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Can It Get Any Worse For Big Least?

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, the Big East sunk even lower Sunday in the NCAA Tournament. First, Marquette upset conference mate Syracuse Sunday night, a terrible result for the conference. Then, Florida State, of the supposed down ACC, destroyed Notre Dame to leave just two members of the conference standing. And those two teams (Marquette and UConn) were guaranteed because it was Big East vs. Big East in those games. Four days into the tournament and the mystique (hype) surrounding the conference has been blown up.

As I've written earlier, I believed the Big East was terribly overrated and would be exposed in the NCAA Tournament. In my bracket, I had zero teams in the Final Four and just two in the Elite Eight (Pittsburgh and Notre Dame). But I never thought it would be this bad. Now, I'm just angry I actually had those two advancing that far.

This embarrassing display has nothing to do with the conference beating each other up all season. And it doesn't have anything to do with poor officiating. The Big East just wasn't very good this year. This is what happens when hype dilutes the truth, when games are played off the court, not on it. The Big East was exposed as pretenders. As always, the Big Least ... football and basketball.
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