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FOX 61 Is An Embarrassment

Fox 61 here in Connecticut is an embarrassment. The NFC Championship game right now between the Bears and Packers is on a 20-second delay. 20 freaking seconds. That is unbelievably bad and inexcusable. Fox 5 in New York will know every single play and the final outcome before those viewers in Connecticut do. Fair? I don't think so.

Thank God the Jets-Steelers AFC Championship game is on CBS. Connecticut viewers should revolt.


  1. Steeler Football owns NYJanuary 24, 2011 at 1:23 PM

    Not the station's fault, it depends on the cable co. On telemedia in Waterbury, both in sync.

  2. Of course it's Fox's fault. They can't let that happen. It's inexcusable. Plus, it happened last week too ... and probably all season long, I just didn't notice.

  3. And if the Jets had a decent offensive coordinator, NY would own Pittsburgh. The Jets were the better team on Sunday and should have won the game, even though down 24-0. The better team is not playing in the Super Bowl.