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Peyton Manning Wants To Play For The Jets, He’s At Least Talked About It

Peyton Manning could be a free agent soon. (AP photo)
I may be reading too much into Bob Costas' interview with Archie and Olivia Manning during the NBC Super Bowl pregame show, but I believe Peyton Manning wants to play for the New York Jets. During the interview, Costas asked about Peyton and Eli Manning playing in the same city, stadium and market. Olivia said that both have talked about it and Eli joked that Peyton could stay in his spare bedroom.

It wasn't a serious question, but I sensed Olivia was giving a serious answer, and that she thought it might be a possibility. Archie was quick to jump in and say that he didn't know what was going to happen.

Obviously, the Jets have Mark Sanchez as their starting quarterback, but if Peyton Manning becomes available, the Jets are sure to at least look into the possibility of adding him to the team. The Jets would have to tread lightly, as if they fail in landing Manning, Sanchez could be scarred.

But in the interview I got the sense the Mannings wouldn't mind sharing the spotlight in New York. Again, it was a quick comment in a quick interview, but there was a moment where I thought to myself Peyton wants to play with Eli in the same city.

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