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Super prospect Jesus Montero Will Finally Join Yankees Thursday

Jesus Montero should join the Yankees on Thursday. (AP photo)
  By Craig Carroll  
Jesus Montero, the much-hyped catching prospect in the Yankees minor league system, should be making his long-anticipated arrival in New York Thursday to join the big league team. Yankees manager Girardi said Montero will arrive tomorrow.

"I could DH him," Girardi said of the 21-year-old, "and I wouldn't be afraid to use him behind the plate."

Jets-Giants Preseason Game Will Now Be Played Monday Night At 7 PM

The battle for bragging rights in New York football will have to wait a few days, as the Jets-Giants preseason game has been moved to Monday night. The game was originally to be played Saturday night at the newly named MetLife Stadium, but was moved up to 2 p.m. because of the predicted hurricane that will hit the area this weekend.

Then, the news came out late Friday that the game will be pushed back to Monday night at 7 p.m. At least we'll get a couple more days of comments from the teams as to exactly rules New York.

Jets Go Low-Risk In Signing Buffalo Bills Draft Bust Aaron Maybin

The Jets have signed former Bill Aaron Maybin. (AP photo)
Jets coach Rex Ryan said today the team has signed former Buffalo Bills draft bust Aaron Maybin. The former Penn State star, drafted 11th overall in the 2009 draft, has been a flameout in the NFL, recording zero career sacks. Maybin, who was drafted because of his pass rushing abilities, has run nearly the same course as former Jets first round draft pick bust Vernon Gholston.

So, why take the chance with Maybin, especially after seeing a first-round bust first-hand?

Southington High Pitcher Sal Romano Signs With Cincinnati Reds For $450,000

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Southington's Sal Romano signed his contract to play professional baseball for the Cincinnati Reds a short while ago and the number on that deal is big. Romano got a signing bonus of $450,000, a huge deal for a player drafted in the 23rd round. The Romano family negotiated for $500,000 and the Reds would only go as high as $400,000, but both sides gave a little to get the deal done in the end. Romano will now fly to Arizona on Friday to begin his professional playing career.

Giants Breaking News: Steve Smith Signs Deal With Philadelphia Eagles

Steve Smith signed with the Eagles today. (AP photo)
This is getting a little out of hand now. The Eagles have confirmed the signing of former New York Giants wide receiver Steve Smith. The deal is reportedly for one year. Just hours ago Giants coach Tom Coughlin said Smith was still nowhere near ready to play football this season. The Eagles, however, don't care about that and have signed the wide-out. Now, the question is, when will Smith get the chance to touch the ball in that very talented offense when he is able to return from microfracture knee surgery.

Yankees Analysis: Joe Girardi Tells Jorge Posada He Will No Longer Be Team's Designated Hitter

Jorge Posada will no longer DH for the Yankees. (AP photo)

The end of a great Yankees career as we know it occurred today at Fenway Park in Boston. That is where manager Joe Girardi told Jorge Posada he would no longer be the team's designated hitter. Without a spot behind the plate and a position to play on the field, besides a very occasional turn at first to spell Mark Teixeira, Posada will be regulated to the bench from here on out.

And there's no reason to believe Posada will become a consistent pinch hitter. If the team doesn't believe he can hit in the DH spot part-time, they're not going to send him to the plate in a crucial at-bat late in the game. Of course, he's not going to pinch run or be a defensive replacement either. So, this is it, more or less, for the Yankees career of Posada.

Jets Sign WR Derrick Mason To Two-Year Deal, First Photo Of WR Core

Santonio Holmes, Derrick Mason and Plaxico Burress. (AP photo)
New wide receiver Derrick Mason made his debut on the Jets practice field this afternoon. Mason said he has signed a two-year deal with the team. The Jets wide receiver core has taken a dramatic change from last year, with Santonio Holmes now flanked by Mason and Plaxico Burress. Braylon Edwards, Jerricho Cotchery and Brad Smith are all no longer with the team.

Mason said all the right things today. He chose the Jets over the Ravens and Titans because he believes they are closest to winning the Super Bowl. Above, is the first picture of the new wide-outs together on the field as New York Jets.

Jets Analysis: Despite What Jets Say, This Team Has Taken A Step Back, Especially After Losing Shaun Ellis

Tom Brady and Shaun Ellis are about to become teammates. (AP photo)
  By Craig Carroll  
And now for the biggest shock of the offseason for the New York Jets. Shaun Ellis agreed to terms Sunday with, brace yourself fans, the New England Patriots. According to reports, if Ellis passes a physical today, the longtime defensive end will make Foxboro his new home next season.

Ellis, who spent all of his 11 seasons in the NFL with the Jets, was just two sacks shy of becoming the team's all-time leader. But the Jets reportedly offered the defensive lineman a one-year deal for the veteran minimum of $900,000 and the two sides never came close to reaching an agreement.

Derrick Mason Signs With Jets

Jets fans, and the organization itself, can breathe a big sigh of relief Saturday. Wide receiver Derrick Mason has agreed to join the Jets, and he confirmed it on Twitter (read his post below) a few minutes ago. After the Jets released Jerricho Cotchery they absolutely needed Mason to sign.

Otherwise, the Jets wouldn't have had a proven No. 3 wide receiver on the team. News was out Friday that Mason was choosing between either the Jets, Ravens or Titans and the Jets weren't the lock they were originally thought to be. On top of that, Rex Ryan said Mason would probably need to accept less money to join the Jets. But all of that is out the window now, as Mason gives the Jets a consistent threat in the No. 3 slot behind Santonio Holmes and Plaxico Burress.

 Derrick Mason 

Jets Analysis: Three Keys In Turning Rex Ryan's Guarantee Of A Super Bowl Into Reality (Preseason Version)

Mark Sanchez is key to the Jets success this season. (AP photo)
  By Craig Carroll  
If the New York Jets want to fulfill Rex Ryan's now yearly prediction of a Super Bowl championship, there are a lot of things the team will have to see happen this season. Here is our preseason version of the top three keys to a championship-winning season for the Jets.

1. Mark Sanchez must improve. Ok, this is pretty obvious, but Sanchez is the biggest key for the Jets this season. While his numbers improved greatly from his rookie season (12 TDs, 20 INTs, 2,444 passing yards) to his sophomore campaign (17 TDs, 13 INTs, 3,291 passing yards), one important stat stayed the same. His completion percentage improved just slightly, from 53.8 percent to 54.8 percent. For Sanchez and the Jets to reach that next level, the quarterback must raise that number to at least 60 percent.

Giants Analysis: Do Giants Realize Lockout Is Over? Kevin Boss Leaves To Sign With Raiders

Kevin Boss signed with the Raiders Friday. (AP photo)
Can someone let the New York Giants know the NFL lockout is over, because obviously the team has no clue they can sign players during this hectic offseason. Big Blue, if you can still call them that, has done absolutely nothing since an agreement was reached to open free agency. Well, except to tell a player's agent to seek a trade for them.

The Giants lost another player today as tight end Kevin Boss signed with the Oakland Raiders. That leaves the Giants without a player at that position with the talent to start. So, again, do the Giants realize the lockout is over?

Jets Analysis: Shocking Turn Of Events As Jerricho Cotchery Actually May Have Asked For His Release

Jerricho Cotchery is no longer a Jet. (AP photo)
I don't know what was more shocking, the Jets releasing Jerricho Cotchery or the news that the longtime receiver and fan favorite may have actually wanted that to happen. It's so surreal that I don't know who to believe, even with coach Rex Ryan coming out and saying the latter was indeed true.

Cotchery was released by the Jets Thursday after seven successful years with the club. It was immediately seen as a questionable move by the Jets, one that was ripped here on the website. It was puzzling to say the least, as Cotchery was the perfect No. 3 receiving option for the team.

Jets Release WR Jerricho Cotchery

The Jets made it official Thursday, Jerricho Cotchery has been released after seven years with the team. "Everyone wants that dream scenario, where you can play on one team your whole career, but it doesn't happen too often," Cotchery said before his release, but seeing the writing on the wall.

Read more about this terrible decision by the Jets below.

Jets On Verge Of Another Terrible Decision, As Jerricho Cotchery Is About To Be Released

The Jets are set to release Jerricho Cotchery, a big mistake.
  By Craig Carroll  
The news just keeps getting worse for fans of the New York Jets. A day after the team offered an insultingly low contract to defensive end Shaun Ellis, a player that has been with the organization for 11 years, the Jets are set to release another fan favorite. Jerricho Cotchery, who literary gave up his body to help the team last year, is most likely going to be released.

If former Baltimore Ravens castoff Derrick Mason passes his physical, Cotchery will be released. "I love being a Jet," Cotchery said. "But this happens, man. That's life. I'm ready to move on."

Yankees Analysis: A-Rod Took Big Gamble With Poker, Now He Might Lose Big With Possible Suspension

Don't be surprised if Alex Rodriguez is suspended soon. (AP photo)
  By Anthony Della Calce  
Alex Rodriguez has taken a big gamble. Literally and figuratively. And he's probably going to lose. The question is how big? Major League Baseball is investigating the Yankees slugger's involvement in illegal, underground poker games detailed by a report in Star Magazine. The same such games the league told him to stay away from in 2005.

At the time, A-Rod said he made a mistake and wouldn't play in the games anymore. Only now that appears to have been just lip service.

Jets Analysis: Shaun Ellis, With Sack Record In Sight, Deserves Better Than Jets Are Offering This Offseason

The Jets need to bring back defensive end Shaun Ellis. (AP photo)
  By Craig Carroll  
Longtime Jets defensive end Shaun Ellis, a first-time free agent, has been on the back burner this offseason as Rex Ryan's crew has brought in several key players to fill out a roster that should contend for a Super Bowl this year. But it was seen as a mere formality that the team leader would return for his 12th season in Green and White.

Well, maybe not. Ellis received a shockingly low offer from the team in contract negotiations. Ellis, the longest tenured player on the Jets, was offered a one-year deal at the veteran minimum salary of $910,000. With that offer, the Jets front office should be ashamed and embarrassed at themselves for low-balling their best defensive lineman over the past 11 seasons.

Giants Tell Osi Umenyiora He Can No Longer Seek A Trade, Will Stay In NY

Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora. (AP photo)
The standoff between the Giants and Osi Umenyiora could be on the verge of reaching new heights of acrimony. The Newark Star-Ledger, and other outlets, are reporting the Giants have rescinded their offer to Umenyiora's camp to seek a trade partner for the team.

Earlier this week, the Giants gave Umenyiora and his agent, Tony Agnone, permission to seek a trade around the league. The Giants wanted a first-round pick in return, but there doesn't seem to be that level of interest for the defensive end. Umenyiora is looking to restructure his contract, saying Giants general manager Jerry Reese promised him a new deal if he played at a high level last year.

Obviously, Umenyiora believes he held up his end of the bargain with a big season a year ago, recording 11.5 sacks and forcing 10 fumbles. The Giants, however, have been unwilling to give him a new contract. Umenyiora has two years remaining on a contract that will play him nearly $8 million, so the Giants are under no obligation to renegotiate the deal. Umenyiora is currently with the Giants at training camp, but hasn't practiced. Coach Tom Coughlin says Umenyiora sitting has nothing to do with his surgically repaired hip.

Click Here For More Analysis on the Umenyiora-Giants situation.

Rex Ryan Says A Braylon Edwards Return Is Still Possible, But Team Isn't Offering Much Years, Money

Braylon Edwards is still a possibility for the Jets. (AP photo)
Jets coach Rex Ryan commented today on the possibility of wide receiver Braylon Edwards returning to the team this season, and it appears to be a long shot. Ryan makes it pretty obvious the team isn't offering much in terms of years or salary, but the door is open for a return.

"If he wants to come back for what we can pay, come on back, Braylon," Ryan said about the free agent who had a tremendous season for the Jets a year ago.

David Harris Deserves Every Penny Of New Mega Deal, Plus Braylon Edwards May Still Be In Plans

Linebacker David Harris talks about his new contract. (AP photo)
  By Craig Carroll  
The New York Jets continued a crazy few days of spending Tuesday, coming to terms with inside linebacker David Harris on a brand new contract. Harris was the final member of the "Core 4" to sign a restructured deal with the Jets, following D'Brickashaw Ferguson, Nick Mangold and Darrelle Revis.

The deal is worth $36 million over four years, with $29.5 million in guaranteed money. The guaranteed money is the most over a four-year period for an inside linebacker in NFL history - and Harris is worth every penny.

Giants Analysis: Only One Solution To Osi Umenyiora-Giants Dispute, Give The Defensive End A New Deal

The Giants should give a new deal to Osi Umenyiora. (AP photo)
  By Anthony Della Calce  
Last week, the main question surrounding the New York Giants was will they or won't they sign Plaxico Burress. That ended with a thunderous, and embarrassing, "no" as the receiver went to the Jets. This week, the prime query is will they or won't they ship out disgruntled defensive end Osi Umenyiora.

The organization has given Umenyiora permission to seek out a trade. At first, it wanted a first-round draft pick in return, but reports indicate the team may be willing to accept a second-round pick now. The Ravens, Broncos, Rams, Charges and Seahawks are all said to be courting the All-Pro defensive end.

Jets Bounce Back From Terrible Start, Finish With A Bang By Signing Antonio Cromartie, Plaxico Burress

Signing Antonio Cromartie was a must for the Jets. (AP photo)
The Jets made a huge comeback this offseason, finishing off a wild week with a huge move that sets the team up for another playoff run this year. Cornerback Antonio Cromartie, a guy the Jets absolutely had to sign after losing out on Nnamdi Asomugha, signed with the Jets early Monday morning. He joins wide receivers Plaxico Burress and Santonio Holmes as the three big free agency signings for the Jets.

The only thing that could have been better was a switch between Burress and Braylon Edwards, but there really can't be any complaints since the Jets bounced back from a horrible start to free agency in a big way.

Antonio Cromartie Signs With Jets

 Antonio Cromartie