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Brian Schottenheimer's Rams' Offense Will Go Head-To-Head With Rex Ryan's Jets Defense Next Season

Schottenheimer v. Ryan. (AP photo)
The most interesting storyline surrounding the St. Louis Rams hiring Brian Schottenheimer as their new offensive coordinator isn't that the embattled former Jets play caller got another job in the NFL so quickly, but the fact he will be able to exact revenge on the team he parted ways with.

With ESPN reporting that Schottenheimer will join new head coach Jeff Fisher's staff in St. Louis, it makes for a very interesting subplot to an otherwise dull matchup next season. The Rams and the Jets will play each other next season in a now-hyped game featuring Schottenheimer's offense against Rex Ryan's defense.

For the Jets and their fans this could be both a good and bad thing. The good is to show Schottenheimer what the Jets can do without his predictable offensive play calling. The bad, obviously, is that Schottenheimer could lead the Rams to a victory over the Jets and light up the scoreboard along the way. The latter would be one of the most embarrassing moments in the Ryan era with the Jets.

Whenever the schedule comes out, that game will automatically be circled on the calendar. Jets vs. Rams suddenly has a whole new meaning.

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