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GameDay Live: Eastern At Masuk

Class L State Tournament, Quarterfinals
No. 1 Masuk 49, No. 8 Bristol Eastern 23

LAST SCORING PLAY: Masuk's Colin Markus scores on a 61-yard run.

NOTES: Masuk's Colin Markus had 266 yards rushing on 26 carries. ... Bristol Eastern's Dylon Ouellette had 16 carries for 107 yards. ... Masuk took a 28-16 lead on a fourth and 10 pass play from Casey Cochran to Tyler Perimenis. ... Bristol Eastern scored on two big plays in the first quarter, a 97-yard kick return by Taylor Wrice and a 66-yard run by Dylon Ouellette.

First Quarter
M-Colin Markus 4 run (Jon Testani kick), 8:24
BE-Taylor Wrice 97 kickoff return (Nick Randles kick), 8:08
BE-Dylon Ouellette 66 run (Randles kick), 5:56
M- Casey Cochran 1 run (Testani kick), 4:13
Second Quarter
M-Markus 18 run (Testanti kick), 10:46
BE-Ouellette sacks Cochran in end zone for safety, 6:12
M-Tyler Perimenis 35 pass from Cochran (Testanti kick), 2:08
M-Cochran 3 run (Testanti kick), :32.1
Third Quarter
M-Markus 15 run (Testani kick), 9:42
BE-Mitch Wheelock 46 pass from Mat Yopp (Randles kick), :30.5
Fourth Quarter
M-Markus 61 yard run (Testani kick), 6:24

GameDay Live: Plainville At Gilbert

Class M State Tournament, Quarterfinals
No. 4 Gilbert 41, No. 5 Plainville 6

LAST SCORING PLAY: Plainville's Josh Foster scores on a 66-yard run.

NOTES: The Blue Devils lost a total of 35 yards on their opening possession. Snap goes over the head of Plainville punter Nick Moshier who jumps on it at the three with 6:06 to go. First play after that Drew McCarthy goes off right side for the Gilbert score. Gilbert rolled from there.

First Quarter
G-Sean Fitzgerald 41 pass from Bobby Lippincott (John Ambrozaitis kick), 8:39
G-Drew McCarthy 3 run (Ambrozaitis kickc), 6:00
G-Fitzgerald 66 pass from Lippincott (Ambrozaitis kick), 2:48
Second Quarter
G-McCarthy 15 pass from Lippincott (Ambrozaitis kick), 9:50
G-Kyle Jones 1 run (Ambrozaitis kick), 3:52
Third Quarter
G-Devon Molway 1 run (kick failed), 6:42
Fourth Quarter
P-Josh Foster 66 run (kick failed) 3:46

GameDay Live: Hillhouse At Berlin

Class M State Tournament, Quarterfinals
No. 8 Hillhouse 33, No. 1 Berlin 30

LAST SCORING PLAY: Hillhouse's Taurese Washington scores on a 3-yard run.

NOTES: Hillhouse's Steve Dejournett intercepted a Berlin pass in the final seconds to seal the Academics victory. Hillhouse advances to the Class M semifinals, while the Redcoats season comes to an abrupt end. ... Hillhouse took the lead with 30 seconds to play. ... Hillhouse trailed by nine points in the final five minutes. ... Berlin came up short on a fake punt try and Hillhouse took over at its own 37 with 2:02 to play in the game. Hillhouse scored the winning touchdown on the ensuing drive. ... Berlin recovered Hillhouse's onside kick try with 3:52 to go in the game. ... Berlin's Max DeLorenzo had a season-high 208 yards rushing. ... This was the first time Berlin trailed at the half this season and the first time the team has trailed by two scores all year. ... Berlin had 112 yards at the half to Hillhouse's 63. ... Hillhouse recovered an onside kick to start the game and converted it into a touchdown.

First Quarter
H-Je'vaughn Moore 2 run (Moore kick), 6:47
Second Quarter
H-Taurese Washington 1 run (kick failed), 6:36
B-Max DeLorenzo 4 run (Tevin Grant run), 3:34
Third Quarter
B-DeLorenzo 57 run (Grant pass from Zach Zulkiewicz), 5:30
B-DeLorenzo 49 run (kick failed), 2:31
Fourth Quarter
H-Kevin Rosario 34 pass from Moore (Taurese Washington run), 7:48
B-Mason Powers 26 pass from Zulkiewicz (Grant run), 5:10
H-Harold Cooper 47 run (conversion failed), 3:52
H-Washington 3 run (kick failed), :30

College GameDay Rewind Week 13: A Wild Finish For Boise State-Nevada

In a weekend full of wild college football finishes, the events at the end of the Boise State-Nevada game may be the most unbelievable in recent memory. Forget about the last two field goal misses by Boise State for now, because the prelude to those kicks was as unexpected a finish as there has been.

First, Boise State raced to a 24-7 lead at the half and it looked to be another easy win in the Broncos run to a possible berth in the BCS national championship game. But Nevada came storming back in its biggest game in school history, and tied the score at 24 with five minutes to play in the game.

That set up a sequence of events that won’t soon be forgotten by those who actually stayed up until almost 2 in the morning here on the East Coast to watch it.

Boise State responded after watching its season flash before its eyes and answered the Nevada tying touchdown with a 79-yard scoring pass from quarterback Kellen Moore to regain the lead. Nevada, however, wouldn’t go away and drove the ball downfield and scored a touchdown of its own with just 13 seconds left to surely send the game to overtime before a raucous home crowd.

That began the craziness. Boise State chose to take a shot downfield after getting the ball back on its 37-yard-line, a decision that could have easily backfired. Moore dropped back and launched a pass deep to wide receiver Titus Young. Young inexplicably was able to get behind the defense and made a diving catch for a 54-yard gain to the Nevada 9. Boise called timeout to set up what would have been a shocking game-winning field goal.

Of course, Boise State kicker Kyle Brotzman missed the chip-shot, 26-yard field goal with two seconds left in regulation, sending the game to overtime. Then, in the extra session, Brotzman missed another short field goal, this time from 29 yards out to give Nevada the chance to win the game. And the Wolfpack did, kicking a 34-yard field goal to set off a wild celebration with players and fans taking over the field. It was simply the greatest victory in the history of Nevada football. It was also the biggest loss in the history of Boise State football.

Forget about the missed field goals, the pass from Moore to Young was the wildest part of the game. If that pass isn’t made, who knows how the game ends. I know everyone will remember and talk about those the two misses – and rightfully so – but that pass was as clutch as it gets. I was actually saying Moore should take a big step forward in the Heisman Trophy race based simply on that pass. It was that good. The catch was even better. But it went for naught as Brotzman picked the absolute worst time to have a mental meltdown on the field. Those final 5-plus minutes will be remembered for a long, long time. It’ll be a great memory for Nevada and a terrible one for Brotzman and the Broncos.

Switching gears just a bit, Brotzman has been receiving threats from all types of avenues, including social media sites, after his missed field goals cost Boise State a shot at a BCS bowl game. Which brings me to the hot topic here in the New Britain area, and that’s reader comments at the end of stories on our websites. I’ve spoken about it on television twice in recent weeks and I believe this case with Brotzman makes my point better than anything. To put what Brotzman is going through right now, receiving threats, whether real or not, to readers commenting on the bottom of our stories on New Britain football about now former coach Paul Morrell in the same arena is absolutely moronic and just plain stupid.

Readers that post comments saying Morrell is doing a poor job and should be replaced are not malicious – it’s an opinion – and anyone who says they are malicious isn’t living in the real world. What Brotzman is going through right now is real. People getting worked up over comments saying a coach is doing a terrible job need to find something else to talk about. Or at least realize the difference between that and what the Boise State kicker is dealing with. Maybe then reality will set in.

Threats against anyone on our websites would be taken down, and in severe cases, can be given to the proper authorities for further action. Comments saying New Britain football needs a better coach, well, I think you can see the difference. If not, then I guess there is no getting through.

Writing about getting through to people, the New York Knicks are running ads taking shots at the New Jersey Nets leading up to their game Tuesday night. Here’s what the Knicks’ radio ad says: “Hey Nets, you can walk like us; you can talk like us; but you ain’t never gonna be like us.”

I can make a ton of jokes about how anyone would want to be like the Knicks, but Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov took care of that, saying, “I don’t think we want to be like the Knicks. I think we’d more like to resemble the Lakers.”

The Knicks are playing better this season, but their public relations department needs a dose of reality. The Nets have been the best team (even counting last year’s debacle) in the New York area for the past decade, so the Knicks need to shut up and win on the court.

I have to point out I haven’t looked forward to an NBA game like I am with LeBron James returning to Cleveland Thursday night to face the team he spit on in the offseason, the Cavaliers, in forever. The team has already banned anti-LeBron clothing, which stinks, but the booing and whatever else the Cleveland fans are going to throw at King Nothing should be must see TV. The NBA, even though it wishes was better circumstances, is going to get a big boost in viewers, and it desperately needs it. The NBA has become a joke, but with this game on the horizon, I’m writing about it here. So, that’s good for them. But after this game, it’s back to ignoring the NBA.

Lastly before we get to the breakdown, I’m standing firm on my four-year, $80 million as the deal the Yankees should offer Derek Jeter. Memo to the Yankees: Just freaking do it already. Three years and $45 million is a joke and you know it. Give Jeter the money he deserves before you end up looking even more stupid than you already do.

Now, on to the breakdown:

My Weekend: 2-4-1 (spread); 5-2 (overall); 1-0 (upset picks)
My Season: 52-37-3 (spread); 74-20 (overall); 7-0 (upset picks)
My Money: UP $1,130 (season)
Craig Carroll's Weekend: 1-5-1 (spread)
Craig Carroll's Season: 45-44-2 (spread)
Craig Carroll's Money: DOWN $340 (season)
Anthony Della Calce’s Weekend: 2-4-1 (spread)
Anthony Della Calce’s Season: 41-47-2 (spread)
Anthony Della Calce’s Money: DOWN $1,070 (season)

No. 2 Auburn +4.5
at No. 9 Alabama
My Pick: Auburn 31, Alabama 28
Actual Score: Auburn 28, Alabama 27
After Auburn cut the Alabama lead to 24-7 with five minutes to play in the second quarter, I said to the Evil One the Tigers would win the game. Of course, about seven minutes earlier I said the Tigers were done. It was that kind of game. Auburn and Cam Newton pulled off one of the great comebacks of all time – when you consider a national championship appearance was on the line. For the first time this season, I can actually see Auburn beating Oregon in the title game, but I’ll wait to give my actual prediction on that possible title matchup. With my upset pick of Auburn, I move to a perfect 7-0 this season picking the underdog to win outright. Craig also gets the upset pick win, while Anthony lost with Alabama. All three of us won against the spread to start 1-0.

Colorado +17.5 at No. 16 Nebraska
My Pick: Nebraska 24, Colorado 7
Actual Score: Nebraska 45, Colorado 17
It’s taken almost the whole season for me to gain a strong hatred for one team, a lot later than usual. That team is officially Nebraska. The Cornhuskers are good one week, terrible the next and each time I picked games featuring Nebraska, I found myself on the opposite side of the ledger. No team this season has been more frustrating than Nebraska and that continued here with a blowout victory over Colorado. The Huskers scored 45 points against the Buffaloes when they could only kick a couple of field goals the week prior against Texas A&M. Of course I picked Nebraska the week it can’t score a touchdown and against it when it puts up 45. All three of us take losses against the spread.

No. 20 Arizona +19 at No. 1 Oregon
My Pick: Oregon 42, Arizona 21
Actual Score: Oregon 48, Arizona 29
I never thought I would be writing about a push that had a 19-point spread, but that’s exactly what happened Friday night. Arizona scored a touchdown with just over 10 minutes to play, but the Ducks couldn’t respond and somehow, someway the game ended in a draw, even though a 19-point difference is almost impossible to end with. Obviously, all three of us take the push.

No. 3 Boise State -14 at No. 19 Nevada
My Pick: Boise State 42, Nevada 24
Actual Score: Nevada 34, Boise State 31 (OT)
I talked about this game at the top of College GameDay Rewind, so you know the deal. This game went from an easy cover, to a thriller in overtime. It was great to watch, but not so great for all three of our records, as we all take losses. So, Craig, Anthony and I each finish Friday with 1-2-1 records.

Michigan at No. 8 Ohio State
My Pick: Ohio State 38, Michigan 28
Actual Score: Ohio State 37, Michigan 7
Alright, I’m not going to get into the game, because it wasn’t even close. But I will get into the future of head coach Rich Rodriguez. Let me start with this, Greg Robinson needs to be fired as defensive coordinator. I realize he isn’t completely responsible for the defense being one of the most pathetic in the country, but he is the leader of that group, so he needs to take the fall. On the other side, the offense, for the most part this season, has been a juggernaut and that has everything to do with Rodriguez. Michigan brought Rodriguez in to revamp the offense and he finally has been able to do that with quarterback Denard Robinson leading the way. He absolutely doesn’t get a pass for the way the defense has played because he’s an offensive coach. It’s Rodriguez’s fault as much as Robinson’s. But I think Rodriguez deserves to come back. I would, however, make it as short-term a deal as possible, because if Michigan doesn’t improve next season, there is no reason to believe that Rodriguez will be able to bring the Wolverines to the next level. So, I’d give him another shot, but the leash would be short. Craig and I take losses with Michigan to each drop to 1-3-1. Anthony gets the win to move to 2-2-1.

No. 6 LSU +4 at No. 12 Arkansas
My Pick: Arkansas 28, LSU 20
Actual Score: Arkansas 31, LSU 23
I still don’t understand why both Craig and Anthony went with LSU. Those two never listen to me and it bit them in this game as Arkansas finally eliminated the Tigers from national title consideration – exactly what I said and wrote would happen. I was just a field goal off on both team’s totals, so I’m feeling pretty good all around on this game. I get the victory to move to 2-3-1 on the day. Craig and Anthony both take losses. Craig is 1-4-1 and Anthony is 2-3-1.

No. 14 Oklahoma State -2.5
at No. 14 Oklahoma
My Pick: Oklahoma State 33, Oklahoma 21
Actual Score: Oklahoma 47, Oklahoma State 41
This was the third wild finish to a college football game this weekend, as both teams combined to score 40 points in the fourth quarter. The end-game was as back-and-forth as it comes, with big plays galore that made for an exciting viewing experience. But, of course, it had a sour taste as I was backing Oklahoma State. I do have some problems with Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy’s handling of the game late in the fourth quarter. After Oklahoma took a nine-point lead with three minutes to play, Justin Gilbert returned the ensuing kickoff 89 yards for a touchdown to bring the team within three. In this case, Gundy should have gone for two, as that would cut the Sooners lead to one. That would leave open the possibility of the game being within one possession after a possible Oklahoma touchdown. But Gundy went for the extra point to trail by two points. Two points versus three points doesn’t mean a whole lot at that point in the game. But one point is huge. On the field, Oklahoma did answer that kickoff return with a 76-yard scoring play to go back up by nine points, all but ending the game. If Oklahoma State converts the two-point try, the Cowboys would get the ball back in that spot with over two minutes to play and the chance to tie the game. But the mishandling of the extra point doomed the Cowboys. Now, in a common theme this week, all three of us take losses with Oklahoma State. I finish the week 2-4-1 on the day and 5-2 straight-up. Craig ends with a 1-5-1 record and Anthony closes with a 2-4-1 mark. This week we will have a special championship edition of Brad Carroll’s GameDay web show as we’ll break down the conference title games and more. So make sure you check back here throughout the week for the print version of my college football picks column and our latest web show. See you then.
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Week 13 College Football Picks Column: Auburn, Oregon, Boise State Will Stay The Course With Victories

Executive Sports Editor Brad Carroll takes a look at the top college games
Last Week: 5-1-1 (spread); 6-1 (overall); 0-0 (upset picks)
Craig Carroll's Week: 4-2-1 (spread)
This Season: 50-33-2 (spread); 69-18 (overall); 6-0 (upset picks)
Craig Carroll's Season: 44-39-2 (spread)

No. 2 Auburn at No. 9 Alabama, 2:30 p.m., CBS
The Skinny: Auburn and quarterback Cam Newton have played some good teams along the way through its undefeated season, but make no mistake, this will be the biggest challenge the Tigers will face before possibly playing for a national championship. Alabama isn’t the team it was a year ago, but the Tide still pose a huge threat at home. And, in fact, they are favored to win this game. But I don’t see the Tigers nor Newton slowing down now. Auburn wins and Newton cements his Heisman victory. The Pick: Auburn (+4.5) wins it 31-28.

No. 3 Boise State at No. 19 Nevada, 10:15 p.m., ESPN
The Skinny: By the time the game kicks off late Friday night, Boise State could actually be playing for a spot in the national championship game, as both Auburn and Oregon play tough games earlier in the day. Of course, the Broncos still have to beat a solid Nevada team on the road, which could be their toughest test of the season. Not only does Boise State need to beat Nevada, it has to do so impressively. And I believe the Broncos will do exactly that, and finally get a big victory. The Pick: Boise State (-14) wins it 42-24.

No. 20 Arizona at No. 1 Oregon, 7 p.m., ESPN
The Skinny: Oregon has had two weeks to not only prepare for Arizona, but to think about its near-loss to California, a game in which the high-powered Ducks offense scored just 15 points. That is bad news for the Wildcats, a 19-point underdog in the game. That is a huge spread, however, and it will take a solid performance by Oregon to cover, but I don’t see any reason why the Ducks won’t get the job done. The Pick: Oregon (-19) wins it 42-21.

Michigan at No. 8 Ohio State, 12 p.m., ABC
The Skinny: I thought long and hard about going with the Wolverines to pull the upset, even though they are 17-point underdogs. But with Ohio State playing at home, and still having a shot at a Big 10 title, I just can’t pull the trigger. The Michigan offense can play with anyone, but the defense is terrible and will give up a ton of points. Still, this is as big a rivalry as they come, so Michigan will make the Buckeyes work for the win. The Pick: Ohio State (-17) wins it 38-28.

No. 6 LSU at No. 12 Arkansas, 3:30 p.m., CBS
The Skinny: I don’t know how LSU keeps pulling out close win after close win, but if you watch my Brad Carroll’s GameDay web show, you know I’m still not giving the Tigers any credit. The Arkansas offense, with quarterback Ryan Mallett, should be able to move the ball against the Tigers, and the LSU offense won’t be able to keep pace. The Razorbacks will finally knock LSU out of the national spotlight with a win. The Pick: Arkansas (-4) wins it 28-20.

No. 14 Oklahoma at No. 10 Oklahoma State, 8 p.m., ABC
The Skinny: This could be the biggest game in Oklahoma State history, as the Cowboys are not only favored against rival Oklahoma, but will clinch a spot in the Big 12 title game with a win. So expect a wild atmosphere Saturday under the lights. The Cowboys have one of the best offenses in the country and that explosiveness should continue against the Sooners, who are down this season. The Pick: Oklahoma State (-2.5) wins it 33-21.

Colorado at No. 16 Nebraska, 3:30 p.m., ABC
The Skinny: Nebraska is a team in turmoil as coach Bo Pelini has taken heat for his sideline rampages during a loss to Texas A&M last week. Colorado could take advantage of that unrest, and the health of Nebraska quarterback Taylor Martinez, who could be hobbled during the game with an injury. Still, the Cornhuskers should have enough to pull out a victory, but the Buffaloes will keep it close enough. The Pick: Nebraska (-17.5) wins it 24-7.
Here are Craig Carroll’s picks for the week: Auburn, Boise State, Oregon, Michigan, Oklahoma State, LSU, Colorado.
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State Football Playoff Matchups

Class LL State Tournament
No. 8 West Haven (8-2) at No. 1 Xavier (10-0)
No. 7 Hall (8-2) at No. 2 Norwich Free Academy (10-0)
No. 6 Conard (8-2) at No. 3 Trumbull (9-1)
No. 5 Glastonbury (9-1) at No. 4 Staples (9-1)

Class L State Tournament
No. 8 Bristol Eastern (9-1) at No. 1 Masuk (10-0)
No. 7 North Haven (9-1) at No. 2 Daniel Hand (9-1)
No. 6 New Canaan (9-1) at No. 3 Naugatuck (9-1)
No. 5 Darien (9-1) at No. 4 Wethersfield (9-1)

Class M State Tournament
No. 8 Hillhouse (7-3) at No. 1 Berlin (10-0)
No. 7 Platt (8-2) at No. 2 New London (8-2)
No. 6 Lyman Hall (8-2) at No. 3 Brookfield (8-2)
No. 5 Plainville (8-2) at No. 4 Gilbert (8-2)

Class S State Tournament
No. 8 Sacred Heart (6-4) at No. 1 Valley Regional (10-0)
No. 7 Cromwell (7-3) at No. 2 Montville (9-1)
No. 6 Hyde Leadership (7-3) at No. 3 Ansonia (9-1)
No. 5 Woodland (7-3) at No. 4 St. Joseph (7-3)
(All games Tuesday)

GameDay Live: Eastern Vs. Central

Battle for the Bell
Bristol Eastern 35, Bristol Central 0


LAST SCORING PLAY: Bristol Eastern's Mat Yopp scores on a 5-yard run.

NOTES: Bristol Eastern has qualified for the state playoffs, thanks in part to Rocky Hill's stunning comeback victory over St. Paul. ... Bristol Eastern wins the Battle for the Bell game for the fourth straight year. ... Check out the latest episode of Brad Carroll's GameDay at the top of the website.

First Quarter
BE-Mat Yopp 29 run (Nick Randles kick), 10:41
BE-Dylon Ouellette 3 run (Randles kick), 7:04
Second Quarter
BE-Yopp 1 run (Randles kick), 4:35
BE-Cory White 19 pass from Yopp (Randles kick), 1:00
Fourth Quarter
BE-Yopp 5 run (Randles kick), 7:22

GameDay Live: Plainville At NWC

Northwest Catholic 27, Plainville 7

Plainville (8-2) is the five-seed in the Class M state playoffs and will play at four-seed Gilbert (8-2) Tuesday.

LAST SCORING PLAY: Northwest's Anthony Carter scores on a 10-yard run.

NOTES: Plainville quarterback Tony Lopizzo suffered what looked to be a severe leg injury late in the fourth quarter. He was carted off the field. We'll have an update as soon as we get it. ... Plainville's Adam Foster fumbled on the Northwest 4-yard-line with 1:54 to go in the third quarter on a drive that could have tied the game. ... Marc Desmartinis returned an interception 58 yards for Plainville to set up a 1st-and-goal, but Tony Lopizzo threw an interception in the end zone to end the threat with 6:38 to go in the second quarter. ... Plainville's touchdown was set up by a Tony Lopizzo 30-yard pass to Dan Bates and then a 46-yard run by Lopizzo. ... Check out the latest episode of Brad Carroll's GameDay at the top of the website.

First Quarter
Second Quarter
P-Chris Kuzia 1 run (Nick Moshire kick), 9:20
N-Nick Gaynor 30 pass from Mike Crispino (Chris Farrell kick), 1:11
Third Quarter
N-Gaynor 13 run (Farrell kick), 9:09
Fourth Quarter
N-Gaynor 8 run (kick failed), 9:01
N-Anthony Carter 10 run (Farrell kick), 3:16

GameDay Live: Cheshire At Knights

Apple Valley Classic
Cheshire 49, Southington 39


LAST SCORING PLAY: Southington's Connor Butkiewicz scores on a 1-yard run.

NOTES: Southington, West Haven and Newtown all finished with 1,100 points, but the Blue Knights finish last in the tiebreaker. West Haven qualifies for the playoffs. ... Check out the latest episode of Brad Carroll's GameDay at the top of the website.

First Quarter
C-Kevin Dietrich 10 pass from Max Slade (Kyle Pulek kick), 10:46
C-Safety on Southington, 9:33
C-Sebastian Little 22 pass from Michael Ecke (Pulek kick), 8:00
S-Tyler Dube 24 pass from Connor Butkiewicz (conversion failed), 4:11
Second Quarter
C-Bill Weyrauch 2 run (Pulek kick), 9:43
S-Dube 18 pass from Butkiewicz (kick blocked), 9:17
C-Jake Scinto 82 pass from Slade (Pulek kick), 8:12
S-Zach Wholley 2 run (conversion failed), 6:09
C-Chris Didonato 7 pass from Slade (kick failed), :07
Third Quarter
C-Sam Pascale 35 run (kick failed), 11:01
S-Jarrid Grimmett 5 run (conversion failed), 6:29
Fourth Quarter
S-Matt O'Connor 1 run (pass good), 4:44
C-Little 66 interception return (Pulek kick), 3:04
S-Butkiewicz 1 run (Jordan Chapman kick), 2:17

GameDay Live: St. Paul At Rocky Hill

Rocky Hill 36, St. Paul 35

LAST SCORING PLAY: Rocky Hill's Jordan Labossiere scores on an 11-yard pass from Thomas Hale. Mike Dance runs for the 2-point conversion.

NOTES: Rocky Hill took the lead with 46 seconds to play on a touchdown pass from Thomas Hale to Jordan Labossiere and a successful 2-point conversion run by Mike Dance. ... Rocky Hill's Thomas Hale intercepted a Logan Marchi pass and returned it to the Falcons' 19 with 7:24 to go. The Terriers turned that into a touchdown that tied the game at 28 a short time later. ... Check out the latest episode of Brad Carroll's GameDay at the top of the website.

First Quarter
Second Quarter
SP-Kevin Hairston 4 pass from Logan Marchi (Geun Park kick), 10:39
SP-David Shaw 59 pass from Marchi (Park kick), 1:54
SP-Travis Thomas 23 pass from Marchi (Park kick), :00
Third Quarter
RH-Mike Dance 7 run (Adam Marzilli kick), 7:57
SP-Marchi 1 run (Park kick), 3:24
RH-Thomas Hale 2 run (Marzilli kick), 1:04
Fourth Quarter
RH-Dance 8 run (Marzilli kick), 8:24
RH-Hale 8 run (Marzilli kick), 6:04
SP-Tucker Bachand 1 run (Park kick), 1:53
RH-Jordan Labossiere 11 pass from Hale (Dance run), :46

GameDay Live: W'field At Newington

Wethersfield 34, Newington 27


LAST SCORING PLAY: Wethersfield's Ivan Mangual scores on a 4-yard run.

NOTES: Newington finishes the season 0-10. ... Wethersfield is the four-seed in the Class L state playoffs. ... Check out the latest episode of Brad Carroll's GameDay at the top of the website.

First Quarter
W-Ed Melendy 36 pass from Steve Vasquez (Emir Kuljancic kick), 5:08
N-Jeremy Rodriguez 2 run (Christian Beauford kick), 2:15
Second Quarter
N-Trevor Colossa 13 pass from Jonathan Snyder (Beauford kick), 7:08
W-Chris Lesure 4 run (Kuljancic kick), 2:13
N-Rodriguez 42 pass from Snyder (Beauford kick), 1:09
W-Vasquez 1 run (Kuljancic kick), :10
Third Quarter
W-Lesure 29 run (Kuljancic kick), 9:03
N-Snyder 49 run (kick failed), 2:55
Fourth Quarter
W-Ivan Mangual 4 run (kick failed), 11:26

GameDay Live: Berlin Vs. New Britain

The Wishbone Bowl
No. 3 Berlin 42, New Britain 20


LAST SCORING PLAY: New Britain's Kian Downes scores on a 15-yard pass from Marc Colon.

NOTES: Berlin's Max DeLorenzo had 156 yards on 6 carries and five total touchdowns. ... Berlin's Mason Powers had 39 rushing yards and Ras Morgan had 33. ... New Britain's Matt Martinez had 89 yards on two receptions. ... Berlin took eight knees on 11 snaps in the third quarter. ... Berlin's Max DeLorenzo had 149 rushing yards and three touchdowns on five carries in the first quarter. ... Berlin's third touchdown was set up by an interception by Kevin Main. ... Berlin scored on the first play from scrimmage and then recovered the ensuing onside kick, setting up the second touchdown. ... New Britain won the inaugural Wishbone Bowl last year, beating Berlin 27-13. ... Check out the latest web episode of Brad Carroll's GameDay at the top of the website.

First Quarter
B-Max DeLorenzo 46 run (Tevin Grant run), 11:41
B-DeLorenzo 45 run (run failed), 10:15
B-DeLorenzo 57 run (pass failed), 8:11
Second Quarter
B-Grant 22 run (DeLorenzo pass from Zach Zulkiewicz), 10:40
B-DeLorenzo 7 run (Devin Silverman kick), 7:00
B-DeLorenzo 43 interception return (Silverman kick), 5:42
Fourth Quarter
NB-Matt Martinez 80 pass from Larry Garcia (kick failed), 10:16
NB-Marc Colon 34 run (Clark Daequone pass from Colon), 8:57
NB-Kian Downes 15 pass from Colon (conversion failed), 5:30

Vikings Fire Coach Brad Childress

The Minnesota Vikings fired coach Brad Childress today in a move that comes as no surprise. The Vikings have become an embarrassment on and off the field, and after several sideline confrontations during Sunday's blowout loss to the Packers, the move became obvious. Defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier was named the team's interim coach.

The story now becomes what happens to quarterback Brett Favre. Will he continue as the team's starter, or will Frazier turn to backup Tavaris Jackson? But even that question isn't worth answering or caring about other than potentially having Favre's consecutive start streak end - which would be a great exclamation point to his comeback. Nobody deserves this collapse more than Favre.

Bristol's Aaron Hernandez Scores Third Touchdown For Patriots

Bristol native Aaron Hernandez made his one catch Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts a big one, as the Patriots tight end scored a touchdown in New England's 31-28 victory. Hernandez scored on an eight-yard pass from quarterback Tom Brady in the first quarter to give his team a 14-0 lead.

"It was man coverage," Hernandez said of his touchdown, "I had the cross route and I knew I had a chance to get the ball so I went across, I beat my man and Tom threw a great ball and all I had to do was catch it."

Hernandez was also excited to be part of the Patriots-Colts rivalry.

"Just coming into the game as a rookie, you're so excited because I'm usually the person getting ready to eat wings and pizza and watching the game," Hernandez said. "Just being in a game like this is a dream come true and it's an honor. The way it turned out, a close game like this, it's just breathtaking."

For the season, Hernandez has 35 receptions for 444 yards, both of which trail only receiver Wes Welker for the team lead. He also has three touchdown receptions, third on the team. The Bristol Central grad also has two rushes for 31 yards.
(AP photo of Hernandez's touchdown against the Colts)

New Britain's Reed Finds Role With Baltimore Ravens, Returning Kickoffs

New Britain native David Reed may have finally found his role with the Baltimore Ravens, as the wide receiver had a big day returning kicks in a 37-13 win over the Carolina Panthers Sunday. Reed, who was given the featured kick return job this week, totaled 135 yards on three returns, a 45-yard average. Reed also set up a Ravens' field goal to open the second half when he returned the kickoff 84 yards to the Panthers' 18. That return impressed his quarterback, Joe Flacco.

"It was huge," Flacco said. "It would have been a lot bigger if we had scored a touchdown instead of getting three points out of it. That was a huge return by David (Reed). He’s got a lot of speed back there and we know he can make some plays. It was good to see him make one."

Reed also had two tackles on special teams, including one solo, in the game.

For the season, Reed is averaging 30.4 yards on eight kick returns. Six of those returns have been for 20 or more yards. On offense, he has one rushing attempt for 15 yards. He also has made eight tackles on special teams with two forced fumbles.
(AP photo)

College GameDay Rewind Week 12: Craziness Rules Saturday Night And Just Pay Derek Jeter Already

The string of events that took place in the final moments of regulation and overtime in the Arkansas-Mississippi State game proved how crazy sports can be when picking games against the spread. Over the course of the final three minutes of the fourth quarter and two extra periods, I switched my rooting interest from the Razorbacks to the Bulldogs and vice versa four different times.

Here’s how the craziness went down Saturday night.

With Arkansas leading by three with the ball, I was pulling for the Razorbacks to somehow break a long run and score a touchdown to push their lead to 10 to cover the 3.5-point spread. But Arkansas was playing to run out the clock more than anything, so the pick was all but dead. Then, on third down, Razorbacks RB Knile Davis fumbled and Mississippi State recovered at its own 46 with 1:56 to go.

With the Arkansas cover out the window in regulation, the thought process quickly switched to rooting for Mississippi State to kick a game-tying field goal to send the game to overtime, which would be the only way for me to win the game at this point. So, consider this team switch No. 1. Of course, if Mississippi State scored a touchdown, the game would be over and I would be dealt a loss, so this was a qualified rooting interest. The Bulldogs went downfield in no time, but stalled in the red zone. After a third-down run came up short of the first down, Mississippi State rushed its field goal unit on the field with the clock ticking down to zero. Derek DePasquale calmly booted a 25-yard field goal as time expired to send the game to a place where my one and only shot at a win resided – overtime.

As the teams lined up for the coin toss, I was hoping Mississippi State would win it, as I wanted Arkansas to go on offense first. That way the Razorbacks can score a touchdown and then would have to stop the Bulldogs on defense for the victory with the points. So, there’s team switch No. 2.

Arkansas actually won the toss and chose to go on defense first. Not the plan I laid out, but the pick’s not over by any stretch. Mississippi State was about to go in for a touchdown, but fumbled going into the end zone and that ended in a turnover. So, the Razorbacks got the ball needing only a field goal to win the game, but give me a loss against points. So, here’s team switch No. 3 as I wanted the Bulldogs to come up with a defensive stop and send the game to double overtime.

The Razorbacks played for the field goal – which is always a mistake – and they paid for it by missing a 39-yard kick. That sent the game to the second overtime where Arkansas would go on offense first. Now, team change No. 4 as things set up as good as they could with the Razorbacks needing a touchdown and then a stop on defense to give me the win.

Arkansas did just that, scoring a touchdown to go up by seven. From there the Razorbacks defense came up big on the ensuing Mississippi State possession and stopped the Bulldogs on downs, giving Arkansas a win and me an unlikely victory against the spread.

So there you go. One game, four changes in rooting interest, and in the end a victory against the spread. Wild game, but I’ll take that kind of excitement any day. Lord knows it was better than the field goal fest between Nebraska and Texas A&M.

There are two big baseball stories in the news and in both instances the organizations come out looking terrible.

First is word the Mets have hired Terry Collins as their new manager. Only the Mets would let word leak that they’ve made a significant hire on a day when the Jets pull off a miracle win over the Texans and the Giants are playing Michael Vick and the Eagles in primetime. But, then again, considering the Mets are a Mess, it really isn’t surprising at all. The team continues to be the laughingstock of the league and decisions like this only reinforce that point.

With the way the Yankees are dealing with the Derek Jeter contract negotiations, they might as well be the Mets. Randy Levine and the Stienbrenners are going about this all wrong, making their case to a public that will never side with or understand them. Yankees fans and the media are completely behind Jeter in this situation, and if he doesn’t get a fair deal, the hierarchy will hear about it. Try as they might, the Yankees leadership won’t ever win this battle.

Reportedly offering a three-year deal worth $45 million is an embarrassment to all parties involved. The Yankees need to give Jeter what he wants. And because Jeter is such a class act, there is no reason to believe he’ll ask for an A-Rod deal. The Yankees should tear up that three-year deal and offer Jeter a four-year, $80 million contract with extra incentives. That deal makes sense for all parties involved. But, please, stop taking these negotiations to the press, Yankees, you only look like fools.

One last note before we get to the week that was in college football. If CBS-Connecticut ever plugs their lame, local news specials during a football game again I will flip out. Twice during the Jets-Texans game – including right before the two-minute warning – I had to see the game pushed up to make room for a blue box with promos scrolling on the bottom of the screen. Give me a break. Are you guys that desperate for ratings that you have to screw us viewers with that distraction? Needless to say, any local stuff the station does, will everyone please turn the channel and check something else out. From what I caught reading on the bottom of the screen, there’s not much to watch anyways.

Now, on to the breakdown:

My Weekend: 5-1-1 (spread); 6-1 (overall); 0-0 (upset picks)
My Season: 50-33-2 (spread); 69-18 (overall); 6-0 (upset picks)
My Money: UP $1,370 (season)
Craig Carroll's Weekend: 4-2-1 (spread)
Craig Carroll's Season: 44-39-2 (spread)
Craig Carroll's Money: UP $110 (season)
Anthony Della Calce’s Weekend: 4-2-1 (spread)
Anthony Della Calce’s Season: 39-43-2 (spread)
Anthony Della Calce’s Money: DOWN $830 (season)

No. 6 Wisconsin -4.5 at Michigan
My Pick: Wisconsin 45, Michigan 31
Actual Score: Wisconsin 48, Michigan 28
The Michigan defense can’t stop anybody, which is unfortunate for the Wolverines offense, but fortunate for everyone picking against them. That’s hard for me to write considering my allegiance to the Wolverines, but it’s the truth and it made for an easy choice in the Badgers. Michigan actually made it a game in the third quarter, cutting a 24-0 deficit to 24-14 in less than six minutes. But the defense, of course, couldn’t keep the Badgers within striking distance. Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson, who set the all-time season rushing record for quarterbacks in the game, will be the favorite to win the Heisman Trophy next season. For the day, Craig, Anthony and I each pick up victories to start the week.

No. 8 Ohio State -3 at No. 21 Iowa
My Pick: Ohio State 31, Iowa 24
Actual Score: Ohio State 20, Iowa 17
Ohio State kept its Big 10 championship hopes alive by driving the field in the final minutes to come from behind and beat Iowa on the road. That’s great for my straight-up pick, but the three-point win gives us a decision that I absolutely despise – the push. The tie game with the points basically means all the time invested in the game was for naught. Sure, the game was enjoyable and the end was impressive, but everyone wants to see a winner in the end. So, this is a draw for all three of us. Hey, it is better than a loss.

No. 14 Virginia Tech -2 at No. 24 Miami
My Pick: Virginia Tech 23, Miami 20
Actual Score: Virginia Tech 31, Miami 17
Admittedly, I didn’t watch much of this game, as Ohio State-Iowa and Ole Miss-LSU was far more enjoyable and, you know, the fact the ACC has some pretty terrible football teams. The opposite was taking place for Craig and Anthony, both of whom were likely glued to the television as Craig’s Hurricanes and Anthony’s Hokies did battle. In Craig’s words, Miami dominated play, and I can see his point. The score was tied in the fourth quarter before Virginia Tech scored a pair of touchdowns to take the win. Miami had six turnovers, so the Canes probably should have lost by a lot more than 14. By the way, Craig likes to say Miami has a great college football atmosphere, and I always make fun of him for it. But he never accepts the fact. Well, a sky-view camera shot of the stadium with still plenty of time to go and the Canes down 14 showed the place was completely empty. I’m not even sure if there were a hundred people left. But Craig, I assume, will continue to think Miami has some great fans. Oh well. Craig’s fandom leads to a loss, so he’s 1-1-1 on the day. Anthony and I get a win with the Hokies. We’re both 2-0-1 on the day. Craig, on another note, predicted four upsets this week. But with Iowa and Miami losing, he’s already 0-for-2. Just thought I’d rub some salt in the wounds.

Ole Miss +16 at No. 5 LSU
My Pick: LSU 27, Ole Miss 24
Actual Score: LSU 43, Ole Miss 36
It’s too bad Ole Miss couldn’t hold on for the victory, but somehow someway the LSU Tigers found another way to win another game. I was all ready to write the Tigers’ obituary, but alas the deal they had to make with the college football devil is still in effect. I don’t really know what else to write about this joke of a team. Yeah, LSU survives. I guess the best part is there is very little chance the team will play for a title, so I’ll leave it at that. I did get the victory to move to 3-0-1 after the afternoon games. Craig also gets a victory to move to 2-1-1. Anthony takes the loss to drop to 2-1-1.

Army +8 vs. Notre Dame
at Yankee Stadium
My Pick: Notre Dame 33,
Army 20
Actual Score: Notre Dame 27,
Army 3
Believe it or not, I actually enjoyed this game a whole lot, even though it was all Notre Dame after the first two drives of the game. With Yankee Stadium as host and two legendary teams playing each other with all the history you could ever want, the game did have a special feel to it. The game itself didn’t live up to any kind of hype, but the atmosphere was great and this should become an annual event. I’ll say this about the game: it had to be extremely frustrating to have picked the Black Knights, as Army runs the ball on nearly every single play. One moment that sticks out was a 3rd-and-9 play that Army ran right up the middle with the fullback I believe. I would be screaming at the television over that call. Luckily I went with the Irish. Craig wasn’t so lucky, losing with Army. So, I improve to 4-0-1 with the win. Craig drops to 2-2-1 with the loss and also moves to 0-for-3 with his upset specials. Anthony gets a win as well to move to 3-1-1.

No. 13 Arkansas -3.5 at No. 22 Mississippi State
My Pick: Arkansas 30, Mississippi State 20
Actual Score: Arkansas 38, Mississippi State 31 (2 OT)
The wild Arkansas win in double overtime improves my record to 5-0-1. I’m also 6-0 straight-up. Craig gets the win as well to improve to 3-2-1. Anthony clinches his first winning mark since Week 4 – that’s right, Week 4. This snaps a streak of seven consecutive losing weeks for him. He improves to 4-1-1.

No. 9 Nebraska -3 at
No. 19 Texas A&M
My Pick: Nebraska 35,
Texas A&M 27
Actual Score: Texas A&M 9,
Nebraska 6
How pathetic is the Nebraska offense? I don’t even know what to write about this game. The Cornhuskers kicked two field goals – yeah, just two field goals – and got upset on the road by upstart Texas A&M, a team that kicked three field goals. Nebraska has basically played two games on the national stage this season and both times walked off the field as losers. The Huskers lost to Texas earlier and Texas A&M here. Can you say posers? My excitement for them joining the Big 10 took a big hit here. I guess on a good note is that Craig doesn’t get shutout on his upset week selections, as he picked the Aggies. His much ballyhooed four-pack of upsets ended 1-for-4 – not good at all. He does get the win here to end the week with a 4-2-1 record. I obviously take the loss with Nebraska and end with a 5-1-1 record against the spread and 6-1 straight up. Anthony ends with a loss as well and pulls in a 4-2-1 record. It was a great week for me, but the end has left a bitter taste in my mouth. Still, I add another game to my lead in the battle for Carroll supremacy, which now stands at six games. Next week both the column and the latest web-episode of Brad Carroll’s GameDay will debut earlier than usual, so look for those right on or around Thanksgiving. We’ll see you then.
(AP photos)

Week 12 College Football Picks Column: Start Spreading News For Notre Dame-Army At Yankee Stadium

Executive Sports Editor Brad Carroll takes a look at the top games of the day
Last Week: 3-4 (spread); 6-1 (overall); 1-0 (upset picks)
Craig Carroll's Week: 3-4 (spread)
This Season: 45-32-1 (spread); 63-17 (overall); 6-0 (upset picks)
Craig Carroll's Season: 40-37-1 (spread)

Army vs. Notre Dame at Yankee Stadium, 7 p.m., NBC
The Skinny: The star here is Yankee Stadium and that has turned this lackluster game into a featured matchup tonight. Going back in time, Army-Notre Dame was actually the biggest college football game every single year. Of course, that was more than 50 years ago, but still, the history is unbelievable. Fast forward to 2010 and Army has the better record of the two, while Notre Dame is looking to become bowl-eligible. The Irish will be wearing their famous green jerseys and I don’t think they will lose on this stage. The Pick: Notre Dame (-8) wins it 33-20.

No. 14 Virginia Tech at No. 24 Miami, 3:30 p.m., ABC
The Skinny: Virginia Tech has come back from the dead — after losses to Boise State and James Madison — to find itself one win away from playing for an ACC title. That would happen if the Hokies can upend the Hurricanes today. Miami, on the other hand, needs a win in order to remain in the hunt for a spot in that title game, so both teams will be ready to play. Canes QB Jacory Harris most likely won’t play and the Hokies are much better than their season-opening losses. So, go with Va Tech in a close one. The Pick: Virginia Tech (-2) wins it 23-20.

No. 8 Ohio State at No. 21 Iowa, 3:30 p.m., ABC
The Skinny: Ohio State has been terrible on the road this season, but with a logjam atop the Big 10 standings, the Buckeyes will have to put those woes to rest against a solid Iowa team. The Hawkeyes are out of the conference race, but would like nothing more than to pull the upset in what could be their last chance to knock off a marquee team. Still, I don’t believe Ohio State will have another road letdown. OSU gets the win. The Pick: Ohio State (-3) wins it 31-24.

No. 9 Nebraska at No. 19 Texas A&M, 8 p.m., ABC
The Skinny: Imagine how Nebraska feels knowing that its only loss this season was to a Texas team that is 4-6 on the year. If the Cornhuskers win that game, they would be in the discussion with Oregon and Auburn for the right to play in the BCS national title game. But here they are with one loss and having no shot at a national championship. Texas A&M is back in the national spotlight thanks to an explosive offense that will give Nebraska a challenge. But Nebraska should continue its winning ways. The Pick: Nebraska (-3) wins it 35-27.

No. 6 Wisconsin at Michigan, 12 p.m., ESPN
The Skinny: I think this is the first time a game involving Michigan where I didn’t automatically think of a Wolverines' upset. But there is no reason to believe the Michigan defense — which has been terrible all year — could control a Wisconsin offense that scored 83 points last week. The Michigan offense is very good, with quarterback Denard Robinson leading the way, but having to score a ton of points every week takes its toll on a unit. This will be high scoring affair and Wisconsin will take home the victory. The Pick: Wisconsin (-4.5) wins it 45-31.

Ole Miss at No. 5 LSU, 3:30 p.m., CBS
The Skinny: We all know what I think about LSU and coach Les Miles. The Tigers potentially playing for a national title might be enough for me to discontinue this column once and for all and switch to an NBA piece, or something even more depressing than that. But LSU has a chance to sneak into the title game, even though Oregon, for example, would beat them by 50. With all that said, LSU wins this game with a down Ole Miss team. Still, the Rebels will keep the game close enough. The Pick: LSU (-16) wins it 27-14.

No. 13 Arkansas at No. 22 Mississippi State, 7 p.m., ESPN
The Skinny: Mississippi State came crashing back to Earth last week allowing big play after big play in a loss to Alabama. That should have Arkansas and quarterback Ryan Mallett pumped to get their chance to score some points. And the Razorbacks will do just that, and win going away.. The Pick: Arkansas (-3.5) wins it 30-20.
Here are Craig Carroll’s picks for the week: Army, Miami, Iowa, Texas A&M, Wisconsin, Ole Miss, Arkansas.
(AP photo)

Pick Thanksgiving Football Winners

As Thanksgiving week quickly approaches, we're asking you once again to contribute to our high school football preview coverage of the biggest rivalry games in the area by picking the winners of each matchup. On the left side of the page you'll be able to vote on who you think will win each of our football games, which take place both Wednesday and Thursday.

Those results will run in the Bristol Press and New Britain Herald leading up to the games. You can also post comments right at the end of this post and we'll publish a selection of those in print as well. Look for full football preview coverage in the pages of the Bristol Press and New Britain Herald in the days leading up to the games.

Southington High Fined, Put On Probation For Football Incident

Southington High School was hit with three sanctions by the CIAC today, a $1,000 fine and having the football team being placed on probation for a year. Here is the statement released by the CIAC.

At its meeting today, the CIAC Board of Control addressed information received regarding ethics and sportsmanship concerns resulting from the actions of Southington High School Head Football Coach D.J. Hernandez during his school's varsity football game against Manchester High School on October 22, 2010.

After reviewing information received from both schools involved the Board ruled that:

A) Southington High School will be fined $1000 for violation of the CIAC policies on ethics and sportsmanship;
B) Coach Hernandez will be required to take the Sportmanship/Ethics Coaching Education Class prior to the beginning of the 2011 football season;
C) The Southington High School football program will be put on probation through the end of the 2011 football season.

Berlin Boys Soccer Team Loses Heartbreaker In Class L Semifinals

No. 1 Bunnell defeated Berlin boys soccer in penalty kicks Wednesday night at Pomperaug High School. Bunnell won the shootout 8-6. Trailing 1-0 in the second half, Berlin tied the score and sent the Class L State Tournament Semifinal game into overtime. Both overtime periods ended without a goal scored, setting up penalty kicks. Bunnell advances to the championship game Saturday. Berlin ends what became the greatest season in school history.

Here's what Berlin coach David Francalangia said about the finish.

“Unfortunately when you go to penalty kick situations it’s a crapshoot. You roll the dice and you hope for the best,” he said. “We took the Berlin soccer team to the next level, and hopefully we can build on that. They have nothing to hang their heads about; they played a great game today. I just feel bad for them to go out on penalty kicks.”

College GameDay Rewind Week 11: An Amazing Play By Jerricho Cotchery And LeBron James Is A Crybaby

Two of the most amazing and gutsy plays I’ve ever seen happened within minutes of each other during the Jets-Browns game Sunday afternoon. Yeah, I realize I’m a Jets fan and therefore biased, but I don’t think anyone can object to either of these plays being written about in that way.

First, Jets wide receiver Jerricho Cotchery, who has had just about the worst few weeks of his career recently, made one of the greatest and most impressive plays you’ll ever see. In overtime, Cotchery pulled his groin muscle on a route during play and could barely move his leg in the middle of the field. As Mark Sanchez scrambled out of trouble, Cotchery motioned to the quarterback that he was hurt. But Sanchez waved Cotchery to make a move back to his left on the crucial third down play.

Cotchery, forgetting about the injury for a moment, cut back as Sanchez threw him the ball. Cotchery worked his way open in a split second, but the throw was wide. Cotchery made a full-out dive and pulled in an unbelievable catch for the first down. By itself, the sprawling catch was great. But when you add in the fact that he was injured before the grab, it’s just a tremendous play all-around. The injury appears serious and Cotchery could miss a substantial amount of time, which hurts the Jets in a big way going forward.

But Cotchery will be remembered for a truly remarkable play and having the guts and heart to do something that many players wouldn’t have.

Second, was the catch and run by Santonio Holmes that won the game for the Jets in the final seconds of overtime. The catch and run wasn’t anything special, unless you factor in the situation. The Jets had just taken over at the 37-yard line after a Browns punt with 24 seconds to play. A tie was the greatest possibility, especially with kicker Nick Folk having already missed three field goals in the game for New York.

On the first play, Sanchez hit Holmes on a slant designed to get quick yards for a better shot at another game-winning field goal. After making the catch, however, Holmes darted back and broke through three tacklers and sprinted toward the end zone for an unlikely touchdown to win the game for the Jets with 17 seconds to play in overtime.

This was as unlikely a victory as you’ll ever see in overtime. I can’t remember an overtime game that ended in that fashion and it may never happen again.

Not to be outdone on a crazy Sunday of football was the play at the end of the game by the Jacksonville Jaguars against the Houston Texans. In a tie game, Jaguars quarterback David Garrard threw a Hail Mary prayer into the end zone that was answered from 50 yards out giving the Jags the unlikely win. Which finish was better? I’m going with the Jets, but you already knew that.

And then there was the lights going out at the Meadowlands during the Giants-Cowboys game later Sunday. That must have been crazy being in the stadium, which went pitch-black in the third quarter. All in all, it was a wild day in the NFL.

Switching to the NBA for a moment, can we get LeBron James to just go away already? King Nothing blamed the media (for like the hundredth time) for his stupidity this weekend. He complained that his remarks about the coaching staff playing him and Dwayne Wade too much wasn’t what he meant.

Here’s what happened. King Nothing sat down after the Heat lost to the Celtics and poked at the box score during the postgame press conference saying his 44 total minutes was “too much.” He also said he and Wade could have been tired from the minutes and therefore struggled late in the game.

Of course the media jumped on the statement and played it up. Even though I’m sure King Nothing believes he wasn’t calling out his head coach for bad player management, it’s exactly what he did. He needs to suffer the consequences. King Nothing made himself a spectacle the day he signed on to play with the Miami Heat, so his words will be reported and even exploited. Remember, it was his choice to create a “super team” and have all the publicity of an hour-long special to announce it.

King Nothing could hide in Cleveland, but not anymore. He made the NBA about himself and the Heat and we’re learning he can’t accept the consequences that go along with it. We’ve also learned the King is crybaby.

I watched the Manny Pacquiao-Antonio Margarito fight Saturday night and couldn’t really believe what I was watching. There was the technical mastery that Pacquiao displayed when he was in the ring and the fact that Margarito never gave up even though he easily could have a number of times. But the wildest thing was that Pacquiao looked so tiny when matched up with Margarito that it almost seemed unfair. There are weight classes for a reason. That, however, didn’t affect Pacquiao, who easily won the fight despite being outweighed by some 17 pounds.

Everyone says the two best fighters in the world are Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather, so hopefully we get to see that fight at some point because right now Pacquiao is beating his opponents with so much ease it isn’t even fair.

Alright, how about some college football? It’s looking more and more like the national championship game will feature Auburn and Oregon. For once, I won’t be on here blasting the system, as both of those teams are most deserving. With that said, I don’t believe anyone can beat Oregon this season. Whether it’s Auburn, Boise State, TCU or, heaven forbid, LSU in that game, the Ducks will win. Auburn would make the game interesting for a while, but the other three wouldn’t be able to keep up with Oregon. Right now, I’m sticking with my pick of Oregon-Auburn in the championship game and the Ducks winning it all.

Hopefully the BCS doesn’t pit TCU and Boise State against each other in a BCS game like they did last year because that was a total embarrassment.

Now, on to the breakdown:

My Weekend: 3-4 (spread); 6-1 (overall); 1-0 (upset picks)
My Season: 45-32-1 (spread); 63-17 (overall); 6-0 (upset picks)
My Money: UP $980 (season)
Craig Carroll's Weekend: 3-4 (spread)
Craig Carroll's Season: 40-37-1 (spread)
Craig Carroll's Money: DOWN $70 (season)
Anthony Della Calce’s Weekend: 1-6 (spread)
Anthony Della Calce’s Season: 35-41-1 (spread)
Anthony Della Calce’s Money: DOWN $1,010 (season)

No. 15 Utah -6 at Notre Dame
My Pick: Utah 33,
Notre Dame 20
Actual Score: Notre Dame 28,
Utah 3
I was cursing myself more than the television as I watched Notre Dame dominate from start to finish. I really wanted to pick the Irish plus the points but I talked myself out of it because starting quarterback Dayne Crist was out with an injury. Starting a freshman quarterback against a talented Utes team, I thought, made it impossible to pick Notre Dame. Still, even with those facts, this one hurts. Utah obviously couldn’t recover from the beat-down TCU handed it last week. Craig, Anthony and I all went with the Irish and we all start the day with a loss.

Penn State +17.5 at Ohio State
My Pick: Ohio State 34, Penn State 17
Actual Score: Ohio State 38, Penn State 14
This really was a terrible start to the day. Penn State trailed by just three entering the fourth quarter, so I thought this was about as close to a victory as it gets and turned my full attention to Auburn-Georgia. I clicked back once to the Big 10 game just in time to see Ohio State return an interception for a touchdown to give the Buckeyes a 17-point lead. Still, I had confidence as there was less than nine minutes to play and Ohio State would be looking to run clock instead of scoring if and when it got the ball back. So, it was back to the more exciting Auburn-Georgia game. Of course, when I checked back to Ohio State-Penn State, the Buckeyes had the ball in the red zone and scored a couple plays later. I just had to send a text message to Craig Carroll with some choice words for the Nittany Lions, which he told me he was going to pick no matter the point spread this week. How they blew this one, I’ll never know. Again, the three of us all take losses.

Georgia +8 at No. 2 Auburn
My Pick: Auburn 38, Georgia 27
Actual Score: Auburn 49, Georgia 31
With all the talk surrounding Cam Newton heading into game time, I gave Georgia a great chance to pull off the upset. Everything lined up perfectly for the Bulldogs and when they jumped out to a 21-7 lead, I knew the Auburn pick was in trouble. With Craig and I basically on the same team this week – much to his dismay – because we have the same exact picks, I told him we need Auburn to save the day. And the Tigers did exactly that, taking control late in the third quarter and putting the game away with a touchdown in the final minutes. Newton, playing under what had to be extreme pressure, played like nothing was going on around him. He was nearly perfect and guaranteed victory in the Heisman Trophy race – if the allegations are not proven in the next few weeks. Craig and I both improve to 1-2 with the Auburn win. Anthony picked Georgia in the upset, so he drops to 0-3 on the day. He needs to sweep the four night games in order to end his six-week losing streak.

No. 17 Mississippi State +13 at No. 11 Alabama
My Pick: Alabama 28, Mississippi State 27
Actual Score: Alabama 30, Mississippi State 10
Well, I said this game would go one of two ways and unfortunately I picked the wrong option. To add insult to the loss, Mississippi State actually had a chance late in the game, needing a defensive stop and a long drive to score a touchdown that would make the game a push. Of course, that drew me back into a game that I had written off as dead. What happens? Mississippi State throws a terrible interception on the first play to end the game. New life is sometimes a bad thing. The three of us take losses in this game. Craig and I are 1-3, while Anthony is 0-4.

No. 22 South Carolina +6.5
at No. 24 Florida
My Pick: South Carolina 27,
Florida 24
Actual Score: South Carolina 36,
Florida 14
South Carolina dominated Florida from start to finish and earned a trip to the SEC title game against Auburn. Better yet, the underdog Gamecocks ended up improving my upset record this season to a perfect 6-0 with the win outright. It really is fun watching Florida coach Urban Meyer look completely lost on the sideline. It’s not so easy to coach when Tim Tebow isn’t around, is it? As mentioned, I hit on the upset selection and move to 2-3 on the day against the spread. Craig, who also picked South Carolina to pull off the upset, moves to 2-3 as well. Anthony drops to 0-5.

No. 1 Oregon -20 at California
My Pick: Oregon 51, California 21
Actual Score: Oregon 15, California 13
If you told me Oregon would allow just 13 points on the road against California, I would mark this down as an automatic win. But the Ducks struggled on offense, scoring just 15 points, in a two-point win. The Golden Bears actually could have pulled the upset, but missed a 29-yard field goal very early in the fourth quarter that would have given them the lead. Oregon did have the ball deep in Cal territory and ran out the clock, but who knows how the game would have turned out with that field goal. Again, for what seems like the hundredth time, the three of us each take a loss. Craig and I clinch losing weeks, as we both are 2-4 on the day. Anthony, oh man, drops to 0-6. Several weeks back Anthony guaranteed he would never go 0-7 in a week. Well, one game to play and he’s one loss away from doing just that. Win or lose this has been a terrible stretch for him.

No. 12 Oklahoma State -6
at Texas
My Pick: Oklahoma State 38,
Texas 28
Actual Score: Oklahoma State 33, Texas 16
Oklahoma State made quick work of the Longhorns and gave Anthony a victory he was praying for. Not much to say about the game, as the Cowboys offense is as good as advertised and Texas is as bad as advertised. That combined for a victory by each of us to end the night. I finish the week with a 3-4 record against the spread and 6-1 straight up. This was just the second week out of 10 that I’ve had a losing record, which even I’ll say is pretty darn good. I’m 13 games over .500 for the season. Craig also punched in a 3-4 week against the spread. He is three games over .500 for the season. Anthony barely made it out alive, finishing with a 1-6 record against the spread. This was his seventh straight losing week, which has to be some kind of record. For the season, he is 35-41-1. His money for the season is down $1,010. Those are some pretty terrible numbers. As bad as Anthony is and has been, Craig and I also have to rebound and get back on the winning side next week. Make sure you check out a brand-new web episode of Brad Carroll’s GameDay this coming Friday and, as always, the column right here on the blog. See you then.
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Is This The Greatest Sports Call Ever?

Seeing that my Landon Donovan "wonder goal" story is the most read all-time here on the blog, and with a push from Craig Carroll to check out the Spanish call on YouTube, I just had to publish it here after viewing it because I'm not sure many have heard it. I certainly haven't. It was Andres Cantor's radio call of the United States-Algeria World Cup game from this past summer.

Is it the greatest call ever? Not sure ... but if it doesn't get you pumped up, I don't know what will. Enjoy. (Curious as to what the top-read blog entries are? Scroll down on the right side of the page and you'll find the top all-time stories and both the most-read of the past 30 days and 7 days.)

GameDay Live: Central At S.Windsor

South Windsor 48, Bristol Central 6

LAST SCORING PLAY: South Windsor's Eric Scott scores on a 5-yard run.

NOTES: Make sure you vote in our poll on the left side of the web page asking your opinion on the D.J. Hernandez one-game suspension at Southington High. ... Also, the brand-new episode of Brad Carroll's GameDay is at the top of the web page, so check that out as well between game updates.

First Quarter
SW-Greg Pendergast 2 run (Colman kick), 9:36
SW-Jake O'Dell 1 run (Colman kick), 2:53
Second Quarter
SW-Sean Doolady 1 run (Colman kick), 7:26
SW-Doolady 41 run (Colman kick), 4:13
Third Quarter
SW-Mike Cottle 61 run (Colman kick), 9:48
SW-Cottle 76 run (Colman kick), 5:05
BC-Mike Benites 83 kick return (kick failed), 4:35
Fourth Quarter
SW-Eric Scott 5 run (kick failed), 8:32

GameDay Live: Torrington At St. Paul

Torrington 55, St. Paul 27

LAST SCORING PLAY: Torrington's Zach Schabel scores on a 44-yard run.

NOTES: Torrington opens the second half with a 2-play touchdown drive that took just 35 seconds. ... Make sure you vote in our poll on the left side of the web page asking your opinion on the D.J. Hernandez one-game suspension at Southington High. ... Also, the brand-new episode of Brad Carroll's GameDay is at the top of the web page, so check that out as well between game updates.

First Quarter
T-Zach Schabel 30 run (kick failed), 8:35
T-Brenden Lytton 6 run (Will Quarles run) 4:45
Second Quarter
SP-Justin Gonzalez 2 pass from Tucker Bachand (Geun Park kick), 5:22
T-Lytton 38 run (conversion failed), 3:09
T-Will Quarles 28 interception return (Lytton run), 2:59
Third Quarter
T-Lytton 17 run (Quarles run), 9:01
Fourth Quarter
T-Lytton 6 run (kick failed), 11:52
SP-Kevin Hairston 25 pass from Logan Marchi (kick blocked), 8:49
SP-Hairston 53 pass from Marchi (Park kick), 5:42
T-Schabel 24 run (Lytton kick), 1:32
SP-Travis Thomas 28 pass from Marchi (Park kick), :56
T-Schabel 49 run (kick failed), :44

Week 11 College Football Picks Column: Can Auburn Survive The Cam Newton Scandal? (Yes They Can)

Executive Sports Editor Brad Carroll takes a look at the top games of the day
Last Week: 5-2 (spread); 6-1 (overall); 1-0 (upset picks)
Craig Carroll's Week: 4-3 (spread)
This Season: 42-28-1 (spread); 57-16 (overall); 5-0 (upset picks)
Craig Carroll's Season: 37-33-1

No. 22 South Carolina at No. 24 Florida, 7:15 p.m., ESPN
The Skinny: Like it or not, the winner of this game will play for the SEC Championship. Of course, you can easily make a case neither of these teams even deserve to play for the chance to take part in that game. South Carolina is 0-12 in Gainesville and lost by 50 points in its last trip to the Swamp, so history is on Florida’s side. But the Gators are obviously nowhere near the team they were in recent years, so history can be thrown away. South Carolina will bounce back in a big way and pull off the upset tonight. The Pick: South Carolina (+6.5) wins it 27-24.

No. 1 Oregon at California, 7:30 p.m., VS
The Skinny: Oregon was my pick several week back to win the national championship, and the Ducks have done nothing to change my mind since. In fact, the Ducks have only gained support in recent weeks to the point where I believe they won't even be challenged this season. Oregon turned a nine-point lead late in the third quarter last week against Washington into a 37-point victory. The Ducks are that explosive — and college football fans have to love watching them play. This game against Cal could be a tough one, though, as the Bears will be ready at home. Still, Oregon should have no problem winning again. The Pick: Oregon (-20) wins it 51-21.

Georgia at No. 2 Auburn, 3:30 p.m., CBS
The Skinny: Has there ever been a sports personality that has gone through so much in so little time as Auburn quarterback Cam Newton? From little known transfer to Heisman Trophy favorite to a player that is so surrounded in controversy that media members are already writing his college football obituary. Newton's father is alleged to have asked for a six-figure signing bonus from the school that Cam Newton ended up playing for. It's likely the truth won't come out for a long time, but the pressure has to be building for the Auburn quarterback. Against Georgia, if the Tigers wants to keep their national title hopes alive, they must have a focused Newton under center. I believe he will put the distraction behind him and play like the Heisman favorite today. The Pick: Auburn (-8) wins it 38-27

Penn State at No. 8 Ohio State, 3:30 p.m., ABC
The Skinny: Penn State coach Joe Paterno, who won his 400th career game last week, said in his celebration speech to the Happy Valley crowd that his team was already ready to move on and beat Ohio State. You have to love that about a coach, especially one with a ton of years under his belt. Beating the Buckeyes, however, will take more than a speech. Ohio State is better in every way than the Nittany Lions, but Penn State has played well of late and should keep this game close enough. The Pick: Ohio State (-17.5) wins it 34-17.

No. 17 Mississippi State at No. 11 Alabama, 7:15 p.m., ESPN2
The Skinny: Alabama had its national title hopes end with a loss to LSU last week, so the Tide could be primed for another letdown against a surprisingly good Mississippi State squad. This game could go one of two ways. Either Alabama rebounds in a big way and blows Mississippi State away by halftime, or the game comes down to the wire where either team wins in thrilling fashion. I'm going with the latter, except the upset won't take place. The Pick: Alabama (-13) wins it 28-27.

No. 12 Oklahoma State at Texas, 8 p.m., ABC
The Skinny: Can Texas really lose four games in a row at home? Surprisingly, even shockingly, I believe they will. Oklahoma State has the offense to control the game from start to finish, and the Cowboys will do exactly that. On a side note, Craig Carroll has already let it be known that he believes I copied his picks this week to prevent him from making a comeback in the season race for a championship. Of course, any time the two of us come in with the exact same picks I panic because the last thing I want to be is on his wavelength. So, I'm putting an end to his conspiracy theories right here. Now, if the same thing happens next week, then maybe he's got a point. The Pick: Oklahoma State (-6) wins it 38-28.

No. 15 Utah at Notre Dame, 2:30 p.m., NBC
The Skinny: Notre Dame will be starting a freshman quarterback as Dayne Crist was lost for the season due to injury. That, and the fact that Utah should be looking for a bounce-back performance after getting drubbed by TCU last week, combines to make this a pick for the Utes.The Pick: Utah (-6) wins it 33-20.
Here are Craig Carroll’s picks for the week: South Carolina, Oregon, Auburn, Penn State, Mississippi State, Oklahoma State, Utah.
(AP photo)