inning, Derek Jeter made the play at short, but he landed awkwardly on his plant foot on the run and his ankle rolled. But the injury ended up being much worse than that, as we learned after the game Jeter fractured his ankle and will miss the rest of the postseason.

GameDay Live Scoring:
No. 10 Berlin At Northwest Catholic

 No. 10 Berlin 27, NW Catholic 12

Berlin                          0   7    7   13   -   27
Northwest Catholic     0   0    6    6   -   12

LAST SCORING PLAY: Berlin's Scott McLeod scores on a 65-yard pass from Justin Gombotz.

GameDay Live Scoring:
No. 11 Southington At South Windsor

 No. 11 Southington 48, S. Windsor 0

Southington              13    21    7    7   -   48
South Windsor           0      0    0    0   -    0

LAST SCORING PLAY: Southington's Kyle Borawski scores on a 16-yard pass from Jasen Rose.

Week 7 College Football Picks: Texas At Oklahoma, South Carolina At LSU, West Virginia At Texas Tech, Stanford At Notre Dame, Michigan, Alabama

Louisiana Tech takes on Texas A&M Saturday night. (AP photo)
  By Brad Carroll  
It might not have the same flair as last week's amazing schedule of mega college football matchups, but this week still features four games with ranked opponents on each sideline, including No. 23 Louisiana Tech taking on No. 22 Texas A&M. Louisiana Tech might not be able to crash the BCS party this year, like Boise State and TCU have in the past, but it should be fun watching them try. After all, when was the last time we featured Louisiana Tech in this column? I don't think it's any surprise we haven't.

Another great week of college football starts with the Red River Rivalry at noon. Hopefully it's a great week of picking games against the spread for us as well.

GameDay Live Scoring:
Newington At New Britain

 Newington 24, New Britain 21

Newington           0   17    0   7   -    24
New Britain         7     0     6   8   -    21

LAST SCORING PLAY: Newington's Jake Hedberg scores on a 2-yard run.

We'll have more in Sunday's New Britain Herald, but here's Herald beat writer Kevin Roberts' tweet today:

GameDay Live Scoring:
Bristol Central At Wethersfield

 Wethersfield 47, Bristol Central 14

Bristol Central          0    14    0     0   -   14
Wethersfield            14     7   13   13   -   47

LAST SCORING PLAY: Wethersfield's Kevin Premto scores on a 95-yard interception return.