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Greg Schiano Leaves Rutgers To Become Head Coach Of Buccaneers

Greg Schiano is the new head coach of the Buccaneers. (AP photo)
  By Glenn Carroll  
Greg Schiano, today, accepted the head coaching job with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Schiano was most recently the head coach of the Rutgers Scarlet Knights, where he resurrected a lost program. Tampa fans and management hope he can bring that to the Buccaneers, which other than a short stretch under Tony Dungy and Jon Gruden, has been a bottom-dweller in the NFL.

Schiano will lead a team with plenty of talent on the current roster, with quarterback Josh Freeman heading into his fourth year and LeGarrett Blount emerging as a star at running back. Schiano, however, will need to use this upcoming draft on the defensive side of the ball to freshen up an aging squad.

It won't take long for players and fans of the Buccaneers to buy into Schiano's philosophy and style. This might have been a shock to many, but this is the right guy at the right time for the Buccaneers. Let the resurrection begin.

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