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Jets Analysis: Santonio Holmes Will Be Back With Jets, Hopefully With An Attitude-Adjustment (& Better Play)

Santonio Holmes will be back with the Jets next season. (AP photo)
Every Jets fan had already come to the conclusion that, despite what many had wanted, wide receiver and ultimate troublemaker Santonio Holmes would be back next season. So it wasn't a surprise that Holmes is still on the roster today, even though it means paying him $15.25 in guaranteed money.

If the Jets released Holmes before today they would have had to pay him $7.5 million to go away. Obviously, the Jets weren't about to swallow that big-money loss and will welcome back the man who was at the heart of the team's dysfunction at the end of the season. Remember, it was Holmes' shouting match with tackle Wayne Hunter in the huddle in the final minutes of a season-ending loss to the Miami Dolphins that exposed what had become of the Jets' team.

That opened a can of worms that brought to light that Holmes and quarterback Mark Sanchez clashed during the season and then had anonymous Jets players ripping the quarterback in a Daily News story.

Coach Rex Ryan has already said Holmes and Sanchez are going to get together soon and hash out their differences, as if it were that easy.

Holmes signed a five-year, $45 million deal in the offseason, but he didn't produce the numbers you would expect from a player with that contract. He caught just 51 passes for 654 yards and eight touchdowns.

For those of us hoping free agent Braylon Edwards returns to the team next season, and we here at GameDay wanted the Jets to sign Edwards over Holmes last offseason, this might be the end of that hope. Edwards always believed he was better than Holmes, so it would be tough for him to come back at a fraction of the salary. Plus, there is the obvious feeling of being passed over for another player. But anything could happen.

The Jets gambled last offseason by going with Holmes and Plaxico Burress and it backfired in a big way. Burress won't be back, but Holmes will. Only time will tell if Holmes can get an attitude-adjustment in time for the Jets to have a bounce-back season.

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