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Dear Titans, Hire Schottenheimer

This is an open letter to Tennessee Titans owner Bud Adams, who is looking for a new head coach after firing Jeff Fisher after 16 years Thursday:

Mr. Adams,

I'm pleading with you not to hire Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer as your team's next head coach. He is way too valuable to the Jets and their fans as a fantastic play-caller and game-manager. Yes, he would be a great addition as your team's next head coach, but can you see it in your heart to let us long-suffering Jets fans at least one more year with Schottenheimer as offensive coordinator? There are plenty of other coach's out there to hire, and while Schottenheimer gives you the best chance to win, there has to be another qualified candidate, although he won't have the same effect as Schottenheimer.

Thank You,
Brad Carroll

Now, back to the blog, that was the most difficult paragraph I've ever written. But if you want to get something done, it sometimes takes extreme measures. I can only pray the Titans somehow determine the clueless Schottenheimer is worth giving its head coaching job. I know it would be a gigantic mistake, but there's always hope. And that's the hope Jets fans don't have to sit through another season of bad play-calling and terrible game-management. It's on you, Mr. Adams.


  1. One can only hope the Titans fall for that and save us from another year of this untalented hack..I mean, invaluable professional we'd be sad to lose. Yeah, that's the ticket.

  2. It's not going to happen, I know. Nobody's stupid enough to employ him ... oh wait ...

  3. Maybe the city of Bristol will hire Schotty to plan out the new downtown.