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NFL Week 2 Winners And Losers: We Name Winners (Romo, Fitzpatrick, Gonzalez) & Losers (Vick, More)

In this installment of Thoughts & Observations from Week 2 of the NFL season, we break down the top five winners and the top five losers from the Sunday that was. Have your own thoughts? Let everyone know in the comments section below. But, for now, it's time for some winners and losers.

Tony Romo. (AP photo)
*Tony Romo: Coming off a terrible end against the Jets in Week 1, where he turned the ball over twice in the fourth quarter, Romo needed a bounce-back performance to regain the team's and his own confidence. Well, he got it, although it wasn't exactly as everybody would have drawn it up. Romo broke two ribs during the game and the Cowboys announced that he would not return. But the quarterback did return and led his team to a come-from-behind victory over the 49ers in overtime. Romo set up the game-winning field goal with a 77-yard pass play. He was 20-for-33 for 345 yards and two touchdowns. More importantly, he got his team the victory.

Ryan Fitzpatrick. (AP photo)
*Ryan Fitzpatrick: The Buffalo Bills are 2-0 ... are you kidding me? Fitzpatrick, the quarterback from Harvard, hit David Nelson on fourth down with a six-yard touchdown pass with 14 seconds to lead the Bills over the Raiders. He led the Bills to 35 second-half points, scoring a touchdown on each of their possessions in the stanza. Fitzpatrick tossed three touchdowns overall and has the Buffalo fans believing this could be a special year. The only problem with this game was the referees actually announcing the winner 10 minutes after everyone thought the game was over. The final play, an intercepted Hail Mary pass by Buffalo, was replayed, but nobody knew it. Just imagine if they overturned the call.

*Tony Gonzalez: The Falcons tight end caught seven passes for 83 yards and two touchdowns as Atlanta came back to beat the Eagles at home Sunday night. On one of the scores, Gonzalez made a spectacular catch in the back of the end zone in the final seconds of the first half. Gonzalez also passed Terrell Owens for fifth place on the NFL's all-time receiving list.

Tulloch. (AP photo)
*Detroit Lions: Maybe everybody was right about the Lions being a playoff team this season. Detroit won for the second straight week, this time a 48-3 blasting of the Kansas City Chiefs Sunday afternoon. Matthew Stafford threw for nearly 300 yards and four touchdowns in the game. The Lions had over 400 yards of total offense. The defense allowed 267 yards and just 12 first downs. Of course, the Lions' success will come down to whether or not Stafford stays healthy. But so far, so good.

Santonio Holmes. (AP photo)
*Jets and Patriots: Since I've got just five winners from the week, I'm going to have to put the two fierce rivals in the final spot together. The Jets rolled over the Jaguars, allowing just 203 total yards and 12 first downs on defense. That defense also intercepted four passes and held Jaguars quarterback Luke McCown to a 1.8 passer rating. The offense did just enough to get the Jets off to a 2-0 start. Over in New England, Tom Brady and the Patriots scored 35 points and were nearly impossible to stop on offense. Brady threw for 423 yards and three touchdowns. He became the first player in NFL history to follow a 500-yard passing performance with a 400-yard passing performance. So, the Jets and Patriots have taken over as the two best teams in the AFC.

Michael Vick. (AP photo)
*Michael Vick: He had his Eagles on the verge of beating the Falcons in his return to Atlanta, but the night came to an early end for Vick, as he suffered a concussion and didn't return. The Falcons then came back to beat the Eagles. Vick, as we all know, is explosive when on the field. But, of course, he has to be on the field to be explosive. Only time will tell if Vick will miss any time, but it's a risky situation for the Eagles to pin their hopes on a player that can't be trusted to stay healthy. If Vick doesn't play, the Eagles won't be in the playoff hunt, which would be a dramatic disappointment considering their spending spree this offseason.

Joe Flacco. (AP photo)
*Baltimore Ravens: That was a great win a week ago against the Steelers, Ravens. Too bad that wasn't the Super Bowl you treated it as. The Ravens followed up that dominating performance against their hated rivals with a downright pathetic showing in a loss to the Tennessee Titans. And it wasn't even close. Matt Hasselbeck of all people exploited the Ravens defense for 358 yards passing. The Titans lost to the Jaguars in Week 1, that's how bad they are.

*Miami Dolphins: The Dolphins are 1-11 at home since late 2009 ... is that even possible? The Texans were the latest team to beat the Dolphins in Miami. The Dolphins fell to 0-2 for the fifth time in the past six years. I guess the only good thing was that the stadium was only half-full, so not many people had to suffer in person. But that is an embarrassing mark against a franchise with a long and successful history. True, Miami fans are some of the worst in the country, but a half-empty stadium just isn't right. It might only get worse as the Dolphins are 0-2 while the Jets, Patriots and Bills are all 2-0.

Reggie Wayne. (AP photo)
*Indianapolis Colts: Is Peyton Manning really this big of a difference for the Colts? Indy lost to the Browns of all teams Sunday as Peyton Hillis ran over the Colts in a 27-19 win. Who would have though the Colts would be the odds on favorite to draft Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck next April. But the Colts are on their way to making that happen. From Manning to Luck, not bad. But this is going to be a long, long season for Indy. Couldn't happen to a better team and fanbase.

*Jason Hill: The Jaguars wide receiver who said Darrelle Revis was overrated didn't even play against the Jets Sunday, which could be the most embarrassing moment of the week. "I was in tears that he didn't play," Revis said. "If you're going to trash talk, at least show up and play so you can prove yourself, and he didn't. I'm going to give him advice for the future: When you call out people, make sure you show up and play." Exactly.

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