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Harbaugh Not Interested In Michigan

I guess everyone can forget about Jim Harbaugh becoming the next head coach at Michigan. The Detroit Free Press reports that it's highly unlikely Harbaugh would join the Wolverines. Harbaugh wouldn't address whether or not he would stay at Stanford after the Cardinal destroyed Virginia Tech in the Orange Bowl Monday night. But it's almost a given that he will leave for a job in the NFL. The 49ers, Broncos and Raiders could all be landing spots for the coach.

Meanwhile, current Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez is meeting with athletic director Dave Brandon today to discuss what is sure to be the coach's fate. Rodriguez should be fired, but if Harbaugh is no longer a candidate it might be possible Rodriguez gets another year. Hopefully the school moves quickly, as the cloudy future surrounding its coaching situation is already hurting recruiting.
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  1. Brad-this is not related to Michigan but I have a question for you. After watching lots of football recently, I was wondering if there is some kind of contest to see who could have the most grotesque array of tattoos on their arms? I wish the league/school would have these guys wear long sleeves. I can't imagine why these young people would want to go through the rest of their lives looking like escapees from a circus side-show.

  2. Getting tattoos seems to be the new fashion statement, especially with football and basketball players. Bristol's Aaron Hernandez, currently with the Patriots, is covered in them. I don't get it, but it's the new status symbol. My guess is that no one is thinking of the future, just the now. Which is OK, it's their choice. But it looks like tattoos are going to be around until the next fad comes out, so they'll be there for everyone to see. The good thing is there's football to focus on. Thanks for reading!

  3. Yeah, I guess you are right in your assessment, I must be just getting old. I'll try to just focus on the game itself from now on. Thanx for the reply.