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NFL Week 1 Thoughts & Observations: Colts, Steelers Feel Wrath Of Texans & Ravens, Plus More On Opening Day

The Colts had no answer for the Texans Sunday. (AP photo)
Here is Part I of our new weekly feature Thoughts & Observations from this and every Sunday in the NFL. We'll break down the biggest storylines after the 1 p.m. kickoffs come to an end, and then break down all the 4 p.m. games after that. It's the NFL so there should be no shortage of things to write about and discuss in the comments section.

The easy storyline of the opening games of the season today was the dismantling of two of the most successful teams in an entire generation. Better yet, it was a pair of beaten rivals that were guilty of the beat-down. The Colts, without Peyton Manning, were destroyed by the Texans to the tune of 34-7. The game was over at halftime as Houston led 34-0. Over in Baltimore, the Ravens scored the most points ever against Pittsburgh, beating the Steelers 35-7. The Ravens forced seven turnovers in the game.

As everyone knows, the Steelers and Colts have been regular season bullies in their divisions. Both are perennial championship contenders and have the hype that goes with it. We knew this year would be different for the Colts, as the loss of Manning was going to hurt. But this game not only felt great in Houston but for fans across the nation. The Colts, who have flirted with an undefeated season too many times to count in smug-like fashion, are going to get paid back in full this year. No team deserves a beating like the Colts.

It's also great to watch the Steelers get punched in the mouth and be unable to respond. Pittsburgh, which has some of the most dirty players in the game, are a hugely successful franchise, but with a spoiled, whiny and downright overrated fan base, it makes the team easy to root against.

Even though the Ravens aren't a team to root for either, it was great watching them stick it to the Steelers.

GameDay Bullets
The Bengals defeated the Browns 20-17, so I already lost my over-under bet on Cincinnati's season win total (0.5). ... So much for the Falcons being one of the best team's in the NFC. Yeah, they lost on the road to the Bears, but they were blown out of the building. ... Tennessee fans found out today why the Seahawks got rid of Matt Hasselbeck. The quarterback is done. On a side, Hasselbeck threw a disastrous pick to close the game against the Jaguars to Dwight Lowery. The former Jets safety/cornerback was known as the closer in New York last year for his ability to end games with turnovers. ... Bills 41, Chiefs 7: Didn't expect that in the least. Then again, I never thought Kansas City was all that good in the first place. ... Big win for the Lions on the road at Tampa Bay. Maybe their hype is for real. ... The Eagles beat the Rams, ho-hum.

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