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Former Jets Great Shaun Ellis Finally Reaches Super Bowl ... With Patriots

Shaun Ellis is going to his first Super Bowl. (AP photo)
For New York Jets fans, there isn't much to be happy about right now. The hated New England Patriots are headed to the Super Bowl and the despised New York Giants are one-half away from doing the same. Things couldn't get much worse if you're all about the Green and White.

But there might be reason to at least crack a smile if you're a Jets fan. In his 12th season in the NFL, Shaun Ellis is headed to his first Super Bowl. Of course, it's not all good, as Ellis has reached football nirvana in one season with the Patriots, something he couldn't do in 11 years with the Jets.

Ellis was one of the greatest Jets off all time, and his end with the team was one of the many reasons Rex Ryan and company failed in epic fashion this season. Ryan and general manager Mike Tannenbaum decided to offer Ellis the veteran's minimum to return this offseason. The Patriots then came in and offered him four times that amount, $4 million, to switch sides in the rivalry.

Given no choice, the biggest Patriots-hater on the Jets was suddenly joining the team he couldn't stand. The Patriots went on to win the AFC East while the Jets crumbled as a lack of leadership destroyed a locker room and made winning nearly impossible. Those were the risks Ryan and Tannenbaum took when allowing strong locker room personalities, like Ellis, leave.

"I played my heart out for them guys for years," Ellis said of the Jets. "If you would have cut me open, I was bleeding green."

Now, Ellis is headed to the Super Bowl with the hated Patriots.

"Definitely a humbling experience considering where I came from," Ellis said after the Patriots beat the Ravens. "When I got the call from Bill (Belichick) there wasn't any hesitation in my mind this is where I wanted to be. I just put everything aside. The past, the rivalry and moved on."

He moved on ... all the way to Indianapolis for his first Super Bowl.


  1. Shaun is my brother-in-law and I can tell you that he was hoping that it would work out with the Jets because he really loved being in New York/New Jersey. When he saw the numbers though, reality kicked in and it was a great lift for him when the Pats came calling. Now as a Jets fan, I have to put away my green and root for family.

  2. I certainly don't blame him for going to the Patriots, I don't think anyone would turn down four times the salary they would have made somewhere else. Ellis deserves the experience. I'm sure it's gotta be tough rooting for the Pats, especially as a Jets fan!