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GameDay Live: Tolland At Berlin

Berlin 49, Tolland 22

LAST SCORING PLAY: Berlin's Kyle Young scored on a 1-yard run.

NOTES: Berlin's Max DeLorenzo had two touchdown runs in the first quarter, totaling 109 yards on just those two runs. ... Berlin's Ras Morgan had two TD runs in the second quarter. ... Make sure to check out the latest web episode of Brad Carroll's GameDay right here on the blog previewing every college football Saturday. Coming soon is Sports Insider with Brad Carroll, a two-minute web episode featuring our local football teams and more. So check for that right here and on our websites.

First Quarter
B-Max DeLorenzo 70 run (kick failed), 8:52
B-DeLorenzo 39 run (Murphy kick), 2:47
Second Quarter
B-Ras Morgan 24 run (Murphy kick), 10:43
B-Morgan 12 run (Murphy kick), 8:02
B-DeLorenzo 43 punt return (Murphy kick), 3:29
B-Mason Powers 46 run (Murphy kick), 0:00
Third Quarter
T-Chris Byam 25 run (Eric Sentochnik run), 6:28
T-Jamison Boucher 53 pass from Byam (run failed), 2:13
Fourth Quarter
T-Byam 18 run (Ryan Gannon run), 9:17
B-Kyle Young 1 run (Mike Tirinzoni run), 4:42

GameDay's Summer Concert Ranks

Summer Concert Rankings
1. KISS - It really was the greatest show on earth.
2. Shinedown - Unbelievable crowd interaction, not to mention great music.
3. Alice in Chains - Can still rock the house, even with new lead singer.
4. Stone Temple Pilots - Pure rock and roll energy.
5. Sevendust - Band was simply awesome: crowd, music, everything.
6. Deftones - Great stage performance/show for opener.
7. 10 Years - Good, young band.
8. The Academy Is ... - Teens in the crowd were loving it. Opened for KISS.
9. Cage the Elephant - Wow ... really, really bad.
10. Puddle of Mudd - Wow ... really, really terrible.

College GameDay Rewind Week 4: Boise State Proves It's Not Ready For Primetime Despite Beating Oregon St

Many college football fans may see Boise State’s 37-24 victory over Oregon State as the Broncos strengthening their case for a run at a BCS national title game appearance. I see something completely different. Saturday’s 13-point win was anything but impressive. Sure, the main goal in any game is to score more points than the other team. But not when you get just two chances all season long to play on national television attempting to change perception around the country that you belong alongside the major-conference behemoths. Boise State needed to win this game by more than three touchdowns. The Broncos needed to score early and often, and not to let up until the final whistle. That doesn’t mean running up the score on a beaten Oregon State squad in the final seconds. It means winning the game convincingly way before that would even come into play. Boise State needed to beat the Beavers’ brains in with a resounding victory that sends a message to every college football pollster and fan out there that the Broncos are for real. Boise State didn’t come close to that.

Everyone that has read this column past and present knows I want Boise State to play for a national title. I want the BCS to blow up and be invaded by its worst nightmare – a team from a mid-major conference. I’ve been pumping the Broncos up for a couple years now. Heck, I did it before and after this year’s season opener. But it took this one game against Oregon State to make me realize the Broncos aren’t on par with Alabama or Ohio State. I’m not even sure Boise could beat Arkansas, which lost to Alabama Saturday.

Does that mean everyone should abandon the idea of a BCS-buster playing for a national title? No way. I’m backing TCU. I thought Craig Carroll was crazy at the beginning of the season when he said the Boise State love affair was done and that TCU was the new underdog to root for. I didn’t put much thought into it, as I still pulled for Boise State against Virginia Tech and was pumped for the Broncos to make a statement against Oregon State. But I just can’t praise Boise State anymore. There will not be another game on the Broncos’ schedule that garners any true national attention, so this is the memory that will last. TCU does get its chance to impress when it travels to play No. 13 Utah in early November. The Horned Frogs are currently ranked No. 4, so an impressive victory against the Utes, with an upset or two along the way among the major conference teams, could have them ultimately playing for a championship. I, for one, am hoping that happens. It’s just too bad Boise State couldn’t take advantage of its opportunity Saturday night.

Now, on to the breakdown:

My Weekend: 4-3 (spread); 6-1 (overall); 0-0 (upset picks)
My Season: 18-10-1 (spread); 26-3 (overall); 2-0 (upset picks)
My Money: UP $700 (season)
Craig Carroll's Weekend: 5-2 (spread)
Craig Carroll's Season: 17-11-1 (spread)
Craig Carroll's Money: UP $490 (season)

No. 20 Southern Cal -22 at Washington State
My Pick: Southern Cal 45, Washington State 10
Actual Score: Southern Cal 50, Washington 16
Nothing much to write about here, as Southern Cal pulled off the rout to give me an early victory on the day. There was one interesting point in the game; at least I thought it was interesting. In the third quarter, USC scored a touchdown to go up by 21. The Trojans then got the 2-point conversion to push the lead to 23 points. That number, of course, would give me the win against the spread if the score remained the same. Doing this type column always produces some strange moments. This was a great one at the time. Craig also picks up the opening victory.

UCLA +15 at No. 7 Texas
My Pick: Texas 38, UCLA 17
Actual Score: UCLA 34, Texas 12
Texas was nothing short of terrible in this humiliating home loss. The Longhorns were so terrible, in fact, that I believe they should drop from the rankings completely. Look at it this way: Stanford defeated UCLA 35-0 this season. Stanford is currently ranked 16th. If Texas can’t even keep up with that same Bruins team that Stanford destroyed, shouldn’t the Longhorns be ranked several spots below the Cardinal? I say yes. And several spots would be out of the Top 25. Enjoy the fall, Texas. Craig and I both take losses here.

No. 1 Alabama -7 at
No. 10 Arkansas
My Pick: Alabama 35,
Arkansas 27
Actual Score: Alabama 24,
Arkansas 20
It’s funny, but sometimes I can hit something right on the head, but still end up losing. I said on my weekly college football web show (at the top of the website … watch it now!) that this game would come down to experience – as in Alabama’s big-game pedigree would determine the winner. In the fourth quarter, there was no doubt that actually happened. Arkansas, with the lead, fell apart and quarterback Ryan Mallett basically handed Alabama a come-from-behind victory. Mallett, the Heisman candidate, threw two late interceptions. One was returned to the 11 that Mark Ingram eventually punched in for the go-ahead score. One possession later, Mallett threw another interception, this one ending the game. Alabama, down 13 with five minutes to play in the third quarter, never panicked, letting the game play out. Two turnovers later and the Tide escaped with what could be their toughest challenge all season. Mallett, by the way, can be erased from the Heisman list, as he was terrible late. I wrote last week in GameDay Rewind that potential Heisman winning quarterbacks shouldn’t be judged by stats, rather what they do when the game is on the line. Mallett failed miserably in his latest test. He had the ball twice in his hands with the ability to pull off the greatest win in Arkansas football history. Even after the first interception that ended up giving Alabama a 24-20 lead, he got the ball back with the chance to win the game. But that drive ended with another pick. Not Heisman like at all. I don’t care what Mallett does the rest of the season; his end-game performance eliminates him from consideration. How could it not? Anyway, I take the loss with the points to fall to 1-2 on the day. Craig gets the victory to move to 2-1, but his gutsy Arkansas upset pick comes up just short.

No. 16 Stanford -4.5 at Notre Dame
My Pick: Stanford 30, Notre Dame 17
Actual Score: Stanford 37, Notre Dame 14
Even though Stanford led by just 10 at the half, and 13 at the end of three, there was little doubt the Cardinal would have no problem covering. Things got a little crazy at the end with Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh going for 2-point conversions and calling timeouts, despite holding a big lead, and Notre Dame coach Brian Kelley responding with his own timeout late in the game. The only thing that came out of that stuff was some interesting side stories during a boring game. Craig and I both claim victories with Stanford. I’m 2-2, while Craig is 3-1 heading into the night games.

No. 12 South Carolina +3 at
No. 17 Auburn
My Pick: Auburn 23,
South Carolina 17
Actual Score: Auburn 35,
South Carolina 27
This primetime game was everything that Boise State-Oregon State wasn’t. Auburn and South Carolina played a back-and-forth, exciting game that came down to the final moments. And even though that makes for a stressful night for GameDay, I’ll take an exciting game any time, even with some heart palpitations attached. For the second week in a row, Auburn came back to win a game in the fourth quarter. South Carolina led 27-21 at the end of three, but Auburn scored two touchdowns in the fourth, and played stellar defense along the way, to pull out an impressive 8-point victory. I sweated out the victory to improve to 3-2 on the day. Craig did the same to move to 4-1.

No. 24 Oregon State +17 at No. 3 Boise State
My Pick: Boise State 38, Oregon State 14
Actual Score: Boise State 37, Oregon State 24
I won’t go too much into the game here, as I’m sure the opening to College GameDay Rewind was more than enough. The game was boring and luckily South Carolina-Auburn was playing on ESPN opposite, so I didn’t have to suffer too much. Boise State was disappointing to say the least, winning by just 13 points. I take the loss against the spread, falling to 3-3 on the day. Craig also took Boise State minus the points; he drops to 4-2.

No. 22 West Virginia +9 at No. 15 LSU
My Pick: LSU 27, West Virginia 24
Actual Score: LSU 20, West Virginia 14
With LSU leading 17-0 early, I had visions of my first losing week of the season running through my head. As I was coming to grips with that fact, and not happy at all about it, West Virginia scored a touchdown in the final seconds of the second quarter to breathe new life into my prediction. West Virginia added a touchdown in the third quarter, but LSU kicked a field goal early in the fourth to put the game a touchdown away from defeat. But both offenses did nothing after the field goal and just traded punts the rest of the way, which was just fine with me. LSU ultimately ended up running out the clock at the end of the game deep in West Virginia territory to seal another winning week for GameDay. With the win I finish 4-3 against the spread and 6-1 overall. Craig ends with a victory as well, clocking in with a 5-2 mark against the spread. Overall, with the way the games were going Saturday, I’m both happy and relieved to pull out a winning week. I’ll look to keep the winning going next week, which has two big-time SEC matchups waiting. Make sure you check out my college football picks column next week and a brand new web episode of Brad Carroll’s GameDay as well. See you then.
(AP photos)

GameDay Live: Berlin At NWC

Berlin 39, Northwest Catholic 0

NOTES: Berlin's Tom Undercuffler and Ras Morgan both had three total touchdowns in the game. ... Last chance to vote in our high school football poll on the left side of the website.

LAST SCORING PLAY: Berlin's Ras Morgan scores on an 11-yard run.

First Quarter
B-Ras Morgan 64 punt return (Frank Murphy kick), 7:09.
B-Tom Undercuffler 16 run (Murphy kick), 4:50.
B-Undercuffler 7 run (kick failed), 1:30.
Second Quarter
B-Mason Powers 15 pass from Undercuffler (Murphy kick), 10:19.
B-Max DeLorenzo 26 pass from Morgan (kick failed), 0:29.
Third Quarter
B-Morgan 11 run (kick failed), 7:12.
Fourth Quarter

GameDay Live: Windsor At N.Britain

Windsor 33, New Britain 0

NOTES: New Britain's Luis Colon had 82 yards rushing. ... New Britain was 0-for-9 with three interceptions passing. .... Windsor's Aaron Berardino caught 8 passes for 186 yards. ... Plainville football was awarded a 1-0 win today, which nullifies a 29-18 loss to Maloney last week. Maloney used an ineligible player. ... Last chance to vote in our high school football poll on the left side of the website.

LAST SCORING PLAY: Windsor's Milton Jackson scores on a 1-yard run.

First Quarter
W-Aaron Berardino 51 pass from Alton Smith (Milton Jackson kick), 1:34.
Second Quarter
W-Berardino 30 pass from Smith (Jackson kick), 0:37.
Third Quarter
W-Jackson 15 run (Jackson kick), 6:07.
Fourth Quarter
W-Berardino 30 pass from Smith (kick failed), 10:35.
W-Jackson 1 run (kick failed), 7:57.

GameDay Live: G'bury At Knights

Southington 33, Glastonbury 14

NOTES: Southington's Joe Pesce gained 115 yards on the ground and scored three touchdowns. He also tossed a 4-yard TD to Andrew Walowski. ... Tyler Dube caught 5 passes for 93 yards. ... Plainville football was awarded a 1-0 win today, which nullifies a 29-18 loss to Maloney last week. Maloney used an ineligible player. ... Last chance to vote in our high school football poll on the left side of the website.

LAST SCORING PLAY: Southington's Joe Pesce scores on a 9-yard run.

First Quarter
G-Malcolm Crosson 30 run (Bobby Solecki kick), 8:57.
G-Crosson 11 run (Solecki kick), 4:33.
Second Quarter
Third Quarter
S-Mark Tellerico 68 interception return (Connor Morrell kick), 7:11.
S-Joe Pesce 44 run (kick failed), 4:30.
Fourth Quarter
S-Andrew Walowski 4 pass from Pesce (pass failed), 10:54.
S-Pesce 2 run (Morrell kick), 7:07.
S-Pesce 9 run (Morrell kick), 2:11.

GameDay Live: Eastern At Rocky Hill

Bristol Eastern 42, Rocky Hill 21

NOTES: Bristol Eastern's Taylor Wrice had 95 yards rushing and three total TDs. ... Eastern scored two defensive touchdowns in the game. ... The Lancers led 42-7 at the half. ... Plainville football awarded a 1-0 win today, which nullifies a 29-18 loss to Maloney last week. Maloney used an ineligible player. ... Last chance to vote in our high school football poll on the left side of the website.

LAST SCORING PLAY: Rocky Hill's Mike Dance scores on a 98-yard run.

First Quarter
BE-Taylor Wrice 32 run (Nick Randles kick), 6:51.
BE-Tyrell Holmes 55 run (Randles kick failed), 4:21.
RH-Mike Dance 20 run (Greg Marzilli kick), 0:34.
BE-Wrice 80 kickoff return (Holmes pass from Mat Yopp), 0:17.
Second Quarter
BE-Wrice 59 run (Randles kick), 6:15.
BE-Holmes 78 fumble return (Randles kick), 1:16.
BE-Walter Hermann 34 interception return (Randles kick), 0:20.
Third Quarter
Fourth Quarter
RH-Chris Casasanta 6 run (Marzilli kick), 9:02.
RH-Dance 98 run (Marzilli kick), 6:13.

GameDay Live: St. Paul At Holy Cross

Holy Cross 62, St. Paul 28

NOTES: St. Paul's DeV'anti Gardner was taken off on a stretcher with 4:07 to play in the first half, reportedly because of a neck injury. He was said to be able to move his extremities before being placed into the ambulance. The game was stopped for about 35 minutes. Gardner had 92 yards rushing and a TD at that point. ... St. Paul QB Tucker Bachand was 17-for-34 for 222 yards with a TD and two picks. ... Holy Cross RB Brandon DiClementi had 200 yards and two scores on the ground. ... Holy Cross rushed for 458 yards. ... Plainville football was awarded a 1-0 win today, which nullifies a 29-18 loss to Maloney last week. Maloney used an ineligible player. ... Last chance to vote in our high school football poll on the left side of the website.

LAST SCORING PLAY: Holy Cross's Adrian Brown scores on a 24-yard run.

First Quarter
SP-Jordan Rowley 1 run (Guen Park kick), 3:35
HC-Chris D'Esposito 48 pass from Matt Czapor (Kyle Broderick kick), 2:06
HC-Dave DiGiorgi 59 fumble return (kick failed), 0:09
Second Quarter
SP-DeV'anti Gardner 4 run (Park kick), 10:19
HC-Brandon DiClementi 11 run (Broderick kick), 9:01
HC-DiGiorgi 86 run (Broderick kick), 4:44
Third Quarter
HC-DiGiorgi 22 run (Broderick kick), 7:24
SP-David Shaw 12 pass from Tucker Bachand (Park kick), 3:12
HC-DiClementi 50 run (Broderick kick), 2:28
HC-D'Esposito 65 interception return (Broderick kick), 2:08
Fourth Quarter
HC-Adrian Brown 9 run (Broderick kick), 9:28
SP-Rowley 7 run (Park kick), 6:18
HC-Brown 24 run (Broderick kick), 1:58

GameDay Live: Middletown At Central

Middletown 39, Bristol Central 8

NOTES: John Simpson scored the Rams' lone touchdown, a 35-yard pass from Andrew Laviero. ... Plainville football awarded a 1-0 win today, which nullifies a 29-18 loss to Maloney last week. Maloney used an ineligible player. ... Last chance to vote in our high school football poll on the left side of the website.

LAST SCORING PLAY: Middletown's Jhakur West scores on an 8-yard run.

First Quarter
Second Quarter
M-Jason Sinagra 25 field goal, 7:58.
M-Safety (Central's Andrew Laviero sacked in end zone), 4:01.
M-Vincent Quintiliano 24 pass from Devon Carrillo (kick blocked), 1:33.
Third Quarter
M-Devon Carrillo 37 run (Jason Sinagra kick), 7:38.
M-Shacor Privott 1 run (Sinagra kick), 2:59.
BC-John Simpson 35 pass from Andrew Laviero (Mike Benites pass from Laviero), 0:00.
Fourth Quarter
M-Privott 9 run (Sinagra kick), 11:02.
M-Jhakur West 8 run (Sinagra kick), 2:06.

GameDay Live: Indians At Simsbury

Simsbury 22, Newington 19

NOTES: Newington's Jon Snyder was 12-for-19 for 107 yards and a TD. He added 80 yards on the ground. ... Plainville football was awarded a 1-0 win today, which nullifies a 29-18 loss to Maloney last week. Maloney used an ineligible player. ... Last chance to vote in our high school football poll on the left side of the website.

LAST SCORING PLAY: Newington's Jeremy Rodriguez scores on a 103-yard fumble return.

First Quarter
N-Dave Kyum 8 run (kick failed), 3:34.
S-Kyle Decker 35 pass (kick good), 0:56.
Second Quarter
N-Freddie Burgoss 3 pass from Jon Snyder (2-point failed), 0:19.
Third Quarter
S-Decker 5 run (Decker run), 3:40.
S-Decker 6 run (kick good), 0:36.
Fourth Quarter
N-Jeremy Rodriguez 103 fumble return (kick good), 2:16.

Week 4 College Football Picks Column: Alabama, Boise State Will Make A Statement With Victories

Executive Sports Editor Brad Carroll takes a look at the top games of the day
Last Week: 4-2-1 (spread); 6-1 (overall); 1-0 (upset picks)
Craig Carroll's Week: 3-3-1 (spread)
This Season: 14-7-1 (spread); 20-2 (overall); 2-0 (upset picks)
Craig Carroll's Season: 12-9-1 (spread)

No. 1 Alabama at No. 10 Arkansas, 3:30 p.m., CBS
The Skinny: Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallett jumped to the top of the Heisman Trophy list after his game-winning touchdown drive last week against Georgia, displaying the poise and ability of a passer that could win in any atmosphere. That’s going to be big today as top-ranked Alabama comes into town for a game that has national title implications written all over it. I can make a case for the Razorbacks winning this game, but with Mark Ingram and company, I just don’t see Alabama losing. The Pick: Alabama (-7) wins it 35-27.

No. 24 Oregon State at No. 3 Boise State, 8 p.m., ABC
The Skinny: The fact that Oregon State painted its practice field blue this week (and thanks to Craig for that info) truly is a sign that Boise State is already in the Beavers’ heads leading up to this primetime showdown. Oregon State is trying to pull out all the stops for this one, but don’t expect an upset. Boise State needs to make a statement – and that means winning this game by more than three touchdowns. The Broncos won’t let this opportunity slip away, routing Oregon State on national television. The Pick: Boise State (-17) wins it 38-14.

No. 12 South Carolina at No. 17 Auburn, 7:45 p.m., ESPN
The Skinny: This is all about the defense of South Carolina against the offense of Auburn. The Tigers were impressive in coming back from 17 down last week to beat Clemson at home, but if they start slow again today, there is no way their offense will be able to come back on South Carolina. The Gamecocks could make a run at Alabama if they can get a huge victory on the road today. It’s possible, but the home crowd carries Auburn. The Pick: Auburn (-3) wins it 23-17.

No. 22 West Virginia at No. 15 LSU, 9 p.m., ESPN2
The Skinny: This is another statement game on the schedule this week – but not at all in the same context as Boise State. West Virginia needs to win this game if the Big East wants to be taken seriously as a power conference. Right now, the Big East is a joke. So, beating an SEC school on the road would be huge for the Mountaineers and the conference. Unfortunately, it won’t happen, although West Virginia will keep it close. The Pick: LSU (-9) wins it 27-24.

No. 16 Stanford at Notre Dame, 3:30 p.m., NBC
The Skinny: Notre Dame has to be completely deflated after its overtime loss to Michigan State last week, and the lingering effects could make it hard for the Irish to bounce back with a spirited effort today against an extremely talented Stanford team. Quarterback Andrew Luck, the latest choice as the next great NFL passer, leads a Cardinal offense that has averaged over 50 points a game. The Pick: Stanford (-4.5) wins it 30-17.

UCLA at No. 7 Texas, 3:30 p.m., ABC
The Skinny: On the surface, this game could be a tough one to gauge. UCLA is coming off an upset of then-No. 23 Houston last week, while Texas won an ugly game at Texas Tech, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. Even with that win over Houston, UCLA is a sub-par team, as its 35-0 loss to Stanford in Week 1 proves. Texas will play much better today at home and should roll to the victory. The Pick: Texas (-15) wins it 38-17.

No. 20 Southern Cal at Washington State, 3 p.m., FSN
The Skinny: Southern Cal routs a terrible Washington State team. The Pick: Southern Cal (-22) wins it 45-10. Here are Craig Carroll’s picks for the week: Arkansas, Boise State, Auburn, West Virginia, Stanford, Texas, Southern Cal.
(AP photo)

Alice In Chains Rocks Mohegan Sun, And GameDay Survives Mosh

If Monday night was the last concert that GameDay will venture out to this summer, then Alice in Chains made sure it would be a memorable end to a season full of great shows. Alice in Chains has a tremendous library of hit songs that easily filled its set with the jam-packed Mohegan Sun Arena crowd not only rocking along with them all, but singing in unison as well. As a side, every single song AIC played, I knew, which was a first for a main act that I've seen.

The best part of the show was that Alice in Chains didn't dip into the new album until about 20 or so minutes in. And, on top of that, only played its two hits from the new record. As a contrast, KISS opened its show this summer with its new single. Alice in Chains didn't fall into that trap, never falling into the mode of just pushing their new release, which so many bands do. I've said it before in my concert experience write-ups, but it still rings true; if you play to the fans, you will succeed and everyone will go home happy, praising the band. Alice in Chains did that and the crowd responded with huge responses to each song, often singing along to the lyrics, not just the chorus.

The crowd was hyped up to see the band as well, which admittedly was a little surprising. In terms of crowd size and response, AIC blew Stone Temple Pilots out of the water. With Alice in Chains not at all mainstream,and with a new lead singer in William DuVall, top photo, in for the Layne Staley, who died in 2002, I wasn't expecting a full arena. But the place was packed, with the upper deck full, probably at least 1,000 more fans than STP had. And before I go any further, I'm not ripping on Stone Temple Pilots, which I thought played a great show. But I would have bet that STP had more fans than a revamped Alice in Chains. I was wrong.

Lead guitarist and founding member Jerry Cantrell, left photo, was great on guitar and on the mic during the show. DuVall, the new lead singer, was fantastic as well. He didn't miss a beat hitting on all the songs. There was never a moment where someone could say that a song would have been better without him singing. And I think that is a big plus when replacing a lead singer. He also played to the crowd the entire night, encouraging them to sing along. Bassist Mike Inez and drummer Sean Kinney did their thing as well. Giving the show an old-school feel, for me anyway, was the band drinking and smoking on stage. Corona appeared to be the beer of choice. The band has really come together to keep the name Alice in Chains at the forefront of the hard rock/metal scene.

Being on the floor for the show was a new experience. We planned our attack perfectly to get front and center. And by front, I mean where we wouldn't be crushed close to the stage. After Deftones finished playing (and they were very good, with a great rock experience that you wouldn't expect from an opening act), as everyone was making their way outside to the arena concourse, we went straight to the center. It paid off as we were in perfect position to watch the show.

The craziest part of the performance was during the encore, when AIC belted out one of their biggest hits, "Man in the Box." I decided to use the camcorder on my phone to record it (and I still haven't found a way to get the video, or any videos I've shot, off the phone and onto the web, otherwise I would post for all to see). After a few seconds of the song, a mosh/brawl erupted right in front of me. Needless to say, I wanted to protect the phone, so I jammed one arm in front of me, holding off any moron that decided to bump into me, and the phone with the other, continuing to shoot the performance. Mohegan security soon came in and broke everything up after about a minute. From there, everyone was able to rush the stage after things were cleared out, getting us even closer. The phone survived and the video was perfectly clear, only moving from the stage to shoot the mosh for a few seconds. Makes me think I might have missed my calling as an extreme cameraman.

The only negative was that the band played for about an hour and a half. That was the shortest time on stage for a main act that I've seen. On the positive side of that, it didn't feel like the band rushed through or didn't deliver, they did.

All in all, Alice in Chains put on a tremendous show that would turn any remaining non-believers into believers. Sure, things aren't exactly the same without Layne Staley as lead singer, but with Cantrell and DuVall leading the way, Alice in Chains is still as good as ever. AIC proved it Monday night.
(Yes, those are my photos)

College GameDay Rewind Week 3: Michigan State's Exciting Victory Over Notre Dame Highlights Great Week

Gutsy calls happen in just about every college football game. Heck, they happen in probably 90 percent of all sporting events. But when Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio decided to call for a fake field goal in overtime – overtime! – he took gutsy to a whole new level. There were so many things that could have gone wrong, including the coach himself looking like the biggest idiot in college football if the play didn’t work. But Dantonio obviously trusted holder Aaron Bates to be cool under the immense pressure. And Bates was, setting up in the pocket, waiting for his receiver to slip behind the coverage, and then hit him (Charlie Gantt) with a perfect pass that allowed the receiver to walk into the end zone. Just like that, Michigan State was celebrating wildly in the corner of the stadium with one of the most exciting and shocking finishes in college football history. It was a gutsy call. It was crazy call. But it was a great call. Michigan State has the victory to show for it.

The two early favorites for the Heisman Trophy, quarterbacks Ryan Mallett and Denard Robinson, both had another tremendous Saturdays. Both put up a ton of yards and touchdowns once again, but for me, that’s not the most impressive thing about these two quarterbacks. That would be both men’s ability to drive their team downfield in the final seconds to win a game. Robinson did it for Michigan at Notre Dame in Week 2 and Mallett did it Saturday for Arkansas at Georgia. Both quarterbacks faced immense pressure in front of a raucous crowd and calmly put together game-winning touchdown drives. That proves to me that both men are worthy to be mentioned in the Heisman Trophy race, not just for stats, but for being clutch football players. There’s a long way to go this season, but those two quarterbacks have done it all this season – putting up tremendous numbers and winning games in impressive fashion. That’s what a Heisman Trophy winner should be all about.

Now, on to the breakdown:

My Weekend: 4-2-1 (spread); 6-1 (overall); 1-0 (upset picks)
My Season: 14-7-1 (spread); 20-2 (overall); 2-0 (upset picks)
My Money: UP $630 (season)
Craig's Weekend: 3-3-1 (spread)
Craig's Season: 12-9-1 (spread)
Craig's Money: UP $210 (season)

No. 12 Arkansas +2.5
at Georgia
My Pick: Arkansas 21,
Georgia 20
Actual Score: Arkansas 31, Georgia 24
The opening game Saturday was a back-and-forth swing of emotions. First, Arkansas was rolling, leading 17-7 at the half and 24-10 at the end of the third quarter, so I was thinking easy victory. Then, in the fourth quarter, Georgia flipped a switched and couldn’t be stopped on offense and couldn’t be beaten on defense. The Bulldogs scored two straight touchdowns to tie the game at 24 and I suddenly believed there was no way this once sure victory would turn out that way. Georgia had the momentum, and after forcing Arkansas to punt, had the ball in the final minutes. But the Arkansas defense forced a punt and the Razorbacks, with quarterback Ryan Mallett, didn’t let the opportunity go to waste. Three big passing plays later and Arkansas had the win after a 40-yard touchdown pass. From sure win, to sure loss, back to sure win. That’s what college football is all about. Oh yeah, how about that Hail Mary pass that could have been caught in the end zone by Georgia? Just another heart-wrenching moment in a game full of them. So, I start with the upset victory. Craig gets the win as well.

No. 10 Florida -14 at Tennessee
My Pick: Florida 28, Tennessee 20
Actual Score: Florida 31, Tennessee 17
This was another back-and-forth, emotionally draining game. It was an outsider’s pick to start with, as I thought the Vols would be jacked up to play at home and keep it close. On the web show, both Craig and Anthony predicted big Florida victories, so this was a big one for me. And it looked good halfway through the third quarter when Tennessee completed a touchdown bomb to tie the game at 10. The Vols defense came up huge again on the next Gators drive, forcing a punt. But Urban Meyer called for a fake and Florida converted with a 32-yard run to change momentum. Two touchdowns later and the Gators led 24-10. Tennessee and Florida traded touchdowns after that and the Vols actually had the ball with a chance to win the game for me against the points at the end, but couldn’t get it done. So, we have our first push of the season. In this case, I’m sure all three of us are ok with that result. We’re all 1-0-1.

No. 1 Alabama -24 at Duke
My Pick: Alabama 41, Duke 10
Actual Score: Alabama 62, Duke 13
This will probably go down as the easiest pick of the season. Alabama, with Mark Ingram rushing for 151 yards and two touchdowns on just 9 carries, led 28-3 at the end of the first quarter and ended up winning by 49. This was simple. Craig and I are both 2-0-1 heading to the night games.

Clemson +7 at No. 16 Auburn
My Pick: Auburn 30, Clemson 20
Actual Score: Auburn 27, Clemson 24
Auburn trailed 17-0 early on and I pretty much put this game down as a loss quickly. But in the second half, Auburn went wild and ended up scoring 24 unanswered points to take a 24-17 lead. From guaranteed loss to potential victory, it was another game that contained a wild range of emotions. But Clemson didn’t go away and tied the game at 24. From there it was overtime, where it would have been a small miracle to cover the 7-point spread. And when Clemson missed a field goal that would have forced double overtime it was over. I take the loss to drop to 2-1-1 on the day. Craig also takes the loss to fall to 2-1-1. Auburn does keep my undefeated straight-up show picks going (although I did lose with Navy in Week 1 in a blog-only selection.)

No. 6 Texas -3.5 at Texas Tech
My Pick: Texas 34, Texas Tech 27
Actual Score: Texas 24, Texas Tech 14
This was a turnover fest that wasn’t decided until the fourth quarter. Luckily for the pick, Texas got the lone touchdown in the fourth quarter to take home an ugly win. Ugly, but I’ll take it. I improve to 3-1-1 on the night, while Craig does the same, 3-1-1.

Notre Dame +3.5
at Michigan State
My Pick: Michigan State 27, Notre Dame 24
Actual Score: Michigan State 34, Notre Dame 31 (OT)
If you haven’t seen the play, go to YouTube right now and find it (and watch my web show while you’re there!). Michigan State, in overtime, lined up for a potential game-tying field goal. But Spartans coach Mark Dantonio got a little crazy and decided to call a fake. In what will most likely go down as the gutsiest call of the season, the Spartans converted when Aaron Bates threw a 29-yard touchdown pass to Charlie Gantt for a 34-31 win. It was an unbelievable finish and an unbelievable play. And give Bates all the credit in the world. The play was slow developing because Gantt didn’t become open for a few seconds. But Bates stood in the backfield, completely composed, and waited for the perfect moment to hit Gantt for the winning score. It was a great call, but even better execution. And, oh yeah, a perfect ending for GameDay as I had Michigan State winning but Notre Dame covering the 3.5 point spread. It was perfect on all counts. But, seriously, go watch the play if you haven’t seen it, College GameDay Rewind will be waiting when you get back! I improve to 4-1-1 against the spread and 6-0 straight-up. Craig loses a tough one to fall to 3-2-1. We both have Iowa -1.5 at Arizona, which is currently in the second half as I type.

No. 9 Iowa at No. 24 Arizona
My Pick: Iowa 31, Arizona 24
Actual Score: Arizona 34, Iowa 27
The final game of the night was much like the rest of the day’s games, with a lot of ups and downs and the word “wow” thrown around a lot. Only this time, I won’t be walking away with a victory straight-up or against the spread. Iowa pulled off an impressive comeback to tie the game at 27, but missed the extra point that would have given the Hawkeyes the lead. Arizona responded by going downfield and scoring a TD of its own to take a 34-27 advantage. The Wildcats defense did the rest, sacking Iowa on four straight plays to all but end the game and Iowa’s national title hopes. Arizona gets its program-making victory, but it’s a loss for everyone at GameDay. I end the week with a 4-2-1 record against the spread and 6-1 straight up. (On my web show, this goes down as the first straight-up loss of the season, as I fall to 20-1). Craig also takes the loss, falling to 3-3-1 on the day. Even though the night ends on a sour note, I’m not going to complain, as this was my third straight winning week to start the season. That’s something to be excited about. We’ll keep it going next week. See you then.
(AP photos)

GameDay Live: Derby At St. Paul

St. Paul 35, Derby 18

NOTES: 26 total points scored in first 4:15 of the fourth quarter. ... St. Paul's Dev'anti Gardner had two rushing TDs. ... St. Paul had no first downs in the third quarter; ran just four offensive plays. ... St. Paul's Justin Gonzalez had two touchdown catches from quarterback Tucker Bachand in the first half. ... St. Paul had 166 yards of total offense in the first quarter. ... Vote on our high school football poll on the left side of the page.

LAST SCORING PLAY: Derby's Rashawn Hendricks returns the kickoff 77 yards for a TD.

First Quarter
S-Justin Gonzalez 6 pass from Tucker Bachand (Gyn Park kick), 6:41.
S-Dev'anti Gardner 1 run (Park kick), 2:51.
Second Quarter
S-Gonzalez 13 pass from Bachand (Park kick), 1:24.
Third Quarter
D-Ray Krieger 4 run (kick failed), 6:52.
Fourth Quarter
S-David Shaw 58 pass from Bachand (Park kick), 9:38.
D-Zach Salazar 29 pass from Krieger (run failed), 8:20.
SP-Gardner 60 run (Park kick), 7:59.
D-Rashawn Hendricks 77 kickoff return (run failed), 7:45.

Week 3 College Football Picks Column: Texas, Alabama Will Get Big Wins, Arkansas Will Upset Georgia

Executive Sports Editor Brad Carroll takes a look at the top games of the day
Last Week: 5-2 (spread); 7-0 (overall); 1-0 (upset picks)
Craig Carroll's Week: 5-2 (spread)
This Season: 10-5 (spread); 14-1 (overall); 1-0 (upset picks)
Craig Carroll's Season: 9-6 (spread)

No. 1 Alabama at Duke 3:30 p.m. ABC
The Skinny: While there is no chance for an upset here, the possibility for a letdown performance from the Tide would have been great, especially coming after a dominating win over Penn State. But that shouldn’t be the case today as Heisman winner Mark Ingram should make his season debut after sitting with an injury and defensive star Marcell Dareus is back from suspension. Those two players will be keyed up for the game and will have teammates ready to match their intensity. The Pick: Alabama (-24) wins it 41-10.

No. 10 Florida at Tennessee 3:30 p.m. CBS
The Skinny: Both Florida and Tennessee have struggled this season, but the big difference is that the Gators have found ways to win, while the Vols got blown out in the second half against Oregon last week. Florida should be without playmaker Chris Rainey, who was arrested for allegedly sending threatening text messages to an ex-girlfriend. That is a distraction the Gators don’t need, especially playing in what will be a hyped-up game in Tennessee. That will keep the game close. The Pick: Florida (-14) wins it 28-20.

No. 9 Iowa at No. 24 Arizona 10:30 p.m. ESPN
The Skinny: This is the only matchup of the entire weekend that features two Top 25 teams playing each other. And it’s a big one for both programs. Arizona is hoping to turn some heads on national television, albeit late night, and garner some attention on the East Coast. Iowa is a legitimate BCS title contender and must win this game to stay in that chase. It’s time for the Hawkeyes to take the next step as a program. The Pick: Iowa (-1.5) wins it 31-24.

No. 6 Texas at Texas Tech 8 p.m. ABC
The Skinny: This isn’t the same Texas-Texas Tech rivalry that exploded over the last few years. Colt McCoy is gone from Texas and both Graham Harrell and Michael Crabtree no longer suit up for Texas Tech, but that doesn’t mean the game will be any less exciting. Texas coach Mack Brown is 3-3 in trips to Tech, which is known for having one of the wildest groups of fans in college football. The Longhorns, however, are just too good. The Pick: Texas (-3.5) wins it 34-27.

No. 12 Arkansas at Georgia 12 p.m. ESPN
The Skinny: This is another program-making game on the schedule today. If Arkansas, with Heisman Trophy candidate Ryan Mallett and the Razorbacks high-powered offense, can pull out an upset victory at Georgia today not only will a spot in the SEC title game be their’s for the taking, a run at a national title might not be far behind. If you’ve read this column before, you know exactly what I think of Georgia in the big spot. The Pick: Arkansas (+2.5) wins it 21-20.

Clemson at No. 16 Auburn 7 p.m. ESPN
The Skinny: Auburn struggled on offense in the second half last week and had to rely on its defense to close out a slim victory over SEC foe Mississippi State. If the Auburn offense struggles tonight, the defense may not be able to do the same. Clemson, however, isn’t a powerhouse, and a middle-of-the-road ACC team shouldn’t be able to beat a top SEC team, especially on the road. So, Auburn it is. The Pick: Auburn (-7) wins it 30-20.

Notre Dame at Michigan State 8 p.m. ESPN2
The Skinny: Michigan State holds on for the win. The Pick: Michigan State (-3.5) wins it 27-24. Here are Craig Carroll’s picks for the week: Michigan State, Alabama, Auburn, Texas, Iowa, Florida, Arkansas.
(AP photo)

GameDay Live: Central At Bulkeley

Bristol Central 14, Bulkeley 0

NOTES: Bristol Central's Tim White had 96 yards on 24 carries and caught three passes for 21 yards and a score. ... Central's Andrew Laviero was 9-for-14 passing for 106 yards and two touchdowns. ... Vote on our high school football poll on the left side of the page.

LAST SCORING PLAY: Bristol Central's Tim White scores on a 9-yard pass from Andrew Laviero.

First Quarter
Second Quarter
Third Quarter
BC-Justin Lydem 13 pass from Andrew Laviero (kick failed), 7:16.
Fourth Quarter
BC-Tim White 9 pass from Laviero (Laviero run), 8:31.

GameDay Live: Bloomfield At Eastern

Bristol Eastern 42, Bloomfield 36

NOTES: Bristol Eastern's Dylon Ouellette rushes for 135 yards and four touchdowns on 28 carries. Eastern's Tyrell Holmes had 53 rushing yards and two total touchdowns. ... Vote in our high school football poll on the left side of the page.

LAST SCORING PLAY: Bloomfield's Jymyle Crocker catches a 54-yard TD pass from Michael Campbell.

First Quarter
BE-Dylon Ouellette 1 run (Nicholas Randles kick), 11:41.
B-Tariq Odom 41 pass from Michael Campbell (kick failed), 6:30.
Second Quarter
BE-Ouellette 9 run (Randles kick), 9:51.
BE-Ouellette 4 run (Randles kick), 5:15.
B-Andre Anderson 1 run (Odom pass from Campbell), 2:59.
Third Quarter
BE-Ouellette 5 run (Randles kick), 3:33.
B-Kyle Edwards 20 pass from Campbell (Campbell run), :47
Fourth Quarter
BE-Tyrell Holmes 8 run (Randles kick), 8:44.
B-Anderson 2 run (Trumell Arnum pass from Campbell), 8:13.
BE-Holmes 10 pass from Mat Yop (Randles kick), 3:10.
B-Jhymle Crocker 54 pass from Campbell (kick failed), 1:56.

GameDay Live: E.Catholic At Berlin

Berlin 43, East Catholic 6

NOTES: Berlin's Max DeLorenzo scored four total touchdowns and rushed for 102 yards on 8 carries. He also had two interceptions on defense. ... Vote in our high school football poll on the left side of the page.

LAST SCORING PLAY: Berlin's Max DeLorenzo scores from 66 yards out.

First Quarter
B-Max DeLorenzo 18 run (Ras Morgan run), 8:38.
B-DeLorenzo 5 run (Morgan run), 5:10.
B-Mason Powers 6 run (Frank Murphy kick), :39.
Second Quarter
EC-Henry Downes 4 pass from Corey Edsall (run failed), 7:44.
B-Zach Zulkiewicz 12 pass from Tommy Undercuffler (kick failed), 5:10.
B-DeLorenzo 41 pass from Zulkiewicz (Murphy kick), 2:14.
Third Quarter
B-DeLorenzo 66 run (Murphy kick), 11:30.

GameDay Live: Maloney At Plainville

Maloney 29, Plainville 18

NOTES: Plainville's Tony Lopizzo rushed 9 times for 109 yards and had 51 yards passing. ... Vote in our high school football poll on the left side of the page.

LAST SCORING PLAY: Plainville's Dan Bates scores on a 15-yard pass from Tony Lopizzo.

First Quarter
M-K'Vone West 35 interception return (West run), 8:38.
M-Zack Milslagle 4 pass from Brandon Webb (kick failed), 4:10.
Second Quarter
P-Rob Voisine 25 run (kick failed), 8:22.
M-Karim St. Luce 30 run (Vale Harrison kick), 3:20.
P-Voisine 5 run (pass failed), :23.
Third Quarter
Fourth Quarter
M-St. Luce 17 run (Harrison kick), 11:25.
P-Dan Bates 10 pass from Tony Lopizzo (pass failed), 1:26.

GameDay Live: N.Britain At Indians

New Britain 12, Newington 3

NOTES: Luis Colon ran for 122 yards, including 65 on a touchdown jaunt in the third quarter, to lead the Hurricanes to victory Thursday night.

LAST SCORING PLAY: New Britain's Luis Colon rushes for a 65-yard touchdown to give the Canes a 12-3 lead.

First Quarter
NB-Matt Martinez 20 pass from Larry Garcia (kick failed), 7:33
Second Quarter
N-Christian Beaufort 27 field goal, 0:23.
Third Quarter
NB-Luis Colon 65 run (run failed), 8:07.
Fourth Quarter

Jets Open New Stadium With Disastrous Performance Against Baltimore Ravens

Finally, the high school football preview sections are done and hopefully everyone will enjoy reading the coverage tomorrow in the Bristol Press and New Britain Herald. With that said, I can take a big sigh of relief as all that work is put to bed ... until the next special section we put together. What it also means is that I can finally look back on the Jets' Monday night disaster against the Baltimore Ravens.

There's no better place to start than the beginning, so here we go. Walking to the stadium I was expecting the place to be lit up in green. But it was just the same big, grey building that everyone saw last year under construction. No big deal, but I was expecting something great on the outside. There were huge video screens that surrounded the stadium. After getting the customary pat-down at the gate, the space between the entrance and the actual stadium was huge. Walking in I heard and saw a band playing Guns N Roses "Night Train" and joked that Guns N Roses was actually playing, although I was pretty sure it was just some cover band. As we made our way closer to the stage, I was pretty much was stunned that Slash himself was on stage with his band. So before heading into the stadium we got to enjoy an intimate rock show with one of the greatest guitarists of all time. One of the songs was played live on ESPN and I did my best to get on television, and the camera was right on top of me so I gotta think it happened. After chilling in the back, we forced our way closer to get a few feet away from the stage. Pretty enjoyable and unexpected start.

From there it was into the stadium where we again had to chill because no one was allowed to go to their seats as lightning had the "outside" evacuated. Another great thing about the new stadium, the concourse is very spacious. If there was an evacuation in the old place, I don't know what would have happened, as there would have been nowhere to go. So that was a plus, especially after the game was postponed for nearly a half-hour.

The inside of the stadium is simply huge. The seats seem to go on forever; the four screens are impressive; and the field looked awesome. The pregame introductions were crazy, as fans were going crazy as soon as Disturbed's "Down with the Sickness" began playing. Soon, fireworks exploded around the stadium and the team made their way out of the tunnel and to the field to full-throat thunder. Then, the announcer called out for the "No. 1 defense in the NFL" which sent the place into a frenzy. One by one each player received loud cheers from the crowd until one man remained. The crowd, knowing full-well who was left, started chanting "Re-vis, Re-vis, Re-vis" and got even louder when the recently-signed star cornerback was shown from behind surrounded by smoke on the big screens. I don't know if they set it up this way or not, but the visual was unbelievably awesome. The stadium shook when he ran out and I was already having headaches and side pain from screaming so much. (On a side note, it's Wednesday night and my voice still isn't completely back.)

Just when you thought things couldn't get any louder, on the Ravens' first offensive play, Shaun Ellis and Brian Thomas smashed Joe Flacco in the face, forcing a fumble that the Jets recovered. To say the place was going crazy would be an understatement. Of course, the downfall began soon after. The Jets settled for a field goal and the offense struggled to move the ball for the rest of the game. The defense committed penalty after penalty to ruin what probably would have been a 9-0 shutout victory. Final score: Ravens 10, Jets 9.

Who's fault was it on Monday night? I believe there was several culprits. Sure, Mark Sanchez was terrible, and I think he had no confidence to throw the ball downfield against the Ravens. But this was more on coaching. Rex Ryan thought this game against his former Ravens squad was going to be a field goal fest no matter what, and played like it. He should have went for it on fourth-and-one from the 10-yard-line, but instead took the chip-shot field goal. If your whole philosophy is ground and pound, you pound the ball for one yard and don't stop until you score a touchdown. That field goal was a momentum killer. Even if they don't make it, what are the odds of the Ravens actually driving the ball into scoring territory? Very little. So, go for it. But Ryan played the game tight for the first time in his Jets career. Offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer reverted back to his conservative play-calling self in the game, not allowing Sanchez to do anything. Let the kid play. Schottenheimer really needs to pick up his play-calling game.

If the Jets play like they did Monday night against New England come Sunday, the Patriots will win 45-0. So, open the playbook ... stop committing dumb penalties ... and, offense, put together a drive for once. Then, the Jets should beat the Patriots. We'll see, though.

After the game, it really was a shocking experience. I don't think anyone believed that the Jets just lost the game. It was heartbreaking and depressing. How depressing? The Jets gave out a frame for the game ticket Monday night, which was actually a great keepsake, and one that we were fighting over before the game. After the game, nobody wanted to frame the thing ... it became just another reminder of the disastrous loss.

To add insult to the loss, the walk out of the stadium took f-o-r-e-v-e-r. And the wait for the train back to NYC was even worse. Hopefully it was just that bad because it was a Monday night game. Luckily, after watching an empty Jets press room on one of the big screens outside the stadium for what seemed a lifetime, they finally put the Chargers-Chiefs game on. By then, it was too little too late. Everyone was in a bad mood and just wanted to get out of there.

Of course, once we finally got on the train it was a quick ride back to Penn Station and then home to Long Island. And what did we do once we got home? Of course we watched the game-tape. I should finally get some sleep tonight and hopefully when I wake up, my voice will be back. I hope I can say the Jets are back come Sunday night against Tom Brady (who praised Jets fans Wednesday and insulted his New England fans!) and the Patriots.

GameDay Live: Knights At S.Windsor

Southington 19, South Windsor 8

NOTES: Southington's Jordan Chapman had two interception returns for touchdowns, both in the fourth quarter.

LAST SCORING PLAY: South Windsor's Greg Pendergast 60-yard pass from Mike Cottle. 2-point conversation good with 2:45 to go.

First Quarter
Second Quarter
S-Tyler Dube 8-yard pass from Connor Butkiewicz. Kick Failed. 8:16.
Third Quarter
Fourth Quarter
S-Jordan Chapman 15-yard interception return. Run failed. 4:45.
S-Jordan Chapman 73-yard interception return. Kick good. 3:30.
SW-Greg Pendergast 60-yard pass from Mike Cottle. 2-point good. 2:45.

New Britain's David Reed Records Four Solo Tackles Against Jets

Here's a quick update on Ravens wide receiver and New Britain native David Reed's debut with the Baltimore Ravens against the New York Jets Monday night.

Reed had four solo tackles on special teams and forced a fumble. Unfortunately, he might best be remembered for getting lit up by Jets cornerback Dwight Lowery on Jim Leonhard's big punt return in the first half. Still, with that said and done, four tackles on special teams in one game, and the forced fumble, is an outstanding day. He could make a big name for himself on special teams, something that could keep him in the league for a long time.

Bristol's Hernandez Catches 45-Yard Pass On First Drive Of Season

On the Patriots' first drive of the season, just minutes ago, Bristol's Aaron Hernandez had a 45-yard catch and run that set up a Wes Welker touchdown. No doubt a great start to the career for the Bristol Central High School product.

UPDATE: As I mentioned on Twitter, and follow me on the right side of the page for quick updates, Hernandez dropped what would have been a sure touchdown in the end zone during the Patriots' victory over the Bengals Sunday afternoon. Hernandez caught the one pass for 45 yards and was targeted twice by Tom Brady and the New England offense. The 45-yard completion was huge, but I'm sure he's wishing he held on to that throw in the end zone. Fellow rookie tight end Rob Gronkowski scored a one-yard touchdown, his lone catch of the day.

College GameDay Rewind Week 2: Michigan Upsets Notre Dame, Alabama Plays Like Champions

I’ll start off with a game that wasn’t on our docket this week but means a whole lot for the college football national title picture nonetheless. With Virginia Tech losing to James Madison Saturday, it wasn’t the Hokies that were the biggest losers of the week. It was Boise State. Suddenly, the Broncos’ victory over Virginia Tech in the season opener isn’t that impressive anymore. Boise State was poised to be at least in the argument for one of the BCS national title spots if they ran the table, and if they were left out, all hell would have broke loose. Now, there will easily be the argument that Boise State, again, didn’t beat anybody and doesn’t deserve the shot. Unfortunately, I might have to agree with that. It’s a long season and a lot of things can happen, so we’ll put off ultimate judgment until then. But the Hokies losing definitely threw a wrench in Boise State’s optimism.

As I write this, the NFL season is about to kick off the first Sunday full of games. The Jets open on Monday night and GameDay will be in the new Meadowlands watching all of the action. For today, it’s all about fantasy football. Good luck and enjoy the action … after you read College GameDay Rewind, of course.

Now, on to the breakdown:

My Weekend: 5-2 (spread); 7-0 (overall); 1-0 (upset picks)
My Season: 10-5 (spread); 14-1 (overall); 1-0 (upset picks)
My Money: UP $450 (season)
Craig's Weekend: 5-2 (spread)
Craig's Season: 9-6 (spread)
Craig's Money: UP $240 (season)

San Jose State +37.5 at No. 11 Wisconsin
My Pick: Wisconsin 41, San Jose State 10
Actual Score: Wisconsin 27, San Jose State 14
Any spread that takes five touchdowns and a field goal to cover is a recipe to pick the underdog. And that’s what I did here. Obviously, there never was any doubt that San Jose State would cover the gi-normous spread, as it trailed just 17-0 at the half and actually outscored Wisconsin 14-10 in the second half. Good start to the day, with both Craig and I getting wins. Craig and I, if you didn’t figure it out already, have the same exact picks for the week.

No. 24 Georgia +3 at No. 22 South Carolina
My Pick: South Carolina 23, Georgia 21
Actual Score: South Carolina 17, Georgia 6
I predicted this on the web show and in print, saying that Georgia folds when it’s faced with a big challenge. Not much to say as Marcus Lattimore ran for 182 yards and South Carolina rolled to the victory. Craig and I are both 2-0. Anthony Della Calce didn’t listen, however, as on the web show he picked South Carolina to win but Georgia to cover.

No. 17 Florida State +7.5 at No. 10 Oklahoma
My Pick: Oklahoma 28, Florida State 21
Actual Score: Oklahoma 47, Florida State 17
This was a clunker, but luckily there were two better games on television at the same time. Not much to say as Oklahoma destroyed Florida State. Forget about the Seminoles recapturing past glory as they were outclassed by the Sooners. Craig and I both take the loss, 2-1.

No. 12 Miami +8.5 at No. 2 Ohio State
My Pick: Ohio State 34, Miami 31
Actual Score: Ohio State 36, Miami 24
Watching the game with Craig, the giant Miami Hurricanes fan, I didn’t need to pay that much attention. All I had to do was listen to him screaming after each interception that Miami either threw (four of them) or dropped on defense (countless). The Hurricanes simply threw this game away as turnovers cost them an almost sure cover. But Ohio State made the most of the opportunities and won the game by 12. The Buckeyes move on to the national championship race while Miami is regulated to playing for an ACC title. The loss drops me and Craig to 2-2 on the day.

Michigan +4 at Notre Dame
My Pick: Michigan 27, Notre Dame 24
Actual Score: Michigan 28, Notre Dame 24
Quarterback Denard Robinson proved that last week’s destruction of UConn wasn’t a one-week fluke. Robinson threw for 244 yards and ran for 258, including an 87-yard touchdown run, to put himself in the race for the Heisman Trophy. Not only did he combine for 502 total yards and place a punt at the four-yard-line, but he drove the team downfield for the game-winning touchdown in the final seconds to give Michigan the upset victory. The Wolverines will be ranked when the new polls come out and who knows how far they can climb this season. For Notre Dame, I can’t believe coach Brian Kelly wasn’t called out for passing up the field goal at the end of the first half. I know it’s on NBC, the Notre Dame propaganda machine, but that was a terrible decision and should have been discussed. But, whatever, Michigan won the game and makes my first upset pick of the season true. Craig and I both get the win to improve to 3-2 heading to the night games.

No. 18 Penn State +12 at No. 1 Alabama
My Pick: Alabama 37, Penn State 21
Actual Score: Alabama 24, Penn State 3
You would think there would be a ton to write about in a game featuring these two storied programs. But alas, the game was over quickly, with Alabama rolling to victory. Penn State avoided the shutout in the final quarter as the offense did nothing with freshman quarterback Robert Bolden. Alabama, even without running back Mark Ingram, played so well that a repeat of last year’s championship could be on the horizon. Craig and I both get the victory to improve to 4-2 on the night.

No. 7 Oregon -12.5 at Tennessee
My Pick: Oregon 38, Tennessee 21
Actual Score: Oregon 48, Tennessee 13
Believe it or not, if you didn’t watch, this game was tied 13-13 at the half. And even after two Oregon touchdowns in the third quarter to push the lead to 27-13, this one still was up for grabs entering the fourth quarter. But Oregon put those fears to rest immediately thereafter. First the Ducks scored a touchdown with over 13 minutes to go, then returned a punt 80 yards for a another score two minutes later to put the game away. They added another score later in the game to make this one look like a blowout, when it actually had some scary moments early on. With that, Craig and I both end the week with 5-2 records. It’s been a great start to the season for GameDay, with a 10-5 record against the spread and 14-1 overall. Craig’s right behind at 9-6 against the spread. Hopefully this run continues. We’ll see you next week both in print and on the web show.
(AP photos)

Week 2 College Football Picks Column: Alabama, Ohio State Will Get Big Wins, Michigan Will Pull Upset

Executive Sports Editor Brad Carroll takes a look at the top games of the day
Last Week: 5-3 (spread); 7-1 (overall); 0-0 (upset picks)
Craig Carroll's week: 4-4 (spread)
This Season: 5-3 (spread); 7-1 (overall); 0-0 (upset picks)
Craig Carroll's Season: 4-4 (spread)

No. 18 Penn State at No. 1 Alabama, 7 p.m., ESPN
The Skinny: Alabama, GameDay’s pick last year to win the national championship, could be without Heisman winning running back Mark Ingram Saturday night. Coach Nick Saban says he probably won’t play, but that could change by kickoff. The Tide will be without suspended defensive star Marcell Dareus as well. Penn State is starting the first freshman quarterback in 100 years at the school in Robert Bolden, but the Lions do have standout running back Evan Royster to take the pressure off. Alabama is just too good, however. The Pick: Alabama (-12) wins it 37-21.

No. 12 Miami at No. 2 Ohio State, 3:30 p.m., ABC
The Skinny: Typically, players could care less what happened in a game between two schools from the past that they weren’t part of. But that’s not the case here. Miami players both past and present are using the 2003 title game loss in double-overtime to the Buckeyes as motivation. In that game, a controversial pass interference penalty in the end zone ultimately gave OSU the championship. If this game was in Miami, I’d go with the Hurricanes, but it’s in Ohio. It’ll be close though. The Pick: Ohio State (-8) wins it 34-31.

No. 17 Florida State at No. 10 Oklahoma, 3:30 p.m., ABC
The Skinny: Oklahoma barely held on to beat Utah State last week. That’s right, Utah State. Quarterback Landry Jones will make no one forget about Sam Bradford. I can’t believe the Sooners don’t have someone better at quarterback on the roster. But Jones it is. Florida State, without Bobby Bowden, is back on the big stage and should be able to hang with Oklahoma on the road. The Pick: Oklahoma (-7.5) wins it 28-21.

No. 7 Oregon at Tennessee, 7:30 p.m., ESPN
The Skinny: Oregon scored 72 points in its opening victory, with all but 13 coming in the first half. The Ducks racked up a school-record 720 yards on offense. Those numbers won’t be reached again today or probably for the rest of the season, but Oregon has the talent to blow anyone out. Tennessee poses a huge threat as it has a tremendous home field advantage, but Oregon should have no trouble. The Pick: Oregon (-12.5) wins it 38-21.

Michigan at Notre Dame, 3:30 p.m., NBC
The Skinny: Michigan truly made Connecticut look like a Division I-AA team last week in a 30-10 victory. The Wolverines exposed UConn and the Big East, with quarterback Denard Robinson leading the way. But it won’t nearly be as easy today against Notre Dame in South Bend. The Irish, with new coach Brian Kelly, beat Purdue last week and have a new spread offense to work with. But Michigan pulls the upset. The Pick: Michigan (+4) wins it 27-24.

No. 24 Georgia at No. 22 South Carolina, 12 p.m., ESPN
The Skinny: If you’ve read this blog at all over the past few years you know exactly what I think of Georgia playing in big games. Simply put, pick the other team every single time. The Bulldogs always seem to come up small in big atmospheres and this game against Steve Spurrier’s South Carolina qualifies. By the way, make sure you check out our second college football web show on my blog and our websites. The Pick: South Carolina (-3) wins it 23-17.

San Jose State at No. 11 Wisconsin, 12 p.m., ESPN2
The Skinny: Wisconsin rolls, but San Jose State keeps it relatively close. The Pick: Wisconsin (-37.5) wins it 41-10. Here are Craig Carroll’s picks for the week: Alabama, Miami, Florida State, Oregon, Michigan, South Carolina and San Jose State. Make sure to check out our second video episode of the picks column at and on our websites right now.
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College GameDay Rewind Week 1: Boise State Shakes Up The Establishment After Beating Va Tech

Believe it or not, and I don’t think I can fully wrap my head around it, but this is the Year 3 premier of College GameDay Rewind. For those that have followed the blog for the past two-plus years, you know what it’s all about. For those that are new, it’s a recap of the pain and joy, but mostly pain, which I went through during the college football week. I’ll break down the wins and losses and, of course, the money.

So, let’s jump right in.

Monday night was great for college football, as Boise State pulled off what was a stunning victory over Virginia Tech. The Hokies were just one first down away from ending the Cinderella argument in Week 1, which would have made the college football standard very happy. I’m sure coaches around college football were hoping Virginia Tech would beat Boise State to put an end to the party crashers’ dream of playing for a national title. But Kellen Moore and the Broncos had other ideas, first stopping the Hokies on defense and forcing a punt. Then Moore passed Boise State downfield and ultimately into the end zone for the game-winning touchdown in the final minute. Now, it’s on the coaches to give Boise State the respect it deserves.

But Boise State is going to have to do more work this season. First, the Broncos must play better than they did Monday. Boise had a great start and a great finish, but the middle of the game was anything but. Second, the Broncos must beat Oregon State in the third week. Third, when Boise State plays its conference schedule, the Broncos must win convincingly each and every week. That probably translates into wins by 28+ points each time out. Then, the coaches and the BCS will have no choice but to give Boise State a shot at the national title. If that actually happens or not is still very much up in the air. It’s a long season and this is only Week 1.

Now, on to the breakdown:

My Weekend: 5-3 (spread); 7-1 (overall); 0-0 (upset picks)
My Season: 5-3 (spread); 7-1 (overall); 0-0 (upset picks)
My Money: UP $170 (season)
Craig's Weekend: 4-4 (spread)
Craig's Season: 4-4 (spread)
Craig's Money: DOWN $40 (season)

Miami (Ohio) +34.5 at No. 4 Florida
My Pick: Florida 42, Miami (Ohio) 7
Actual Score: Florida 34, Miami (Ohio) 12
Florida looked absolutely terrible and never was in line to get me a victory giving up the points. Coach Urban Meyer could be exposed this season without Tim Tebow running the show. It sure looked that way against a team that won just one game last year. I would actually drop the Gators several spots in the rankings – they played that bad. Anyway, bad start to the season for me. Craig gets the opening victory, saying it was an easy winner taking the points.

Connecticut +3 at Michigan
My Pick: Michigan 24, Connecticut 14
Actual Score: Michigan 30, Connecticut 10
This was a case of a New Yorker living in Connecticut (myself) and a New Yorker living in New York (Craig) not getting swept up in the UConn hype (Anthony Della Calce and Johnny Burnham to name just two). Michigan routed UConn at the Big House, leading from start to finish. Quarterback Denard Robinson ran and threw all over the place on the Huskies, who looked like a Division I-AA team. For UConn this was a welcome to the real world. For Michigan it was a welcome back to the national spotlight. Who saw it that way from the start? Yep, Brad (1-1) and Craig (2-0), who take home victories. Anthony picked UConn to pull the upset on my web show, while Johnny now owes me a dinner at the next work fantasy draft for doing the same. It was easy pickings.

Purdue +11.5 at Notre Dame
My Pick: Notre Dame 31, Purdue 17
Actual Score: Notre Dame 23, Purdue 12
I didn’t watch much of this game, as Michigan had my full attention, but I did catch the end and the highlights. I wasn’t impressed at all by Notre Dame, especially after handing me the dreaded half-point loss. The Irish allowed a safety and scored just 23 points with their supposed high-scoring offense. Luckily, the losing blow was softened by the big Michigan victory. Otherwise the rant here would have been epic. Craig (2-1) and I (1-2) both take the loss.

No. 24 Oregon State +13.5 at No. 6 TCU
My Pick: TCU 31, Oregon State 24
Actual Score: TCU 30, Oregon State 21
This was exciting from start to finish and shockingly had a more big-game feel than the ABC primetime game that featured LSU and North Carolina. This was an interesting game as I wanted TCU to get the win but Oregon State to keep the score within 13. And in the end my prediction wasn’t all that off. I loved how TCU attacked this game, saying that the team wasn’t here for style points, only to score one more point than Oregon State. TCU ended up scoring nine more points to get my record to 2-2. Craig falls to 2-2 with the TCU pick.

No. 21 LSU -3.5 vs. No. 18 North Carolina
My Pick: LSU 24, North Carolina 17
Actual Score: LSU 30, North Carolina 24
Talk about watching two games in one. LSU led 30-10 at the break and I thought this was going to be an even easier win than Michigan over UConn. But North Carolina, with all kinds of problems and suspensions, didn’t give up and actually had the ball with the chance to win at the end of the game. It truly would have been a killer loss, one that would typically strike GameDay. Luckily for the pick, LSU survived and I improved to 3-2. Craig also gets a win to move to 3-2.

Cincinnati +2.5 at Fresno State
My Pick: Fresno State 42, Cincinnati 38
Actual Score: Fresno State 28, Cincinnati 14
Fresno State scored 28 unanswered points to make my selection stand up. I end Saturday on a great note, moving to 4-2 with a perfect 3-0 mark in the night games. Craig took the loss to finish the day even at 3-3.

Maryland +7 vs. Navy
My Pick
: Navy 34, Maryland 24
Actual Score: Maryland 14, Navy 7
This blog-only pick was easily the most frustrating game of the weekend and possibly in recent memory. Navy should have won this game by at least 28 points, but instead the Mids lose by seven. Unbelievable. Three times Navy didn’t score from the one-yard line. How is that even possible? I would be more angry with Navy with this performance if I wasn’t still stunned hours later. I will say this, if Navy quarterback Ricky Dobbs is a Heisman candidate, then so am I. GameDay drops to 4-3 with the loss, while Craig gets the victory to move to 4-3.

No. 3 Boise State -2.5 vs. No. 10 Virginia Tech
My Pick: Boise State 27, Virginia Tech 24
Actual Score: Boise State 33, Virginia Tech 30
Everyone was jumping off the Boise State bandwagon, as by the time the game kicked off, Virginia Tech was actually the slight favorite. So the Broncos’ quick 17-0 start probably had everyone shaking their heads in disbelief. But as the game settled down, it looked for sure like Virginia Tech was going to wear Boise State down and take the victory. Virginia Tech came all the way back and led 36-30 with minutes to play. The Hokies could have put the game away with a first down on their final drive. But Boise came up big and stopped the Virginia Tech offense to force a punt. A big punt return and some more big pass plays by Broncos quarterback Kellen Moore later and Boise State suddenly had the lead again, 33-30. Virginia Tech had the final shot, but couldn’t complete a deep pass, giving Boise State the stunning victory. Now, let the arguing begin. Boise State should run the table and finish the season undefeated. Will they play for a BCS title if that happens? Will the coaches find a way to drop the Broncos in the rankings at some point this season? Only time will tell. For now, I can enjoy my Boise State winning selection and 5-3 record. Craig takes the loss, and is not happy in the least with Virginia Tech, to finish 4-4 for the weekend. Next week is going to be wild as there are a ton of mega matchups. We’ll break it all down right here on the blog, in the papers and on the second episode of Brad Carroll’s GameDay on the web.
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Carolina Panthers Sign Bristol's Sean Ware To Practice Squad

The Carolina Panthers announced today that linebacker Sean Ware, a Bristol Central High School product, has been signed to the practice squad. Ware, who was cut by the team Saturday, cleared waivers, so he was eligible for the squad. The practice squad consists of eight players that aren't on the official team roster, but are allowed to practice with the club. It's a good way for young players to develop and impress the coaching staff that could ultimately lead to a possible roster spot down the line. Practice squad players can be signed by another NFL team at any time, without the claiming team giving compensation to the player's current team. So, Ware is still basically a free agent. The only catch is that the player signed must remain on that team's 53-man roster for the season unless cut. Ware will most likely make $5,200 per week.

In other news, David Reed's roster spot shouldn't be in jeopardy after the Baltimore Ravens signed wide receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh to a one-year deal Monday. After signing Houshmandzadeh, the Ravens turned around and traded former first-round draft pick Mark Clayton to the Rams for a late-round pick. With Donte' Stallworth out for the foreseeable future with a broken foot, Reed provides depth at the position, although he likely won't see much gameday action at WR. His best chance to get on the field is special teams.
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Darrelle Revis Ends Holdout, Signs New Contract With Jets

Darrelle Revis is back on the field. (AP photo)
The holdout is over. Darrelle Revis and the Jets have finally ended their contract dispute, agreeing to a four-year deal. Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum said the deal was great for Revis and responsible for the team. The deal is reportedly for $46 million. It looks like head coach Rex Ryan played a big part in getting Revis back in uniform. The Jets coach, along with owner Woody Johnson, flew down to Florida Saturday to meet face-to-face with Revis. Now, the team's star cornerback will be heading to New Jersey later Monday to sign his new deal and, possibly, practice as well. This is obviously big news for the Jets and their fans, as it was looking more and more likely that Revis wouldn't sign by the team's season opener in one week. In fact, Tannenbaum said the team explored trade options for cornerbacks around the league over the weekend. But there's no need for trades now, Revis is back.

Revis posted this on Twitter, "it not has only been hard on u guys but it has for me too. I just want to tell yall that I'm sorry for this process and I can't wait to get back on the field."

Tannenbaum said the deal came together about two hours ago and it was finalized around 11:45 p.m. Sunday night. He also said he didn't expect Revis to play for the Jets this season, but obviously, happy the deal is done.

Breaking Down The Final Preseason Games For Our NFL Rookies, Reed, Hernandez, Ware

Here's a quick update on how our area NFL rookies fared in the final week of the preseason. New Britain's David Reed had the biggest impact among our three players, catching three passes for a team-high 65 yards in the Ravens 27-21 loss to the Rams Thursday night. He was targeted five times in the offense. Reed also had a big night returning kicks, averaging 34.5 yards on four kick returns. He had a 53-yard return in the game as well. Reed likely solidified his spot on the 53-man roster with the performance and just may see some playing time during the regular season. By the way, all NFL teams must cut their rosters to 53 players by 6 p.m. tonight. (Reed made the team).

The news isn't so good for our pair of rookies from Bristol. Aaron Hernandez didn't play for the Patriots, sitting out with an injury for the second straight week. Hernandez again had to watch fellow rookie tight end Rob Gronkowski shine bright Thursday. A week after scoring on two touchdown passes, Gronkowski again reached the end zone in a 20-17 loss to the Giants. Gronkowski has four touchdown catches this preseason. Gronkowski should be the Patriots starting tight end, especially after he exited the game with the rest of the starters Thursday. Hernandez is a lock to make the 53-man roster, however.

The same cannot be said for Panthers linebacker Sean Ware. The rookie from New Hampshire didn't show up in the stat sheet during the Panthers 19-3 loss to the Steelers. Ware may be sweating tonight's cut-down. We'll keep you updated as soon as the Panthers make their final decisions, which are due in about an hour.

[UPDATE: Bristol linebacker Sean Ware was released by the Carolina Panthers. He was an undrafted free agent from New Hampshire.]
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Week 1 College Football Picks Column: Boise State Will Beat Virginia Tech

Executive Sports Editor Brad Carroll takes a look at the top games of the day
Last Week: 0-0 (spread); 0-0 (overall); 0-0 (upset picks)
Craig Carroll's Week: 0-0 (spread)
Last Season: 63-61-3 (spread); 94-33 (overall); 10-7 (upset picks)
Craig Carroll Last Season: 57-67-3 (spread)

No. 3 Boise State vs. No. 10 Virginia Tech, 8 p.m., ESPN
The Skinny: This is easily one of the most important opening games in the history of college football. For Boise State, beat Virginia Tech Monday in Landover, Md. and the Broncos should sweep the rest of their schedule and crash the BCS title game party. A win by Virginia Tech could springboard it to a championship run as well. It has all the makings of a classic, and this one shouldn’t disappoint. So, do you go with the upstart or the standard? It’s all about Cinderella. The Pick: Boise State (-2.5) wins it 27-24.

No. 21 LSU at No. 18 North Carolina, 8 p.m., ABC
The Skinny: This matchup features two programs in flux. UNC could be in a heap of trouble as six starters and six other players have been suspended for the game for “violating school and/or NCAA rules,” the university announced Friday. For LSU, the rank of 21 should jump out immediately. This isn’t the same LSU program that challenged for the national title every year. There are even rumblings that coach Les Miles is on the hot seat. The Tigers should take care of business tonight in Atlanta. The Pick: LSU (-3.5) wins it 24-17.

Miami (Ohio) at No. 4 Florida, 12 p.m., ESPN
The Skinny: Quarterback Tim Tebow is playing ball with the Broncos now, so this is indeed a new era of Florida football. John Brantley has the unenviable task of taking over the reins at QB for Tebow, but this is the perfect game to work his way into the job. Miami of Ohio won just one game last year, but does hold a 1-0 edge all-time against the Gators. The only question here is how many points Florida will score. The Pick: Florida (-34.5) wins it 42-7.

No. 24 Oregon State at No. 6 TCU, 7:45 p.m., ESPN
The Skinny: The explosive TCU offense returns all but two starters from last season, including fourth-year starting QB Andy Dalton. The passer threw for over 2,700 yards with 23 touchdowns a year ago. He should better those numbers this season. Oregon State, which poses a huge challenge for TCU, turns to first-year QB Ryan Katz. Oregon State also plays Boise this year, meaning it could beat both Cinderellas in the same season. The Pick: TCU (-13.5) wins it 31-24.

Connecticut at Michigan, 3:30 p.m., ABC
The Skinny: This is a huge matchup for both programs, as Connecticut is seeking legitimacy while Michigan is looking for a rebirth. UConn came up with the biggest win in school history last season at Notre Dame, so many are expecting the Huskies to make it two big road wins in a row. But a late-season Irish team looking forward to the offseason is completely different than playing Michigan in front of 100,000 rabid fans. The Pick: Michigan (-3) wins it 24-14.

Purdue at Notre Dame, 3:30 p.m., NBC
The Skinny: If you haven’t figured it out already, Brad Carroll’s College GameDay is back once again, starting its sixth season. It’s been a wild ride through several different publications, but we’re back hopefully better than ever. The Battle for Carroll Supremacy continues as well, only this time I’m the reigning champion. We’ll see if Craig can put last season behind him with a bounce-back year. The Pick: Notre Dame (-11.5) wins it 31-17.

Cincinnati at Fresno State, 10 p.m., ESPN2
The Skinny: Fresno State protects its home field. The Pick: Fresno State (-2.5) wins it 42-38.
Here are Craig Carroll’s picks for the week: Virginia Tech, LSU, Miami (Ohio), TCU, Michigan, Notre Dame, Cincinnati.
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