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Jets Defeat Jaguars: We Hand Out Game Balls (Cromartie, Wilkerson, Keller) & Falls (Hunter, Plaxico)

We're handing out game balls to the standouts of the Jets' 32-2 victory over the Jaguars at MetLife Stadium Sunday afternoon. Of course, it's not all good, so we'll point out the not-so-good players as well.

The Game Balls
Cromartie. (AP photo)
*Antonio Cromartie: After getting roughed up against the Dallas Cowboys in Week 1, Cromartie bounced back in a big way against the Jaguars. Cromartie intercepted two passes and nearly returned one for a touchdown, coming up a half-yard short. He also had a big 46-yard kick return. The Jets also gave Cromartie the chance to run the ball on offense, but the play took too long to develop and he gained a yard. Cromartie is great in the open field and hopefully the Jets will get a better look for him on offense in the coming weeks.

*Dustin Keller: Jets fans have been waiting and waiting for Keller to play a bigger role in the offense and it finally happened against Jacksonville. Keller caught six passes for 101 yards and a touchdown. The tight end's production was even more valuable considering Plaxico Burress was shut out on the stat sheet. Keller has 162 yards and two touchdowns this season.

Wilkerson. (AP photo)
*Mo Wilkerson: The rookie defensive end from Temple made his first impact play of his career for the Jets, sacking Jaguars quarterback Luke McCown for a safety early in the game. It gave the Jets a 9-0 lead and set the tone for an impressive defensive performance Sunday. Wilkerson is going to have to continue to pressure the quarterback if the Jets want to be successful on defense.

*Jets Defense: I know we've already given out two game balls to defensive players, but the defense has a whole was simply great today against the Jaguars. The bottom line was the three points allowed on the scoreboard. They allowed just over 200 total yards and intercepted four passes. It was a big turnaround from the Cowboys game.

Holmes, Ryan, Burress. (AP photo)
*Rex Ryan: The Jets won the opening coin toss and elected to receive, which is a bit of a shocker considering Ryan and the Jets typically always choose to go on defense first. The decision paid off right away as the Jets offense drove the ball downfield and scored in less than four minutes. Mark Sanchez hit Santonio Holmes for a 17-yard score and an early lead. It was the Jets first touchdown in the first quarter in 16 games.

The Game Falls
*Wayne Hunter: The Jets decided to go with Wayne Hunter as the team's right tackle this season instead of bringing back Damien Woody. The choice isn't working out so far. Last week, Hunter was schooled by DeMarcus Ware. This week, Hunter was again victimized by the opposing defense, including getting beat on one play that resulted in a big hit on Sanchez. He needs to pick up his game or the Jets need to put in a call to Woody before Sanchez gets hurt.

Mangold. (AP photo)
*Plaxico Burress: I don't know if this is on Sanchez for not getting him the ball, or if it's on Burress for not getting open, but either way the stat line doesn't lie. Burress had no receptions in the game. He was only targeted twice, including an overthrow in the end zone. The Jets got away with not involving their big-play receiver against Jacksonville, but he can't be forgotten going forward.

*Colin Baxter: This may not be fair, but Baxter had a rough first game after taking over for an injured Nick Mangold. If the Mangold injury is serious (let's all hope not), Baxter will have a huge spotlight on him. He needs to play better than he did today. But he's a rookie, so we'll give him the benefit of the doubt - for now.

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