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College GameDay Rewind: ESPN Has The Worst Fantasy Sports Website Ever, Switch Now

In what should have been a great morning, as I won my fantasy baseball championship, I was instead on the phone with a bunch of idiots over at ESPN trying to figure out why it sucks so badly at fantasy sports. All I wanted was the idiots to fix a fumble recovery glitch that was awarding offensive players points for recovering their own fumbles. So, for example, when Jay Cutler fumbled and fell on the ball, he was getting four points for the recovery. After talking with a supervisor, it was determined by me that the guys over at Yahoo deserve a whole lot of credit for not being morons. After ESPN told me that the way they have it set up is correct (yeah, right) I had enough and let him know that Yahoo does a better job than them and that, basically, they suck. I told them that since I never had a problem with Yahoo’s scoring, they should be able to fix it. But, alas, I was dealing with a moron, so I was told that it was impossible.

He should call Yahoo and figure it out. I’m moving all of my leagues from ESPN to Yahoo next year and am letting everyone know how bad ESPN is. So, if you’re reading this, spread the word and leave ESPN after the football season. Yahoo does live scoring now, so there is nothing keeping you with this group of morons who have no clue. Yahoo does it better anyway … take if from a guy who’s done a ton leagues on ESPN, Yahoo, CBS and rtsports.

Now, on to College GameDay Rewind:

My Weekend: 4-3 (spread); 5-2 (overall); 1-0 (upset picks)
My Season: 17-11 (spread); 22-6 (overall); 2-0 (upset picks)
My Money: UP $490 (season)
Craig's Weekend: 3-4 (spread)
Craig's Season: 12-16 (spread)
Craig's Money: DOWN $560 (season)

Indiana +20 at No. 23 Michigan
My Pick
: Michigan 42, Indiana 21
Actual Score: Michigan 36, Indiana 33
I’ll admit to doing the worst possible thing when picking games against the spread – I went with my favorite team to cover, even though I knew better. And it cost me in the opening game of the day, as Michigan needed a controversial play just to win the game. So, I start out 0-1 while Craig took Indiana and starts 1-0.

South Florida +14 at No. 18 Florida State
My Pick
: Florida State 27, South Florida 23
Actual Score: South Florida 17, Florida State 7
In what had to be the easiest pick of the day, South Florida not only covers, but wins the game outright. I only wish I had pulled the trigger on the upset pick. Florida State is a joke of a team, which means BYU is an even bigger joke. But I digress. I move to 1-1 in the noon games, while Craig falls to 1-1.

Arkansas +17.5 at No. 3 Alabama
My Pick
: Alabama 33, Arkansas 24
Actual Score: Alabama 35, Arkansas 7
Proving that I am a sucker when it comes to stats and recent history, I actually thought Arkansas would score some points against Alabama. Boy was I wrong. The Razorbacks managed just a touchdown as Alabama rolled to the easy victory. Writing this right now, I still can’t believe I actually went with Arkansas. Oh, well. I drop to 1-2 on the day, while Craig falls to 1-2 as well.

No. 9 Miami -3 at No. 11 Virginia Tech
My Pick
: Virginia Tech 35, Miami 34
Actual Score: Virginia Tech 31, Miami 7
Virginia Tech rolled right past Miami in a somewhat surprisingly easy win over the favored Hurricanes. I still can’t believe that Miami was favored, but it moved my upset picks on the season to 2-0. I’m not picking as many as I did in the past, so I’ll try and pick up the pace when it comes to those. I even out at 2-2 on the day. Craig, the Miami fan, licks his wounds and drops to 1-3.

No. 1 Florida -21.5 at Kentucky
My Pick
: Florida 56, Kentucky 20
Actual Score: Florida 41, Kentucky 7
Florida walked over Kentucky on the road, but quarterback Tim Tebow sustained a concussion on a scary hit. Watching the replay, you got that queasy feeling in your stomach and just hoped the guy would be alright. It looks like he will, and he might play this week, but I think he should just take the week to regroup. Craig and I both took the Gators, and I move to 3-2, while he improves to 2-3.

Iowa +9.5 at No. 5 Penn State
My Pick
: Penn State 38, Iowa 27
Actual Score: Iowa 21, Penn State 10
I was too busy moving furniture to watch much of the game – and I’m glad for that. I feel bad for ABC for actually putting this game in prime time. Why in the world would you put this matchup on the air? I don’t know. I guess it comes back to ESPN having absolutely no clue what it's doing. I drop to 3-3, while Craig went with Iowa to move to 3-3.

Texas Tech Pk at No. 17 Houston
My Pick
: Houston 41, Texas Tech 35
Actual Score: Houston 29, Texas Tech 28
I’m actually stunned that a mid-major came through for me, as Houston gave me a winning week, at 4-3. Houston is my new team of the now and I’ll be rooting for it to make a run at a BCS game the rest of the way. Craig, with a chance to win the week, can’t, as he clocks in with a 3-4 record with the Tech pick.

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College GameDay Picks Column: Flu? What Flu? Florida Will Destroy Kentucky Tonight

Executive Sports Editor Brad Carroll takes a look at the top games of the day
Last Week: 5-2 (spread); 5-2 (overall); 0-0 (upset picks)
Craig: 2-5
This Season: 13-8 (spread); 17-4 (overall); 1-0 (upset picks)
Craig: 9-12

No. 1 Florida at Kentucky; 6 p.m.; ESPN2
The Skinny: I’m guessing the flu outbreak that has struck the Florida campus will be under control by game time and therefore a blowout will ensue tonight in Kentucky. You can bet that coach Urban Meyer will be looking to get his offense in gear, especially after a relatively close contest against his least favorite coach, Lane Kiffin, and Tennessee. The recipient of the beatdown will be Kentucky, which has dropped 22 straight to the Gators. The Pick: Florida (-21.5) wins it 56-20.

Arkansas at No. 3 Alabama; 3:30 p.m.; CBS
The Skinny: Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallett threw for 161 yards and three touchdowns in the first quarter last week — and lost. The former Michigan passer couldn’t convert late and the Razorbacks fell to Georgia, which is pretty hard to do. Today they venture into Alabama with a high-powered offense, but a defense that gave up 52 points to the Bulldogs, which should never happen. Alabama might not be able to score enough, though. The Pick: Alabama (-17.5) wins it 33-24.

Iowa at No. 5 Penn State; 8 p.m.; ABC
The Skinny: Penn State blew a 9-point lead in the fourth quarter last year to blow its national title hopes in a loss to Iowa. And here we are tonight with the Nittany Lions having the chance for revenge. Penn State isn’t as good as it was last year and Iowa hasn’t lost since that day, winning nine straight by an average of 18 points per game. But revenge is all that matters here. The Pick: Penn State (-9.5) wins it 38-27.

No. 9 Miami at No. 11 Virginia Tech; 3:30 p.m.; ABC
The Skinny: The ACC has the spotlight today as the resurgent Hurricanes travel to take on the Hokies in what has to be an exciting game. The conference as a whole needs respect, and now it has the platform to show exactly what it can do. If the two teams come together for a game to remember, it will go a long way toward its resurgence. If it’s a clunker, it’s bash time. The Pick: Virginia Tech (+3) wins it 35-34.

Texas Tech at No. 17 Houston; 9:15 p.m.; ESPN2
The Skinny: What the heck is Houston doing in GameDay? I’m not really sure, but the Cougars are ranked 17th and have taken the mantle for disappointing BYU as the mid-major on the rise. (BYU has joined GameDay’s hate parade by the way). Against Texas Tech, look for a ton of passing and a ton of points, which should make for an exciting game. I’m going home team. The Pick: Houston (Pk) wins it 41-35.

South Florida at No. 18 Florida State; 12 p.m.; ESPNU
The Skinny: Florida State has been impossible to figure out this season. First, the Seminoles play well enough to win in their season opener against Miami but lose in the final seconds. Then, they almost get beat by Jacksonville State. Then, they destroy BYU and make their way back to No. 18 in the polls. So, which FSU will show up this week? The one that barely wins. The Pick: Florida State (-14) wins it 27-23.

Indiana at No. 23 Michigan; 12 p.m.; ESPN2
The Skinny: I couldn’t be happier with the season to date for the Wolverines, and the winning way should continue against a team they’ve dominated. The Pick: Michigan (-20) wins it 42-21. Here are Craig Carroll’s picks for the week: Florida, Arkansas, Iowa, Miami, Texas Tech, Florida State, Indiana.

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GameDay Live: Simsbury At Indians

Simsbury 9, Newington 7

First Quarter:
S-Michael Mormile 8-yard pass from Kyle Decker, 9:34. (Kick good).
N-Jonathan Snyder 3-yard run, 1:09. (Kick good).
Second Quarter:
S-Safety, 1:26.
Third Quarter:
Fourth Quarter:

GameDay Live: NWC At Berlin

Berlin 21, NW Catholic 15

First Quarter:
Second Quarter:
B-Taylor Tavarozzi 2-yard run, 9:49. (Kick failed).
B-Taylor Tavarozzi 5-yard run, 7:59. (Max DeLorenzo run).
Third Quarter:
Fourth Quarter:
NWC-Jack Hayes 11-yard run, 10:24. (Gershawn Richam-Odoi kick).
B-Dave Campagna 68-yard pass from Dan Hackett, 10:01. (Devin Silverman kick).
NWC-Jack Hayes 1-yard run, 2:21. (2-point conversion Kevin O'Toole from Jack Murphy good).

GameDay Live: Knights At G'bury

Glastonbury 49, Southington 46

First Quarter:
S-Anthony Florian 3-yard pass from Connor Butkiewicz, 9:00. (2-point conversion good).
G-Sean McQuillan 17-yard run, 7:20. (Kick good).
S-Tyler Dube 5-yard pass from Connor Butkiewicz, 5:06. (2-point conversion failed).
Second Quarter:
S-Dylan Danko 1-yard run, 11:54. (2-point conversion good).
S-Joe Pesce 60-yard interception return, 7:23. (2-point conversion good).
G-Sean McQuillan 6-yard run, 5:33. (Kick good).
S-Zach Etter 51-yard pass from Connor Butkiewicz, :59. (2-point conversion good).
Third Quarter:
G-Sean McQuillan 40-yard run, 9:47. (Kick good).
G-Sean McQuillan 30-yard run, 7:10. (Kick good).
S-Tyler Dube 9-yard pass from Connor Butkiewicz, 1:21. (2-point conversion good).
Fourth Quarter:
G-Sean McQuillan 42-yard interception return, 9:20. (Kick failed).
G-Sean McQuillan 37-yard run, 7:14. (Kick good).
G-Sean McQuillan 1-yard run, :47. (2-point conversion good).

GameDay Live: Central At Manchester

Manchester 17, Bristol Central 14 (OT)

First Quarter:
Second Quarter:
Third Quarter:
M-Marquis Jimenez 80-yard kick return, 11:46. (Matt Cassidy kick).
Fourth Quarter:
BC-Chad Vessel 20-yard run, 11:50. (Kick blocked).
BC-James Clark 36-yard pass from Alec Sgro, 4:18. (Chad Vessell reception).
M-Maty Webber 9-yard pass from Seth Devalve, 1:14. (Matt Cassidy kick).
M-Matt Cassidy 27-yard field goal.

Tuesday Afternoon GameDay: The Secret To Making Fantasy Football Trades And Much More

The great thing about being in a fantasy league with people you work with or see regularly is the opportunity to talk about potential trades in person. Typically, in most leagues anyway, a trade offer is almost immediately shot down without explanation. That pretty much ends any trade talk with that team for the rest of the season. Of course, that changes when you actually talk to the person. Even though me and evil Craig are big rivals, I've actually made a bunch of trades with him in both baseball and football. Why? Because we talk things out before a trade is even offered online.

The same thing happened in the sports writer's league I'm in. I have a wealth of starting quarterbacks and a couple of teams are in desperate need of a solid passer. So, in going through one team, I targeted Packers WR Greg Jennings. The pair that I came up with to send to him was Texans QB Matt Schaub and Jets WR Jerricho Cotchery. Obviously, that is a big move to make for the owner of Jennings, and under most circumstances, the offer would have been rejected in a heartbeat ... and, actually, it was. That is until we talked about the possibilities at work.

Doing my best snake-oil salesman routine, I said that my offer normally would be too little to give up for Jennings, but since his best quarterback is Eli Manning (in a two quarterback league), Schaub is more valuable than he normally would be. Throwing in Cotchery, who has had a fast start, as a replacement would make up some of Jennings' points. He took the night to think about it and lo and behold I had the trade offer on my team page the next day. Just like that I pulled the Schaub and Cotchery for Jennings trade, something that would have been impossible if we never spoke about it.

Now, I know that is almost impossible in most setups, but if you really want to get a trade done, contact the person directly, either by phone or even e-mail. It goes a long way. Now, in that league, here is my team: QB Drew Brees, RB Matt Forte, RB Steve Slaton, WR Wes Welker, WR Roddy White, WR Greg Jennings, TE Jon Carlson, OP Tony Romo, DP DeMarcus Ware, DEF Eagles, K Neil Rackers. I also have Ray Rice and Leon Washington on my bench. I don't think a team gets better than that.

Anyway, let's get to the lineup for Tuesday Afternoon GameDay ... on, of course, a Wednesday.

1. Patriots fans have taken to the mantra that they weren't embarrassed by the Jets this past Sunday. But guess what? You were embarrassed. Tom Brady looked scared in the pocket, as he constantly was running away from the pressure. He had no idea what to do in the game and even took two delay of game penalties in a row, which is unheard of. The crowd was in Brady's head, the defense was in Brady's head, and I'm sure Brady's knee was in Brady's head. The Patriots didn't score a touchdown ... that's embarrassing. Especially considering the Jets talked so much smack before the game. You would have thought the Patriots would have brought their best, but they were punched in the mouth time and time again and did nothing about it. Embarrassing. And, on top of everything, it was great to see the sore loser Belicheat acting like a baby after the game. Typical Patriots. Embarrassing.

2. I don't know if you've seen these Dish Network commercials, but I think the company should be sued for false advertising. The ads basically say that you should quit DirectTV immediately because you can get the same NFL package from them at a much cheaper price, which is untrue. Only DirectTV has NFL Sunday Ticket (which is a bunch of bull if you ask me), but Dish makes it sound like you'll get the same if you switch over. Some may know the truth, but I bet a lot of other people don't. So, if you did switch and went to order Sunday Ticket from Dish, you'd be in for a big letdown. Don't switch to the Dish.

3. Another commercial, or event, that has trouble written all over it is this promotion by radio 104.1 here in Connecticut. The station is giving away $5,000 to anyone who catches the 104.1 Fugitive, who will be on the side of the road on a major highway somewhere in the state, from what I've heard on the radio. Can you imagine a bunch of people in cars going at least 65 miles per hour spotting a broken-down car on the side of the road at the same time and quickly swerving to get to the guy first? I can. That has major accident written all over it. I may just be overreacting, and this may be the New Yorker in me, but I just see this going horribly wrong.

4. Redskins rookie linebacker Robert Henson tweeted that Washington fans were "dim-wits" for booing the team during a 9-7 win over the Rams. The sixth-round pick, who hasn't played this season, wrote: "All you fake half hearted Skins fan can .. I won't go there but I dislike you very strongly, don't come to Fed Ex to boo dim wits!!" After followers came after him, Henson didn't back down: "No I didn't play but I still made more than you in a year and you'd [gladly] switch spots with me in a second ... The question is who are you to say you know what's best for the team and you work 9 to 5 at Mcdonalds. You don't wanna follow me anymore then fine but we play for you and win lose or draw we represent you!! My guy on the Rams said they never got booed even when they didn't win a game." He apologized, but the damage was done. The best part is that those that "work 9 to 5 at McDonald's" do know more about the team than this rookie punk does ... and most players for that matter. Players don't care as much as the fans do, and this is just another example. This bum should be run out of town, and he probably will be anyway, because a sixth-round pick who has been inactive for the first two weeks on a horrible team probably doesn't have a bright future. And, yes, the Redskins should have been booed for barely beating a pathetic Rams team at home. It was a pathetic performance and you deserved to be booed. As for Twitter, follow me now ... bradgameday!

5. On Saturday, GameDay took in a record-number of hits for a weekend day. We had my college picks column on that day and also the Berlin-Wethersfield football GameDay Live broadcast, so obviously we did good. Let me know your thoughts on GameDay Live and if you like what we're doing with it. I always welcome questions, comments and suggestions.

6. The Yankees clinched a playoff berth last night, but that means little to anyone who follows the team. Sure, making the playoffs is big since the team didn't go last year, but there is a lot more to do this season. If and when the Yankees do clinch the AL East, then they and their fans can celebrate. But there is only one goal this season - winning a championship. Anything less will be considered a huge disappointment.

7. Has anyone fallen farther and faster than LaDainian Tomlinson? Just wondering. I'm still kicking myself for taking him eight overall in one of my leagues. He is done.

8. Chad Ochocinco actually planned his Lambeau Leap, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal reports. Ochocinco used his Twitter account to find a group of Bengals fans that would be in Green Bay and got them four tickets to the game in the end zone. "When he started making his way toward us, we knew it was on," said Mike Bergs, one of the fans, according to the Journal Sentinel. "His face. I wish I could have been shooting a camera at him. The smile on his face was from ear to ear. He was so excited. That was one of the most pure, fun moments for us as Bengals fans." Nice job, Chad.

9. Finally, I'm in the fantasy baseball championship and we're deadlocked in an 8-8-1 tie through Tuesday. My offense exploded last night and I'm leading 7-2 in offense, which is usual for my team. Pitching is another story, as always. I trail 6-1-1 in those categories. Tonight is big as I need big pitching performances from Jason Marquis and Mark Buehrle, two waiver-wire pickups last night. Root against Cole Hamels and Brian Duensing tonight.

(AP photos)

First The Big Screen At Yankee Stadium And Now A Photo, Although Small, In Daily News

GameDay is a star ... well, sort of. The box represents my group at the Jets game on Sunday. Of course, evil Craig found this photo. The small picture follows me and the Evil One being pictured on the big screen at Yankee Stadium.

Check back Wednesday for Tuesday Afternoon GameDay ... Yes, it makes sense.

College GameDay Rewind: BYU Stinks Up The Joint And The Loudest Crowd Ever At Meadowlands For Jets-Pats

I’ll try my best to put together a great article here, but I must admit that my head still hurts from the Jets-Patriots game on Sunday afternoon. My voice is gone from cheering probably louder than I ever have at the Meadowlands (or anywhere else for that matter) – but it was totally worth it. The Jets did the job on the field, but the real story for me was the crowd. It was unbelievable loud, louder than it has ever been, and it definitely had an effect on the game. Tom Brady was called for two delay of game penalties on back to back plays – that is unheard of, especially for someone with Brady’s credentials. He was rattled by the crowd and the defense, which was around him all day. It was just an unbelievable Sunday as the place rocked like never before. After the final Brady pass was knocked away the crowd celebrated like it was the Super Bowl, but without the corporate connections. And the crowd stayed after the game as well to celebrate, which is another shocker for a New York crowd looking to beat the crazy traffic. On numerous occasions I had to stop cheering and regain my balance as I was dizzy from the yelling. And it was probably like that for a lot of people. I heard from people who watched the game on television that the crowd was wild and the “Brady Sucks” chants were heard clear as day. I’m glad I was a part of it. I’ll have more, hopefully, in Tuesday Afternoon GameDay.

Now, on to College GameDay Rewind:

My Weekend: 5-2 (spread); 5-2 (overall); 0-0 (upset picks)
My Season: 13-8 (spread); 17-4 (overall); 1-0 (upset picks)
My Money: UP $420 (season)
Craig's Weekend: 2-5 (spread)
Craig's Season: 9-12 (spread)
Craig's Money: DOWN $420 (season)

East Carolina -7.5 at No. 24 North Carolina
My Pick
: North Carolina 34, East Carolina 21
Actual Score: North Carolina 31, East Carolina 17
I was actually really excited about the score because I thought I hit it exactly for a moment, but ended up being off by just a bit. North Carolina bounced back after barely beating UConn to take the win against an overrated East Carolina squad. Craig and I both open the day with a victory.

No. 8 California -13.5 at Minnesota
My Pick
: California 31, Minnesota 14
Actual Score: California 35, Minnesota 21
I was worried about this game the whole way, especially with the score tied at 21 entering the fourth quarter, but California took control with a pair of touchdowns to cover the spread by a half-point. Jahvid Best scored all five touchdowns for the Golden Bears to give me a perfect 2-0 start in the early games. Craig is also off to a perfect start at 2-0.

Tennessee +30 at No. 1 Florida
My Pick
: Florida 50, Tennessee 21
Actual Score: Florida 23, Tennessee 13
If it wasn’t for a Tim Tebow fumble near the goal line, this one might have caused reason for concern. A touchdown there would have give Florida a 30-6 lead with plenty of time to score again and beat me by a point. But Tennessee caused the fumble and then went in and scored a touchdown to seal the victory for GameDay. The Vols didn’t play well, but they did slow the game down and keep it relatively close, which was good enough for me. I move to 3-0 with two games coming to an end soon in the 3:30 slot. Craig went with Florida and falls to 2-1 on the day.

No. 3 Southern Cal -19.5 at Washington
My Pick
: Southern Cal 31, Washington 14
Actual Score: Washington 16, Southern Cal 13
I’ll admit that my pick scared me to death, as every time I go against USC giving a bunch of points, I lose. But the new Washington coach was a former assistant with the Trojans, which is always a sign (to me, anyway) that the game will be close. And while this one did follow that script, I never thought it would turn into the game it did. Washington pulled off the huge upset on a last-second field goal as the crowd went wild, flooding the field, which is always the best visual in sports. USC, on the other hand, went back home with yet another disappointing loss. It seems to be a yearly event now: USC will lose to someone it absolutely shouldn’t. Two years ago it was Stanford and last year it was Oregon State. Now, it’s Washington. I go to a perfect 4-0 and could improve that as Oregon is on the move. Craig went with USC and even his record at 2-2.

No. 18 Utah +5 at Oregon
My Pick
: Oregon 33, Utah 24
Actual Score: Oregon 31, Utah 24
Oregon ended Utah’s 18-game win streak as a late interception by the Ducks was turned into an all-important field goal to give them a seven-point win. This one came down to the wire as Oregon held a four-point lead in the fourth quarter. As we all know, there is nothing worse than trailing by that little in the spread, because coaches are not going to call plays to fit your needs – they just want to win. But, luckily, the Ducks did need a field goal late to push the lead to seven and they did so. It is a perfect afternoon for GameDay, as I clock in at 5-0 with two late games to play. Craig, however, continues his slide and falls to 2-3.

Florida State +8 at No. 7 BYU
My Pick
: BYU 30, Florida State 20
Actual Score: Florida State 54, BYU 28
This game was pretty pathetic, as BYU couldn’t take advantage of all the momentum it built and win in their home opener. That is about as lame as it gets. Florida State just beat the Cougars up and turned this game into a laugher. BYU dropped to No. 19 after the loss, which takes them right out of the BCS conversation. Florida State, which was unranked, is now at No. 18. I lose for the first time today, to drop to 5-1. Craig also takes the loss and checks in with a 2-4 mark with one to play.

Texas Tech +17.5 at No. 2 Texas
My Pick
: Texas 48, Texas Tech 20
Actual Score: Texas 34, Texas Tech 24
I simply thought the Texas offense would be unleashed in this “revenge” game, but I was wrong. They did score 34 points, but that won’t get the job done as a big-time favorite at home. Texas did go up 31-14 with nine minutes to play to give GameDay some hope, but Tech came right back and scored a touchdown to seal the loss. So, after a 5-0 start, the night goes poorly as I finish at 5-2 – still something I would take every week. Craig had a horrible finish after the early games, losing five in a row to end with a 2-5 record. As you can see at the top of the breakdown, I now hold a four-game lead in the season series.

(AP photo)

GameDay Live: Berlin At Wethersfield


LAST SCORING PLAY: B: Taylor Tavarozzi 17-yard run. (Devin Silverman kick).

First Quarter:
B-Max DeLorenzo 17-yard run, 7:36. (Devin Silverman kick).
W-Tyler Murphy 4-yard run, 5:07. (Jon Karanian kick).
Second Quarter:
Third Quarter:
B-Max DeLorenzo 23-yard run, 6:04. (Taylor Tavarozzi run failed).
B-Dave Campagna 9-yard run, 2:21. (DeLorenzo run).
Fourth Quarter:
B-Mason Powers 10-yard pass from Dan Hackett, 4:44. (Devin Silverman kick failed).
B-Taylor Tavarozzi 17-yard run, 3:41. (Devin Silverman kick).

College GameDay Picks Column: 30 Points For Tennessee .. Can't Pass That Up ... Or Can I?

Executive Sports Editor Brad Carroll takes a look at the top games of the day
Last Week: 2-5 (spread); 7-0 (overall); 1-0 (upset picks)
Craig's Week: 3-4 (spread)
This Season: 8-6 (spread); 12-2 (overall); 1-0 (upset picks)
Craig's Season: 7-7

Tennessee at No. 1 Florida 3:30 p.m. CBS
The Skinny: The spread in this game is astronomical. Florida is giving 30 points to Tennessee making it an almost no-brainer of a pick, right? Well, not so fast. Vols coach Lane Kiffin talked a whole bunch of smack against Urban Meyer and the Gators since he took over the job and that is not going to help his inferior team. Meyer is known for running up the score on all opponents, let alone a coach you know he hates. Still, 30 points? I gotta go with the points. The Pick: Florida (-30) wins it 50-21.

Texas Tech at No. 2 Texas; 8 p.m.; ABC
The Skinny: Texas Tech pulled off the biggest victory in its school history last year, beating a Texas team that felt the repercussions for the rest of the season. The loss cost the Longhorns a shot at the national championship and tonight they will get the chance for a small dose of payback. Tech is nowhere near the team it was last year, which means Texas quarterback Colt McCoy should take the Heisman Trophy lead with a huge performance tonight. The Pick: Texas (-17.5) wins it 48-20.

No. 3 Southern Cal at Washington; 3:30 p.m.; ABC
The Skinny: USC looked very ordinary for almost the entire game last week against Ohio State, but the final drive by freshman quarterback Matt Barkley made all that moot. Barkley led the Trojans to the game-winning TD with just over a minute to play to set up what could be yet another special season. USC is going against Washington coach Steve Sarkisian, a former assistant. The Pick: USC (-19.5) wins it 31-14.

Florida state at No. 7 BYU; 7 p.m.; VS
The Skinny: After opening up with two road games — and a pair of victories — the buzz for tonight’s home game against Florida State is huge for the Cougars. BYU, which upset Oklahoma in Week 1 and then destroyed Tulane last week, holds one of the nation’s best home field advantages, having won 18 straight. Florida State barely beat Jacksonville State last week. The Pick: BYU (-8) wins it 30-20.

No. 8 California at Minnesota; 12 p.m.; ESPN
The Skinny: California has lost four straight on the road and eight of its last nine, making for a truly unbelievable stat for a Top 10 team. Cal should challenge USC for dominance in the Pac-10 this season, but obviously has to cure its road woes. With RB and Heisman candidate Jahvid Best leading the offense, the Bears should do just that and take home the win today. The Pick: California (-13.5) wins it 31-14.

No. 18 Utah at Oregon; 3:30 p.m.; ESPN
The Skinny: For the rest of the season, Oregon will have to deal with the fact that its running back, LeGarrette Blount, punched Boise State defense end Byron Hout at the end of the Ducks loss in the opening week. But most probably won’t remember that Oregon actually has a pretty good team. Utah isn’t the same as it was last year, when it finished No. 2 in the final poll. The Pick: Oregon (-5) wins it 33-24.

East Carolina at No. 24 UNC; 12 p.m.; ESPN2
The Skinny: East Carolina can’t stop anybody on defense, so North Carolina should be able to score enough to cover the touchdown-plus spread. The Pick: North Carolina (-7.5) wins it 34-21. Here are Craig Carroll’s picks for the week: Florida, Texas, Southern Cal, BYU, California, Utah, North Carolina.

GameDay Live Recap: Plainville Gets Rude Welcome To The CCC With Loss To Maloney On Road

Thank you for joining us for this GameDay Live presentation of Plainville-Maloney. Check back tomorrow at noon for live coverage of Berlin-Wethersfield.

MERIDEN — Cory Gardner, Manny Gonzalez and the rest of the Maloney football team gave Plainville a rude welcome to the CCC Friday night.

Gardner ran for a touchdown and threw two more to Gonzalez as the Spartans handed the Blue Devils a 43-14 defeat in both teams’ season opener.

Plainville, playing without starting quarterback Quintin Wells because of a shoulder sprain sustained Tuesday, struggled to move the ball through the air with junior Robert Voisine filling in.

On the ground the Blue Devils didn’t fare much better, though their two scores came on long runs.

“The kids didn’t quit,” Plainville coach Rocky Gagliardi after the loss. “We did have a lull in the third quarter and that bothers me because we preach 48 minutes of football, 48 minutes of heart. We’re young, we have to learn how to compete. I just told the men that we can’t let this outcome define who we are.”

[Andrew Lovell story; Chris Richie photo]


First Quarter:

M-Cory Gardner 1-yard run, 5:44. (kick good).
M-Manny Gonzalez 39-yard pass from Cory Gardner, 1:01. (kick good).
Second Quarter
P-Josiah Martinez 81-yard run, 9:12. (kick failed).
M-Manny Gonzalez 65-yard pass from Cory Gardner, 3:17. (kick good).
Third Quarter
M-Ryan Spruil 1-yard run, 9:47. (2-point conversion good).
Fourth Quarter
M-Kendrick West 7-yard run, 11:08. (kick good).
M-K'Vone West 2-yard run, 5:00. (kick good).
P-Kevin Waite 40-yard run, 1:19. (2-point conversion good).

GameDay Live Recap: Garcarz Leads New Britain To Win Over Newington

Thank you for visiting GameDay Live: Newington vs. New Britain football. Check back tomorrow for Plainville-Maloney and Bristol Central-Bulkeley. (subject to change).

NEW BRITAIN — With an accurate arm and a wealth of talent at wide out, New Britain High quarterback Rafal Garcarz can do plenty of damage through the air.
Newington will testify that he can inflict just as much pain with his legs.
Garcarz rushed for three scores, passed for two and was perfect on five conversion kicks Thursday night to lead the Hurricanes to a 41-7 victory in their CCC Division I opener at Veterans Memorial Stadium.
Garcarz ran for touchdowns of 70, 68 and 47 yards on the way to piling up 182 yards on just five carries. He completed eight of his 12 passes for 171 yards and two scores, all in the first half.
Leading receiver Tebucky Jones was on the receiving end of four passes for 108 yards and a touchdown.
Newington coach Clay Hillyer stressed getting early momentum and his special teams complied with a successful onside kick. But the New Britain defense turned the Indians over on downs on its 29.
[Ken Lipshez story; Mike Orazzi photo]


First Quarter:

NB-Rafal Garcarz 70-yard run, 7:52. (Garcarz kick).
Second Quarter:
NB-Tebucky Jones Jr. 48-yard pass from Rafal Garcarz, 6:30. (Garcarz kick).
NB-Chris Linares 2-yard pass from Rafal Garcarz, 1:09. (Garcarz kick).
Third Quarter:
NB-Rafal Garcarz 68-yard run, 10:25. (Garcarz kick).
NB-Chris Linares 33-yard interception return, 9:16. (Garcarz kick).
NB-Rafal Garcarz 47-yard run, 6:125. (Garcarz run failed).
N-Anthony Szwez 75-yard kick return, 5:56. (Jeremy Rodriguez kick).
Fourth Quarter:

GameDay Live Recap: Southington Football Tops Hall As Butkiewicz Throws 7 TDs

Thank you for joining us in our GameDay Live coverage of Southington-Hall football. Here is a quick recap of the game and the box score.

SOUTHINGTON — As far as debuts go, they don’t get much better than what Connor Butkiewicz did in his first career varsity start for the Southington High School football Wednesday.

Butkiewicz threw for 463 yards and tied a school-record with seven touchdowns in Southington’s season-opening win over new CCC Division I rival Hall at Southington High School’s Fontana Field.

The seven touchdowns also tied for the second-most in state history, while the 463 yards tied for 13th in state history.

“They were giving everything that we wanted.” Butkiewicz said. “We were just taking what they gave us. The O-line did a great job, the wide receivers ran their routes. It’s an easy job for me when they do that.”

Butkiewicz made everything look extra easy.

The junior completed 25 of his 33 pass attempts and hit six different receivers during the game. Butkiewicz’s favorite target was wide receiver Tyler Dube, who finished with an even 200 yards receiving on 10 receptions, including three for touchdowns.

[Andrew Lovell story; Mike Orazzi photo]

First Quarter:

SHS-Anthony Florian 84-yard TD pass from Connor Butkiewicz, 8:23. (PAT no good). 6-0, S.
SHS-Mike Rhodd 37-yard TD pass from Connor Butkiewicz, 3:11. (PAT kick good). 13-0, S.
HALL-Ian Johnese 2-yard TD run, 1:38. (PAT kick good). 13-7, S.
Second Quarter:
HALL-Edgar Hannibal 17-yard TD pass from Riley Carroll, 10:04. (PAT kick good). 14-13, H.
SHS-Zach Wholley 23-yard TD pass from Connor Butkiewicz, 7:52. (2-point try failed). 19-14, S.
SHS-Tyler Dube 23-yard TD pass from Connor Butkiewicz, 5:09. (2-point conversion good, Dube from Butkiewicz). 27-14, S.
HALL-Wayne Brookbanks 1-yard TD run, 0:03. (PAT kick blocked). 27-20, S.
HALL-Justin Cleaver 28-yard TD pass from Riley Carroll, 0:00. (PAT kick good). 27-27.
Third Quarter:
SHS-Tyler Dube 68-yard TD pass from Connor Butkiewicz, 11:37. (PAT kick good). 34-27, S.
SHS-Tyler Dube 13-yard TD pass from Connor Butkiewicz, 8:39. (PAT kick good). 41-27, S.
SHS-Anthony Florian 43-yard TD pass from Connor Butkiewicz, 3:17. (PAT kick no good). 47-27, S.
Fourth Quarter:

—Southington: Dylan Danko 14-64, Zach Wholley 2-10, Dwayne Blocker 4-18. Hall: Wayne Brookbanks 19-95, Riley Carroll 2-8, Jake Rosario 2-15, Blaschinski 2-(-1), McGoldrick 4-6.
Passing—Southington: Connor Butkiewicz 25-33-0-7, 463 yds. Hall: Riley Carroll 19-27-0-2, 138 yds; Blaschinski 0-2-0-0; Jake Rosario 1-1-0-0, 68 yds.
Receiving—Southington: Tyler Dube 10-200-3, Anthony Florian 5-110-2, Mike Rhodd 5-74-1, Zac Etter 3-22, Zach Wholley 1-23-1, Dylan Danko 1-6. Hall: Wayne Brookebanks 4-14, Justin Cleaver 7-80-1, Mitch Morin 1-13, Kochen 2-14, Panagajos 1-3, McGoldrick 1-(-4), Mascolo 2-75.

Tuesday Afternoon GameDay: Jets Must Beat Patriots On Sunday For True Respect

Well, we're a day late in the season debut of Tuesday Afternoon GameDay, but hopefully you were able to pick up the Bristol Press and Herald today and see the fruits of my all-day and all-night labor - the high school football section pullouts, which totaled 16 pages. That, coupled with the regular sports section, made for a very long night. But I know you all could care less. You want the product and don't care how it gets there. I understand. So, let's get started.

Opening week of the NFL had a lot of surprises, but none bigger than the Jets absolutley destroying the Houston Texans on the road, a team that many predicted would make the playoffs this year. Those same "experts" predicted the Jets would barely win 6 games this year. Now, I realize it's just one week, but those opinions couldn't be more wrong. Hey, the Texans could still go on a run and make the playoffs, but that only says that the Jets will be legit this year. The defense was unbelievably good and that was without its best lineman (Shaun Ellis) and one of the best linebackers (Calvin Pace). That doesn't bode well for the rest of the league. Rex Ryan was hired mainly because he is a defensive mastermind. Are there any doubters about that now? I don't think so. Yes, it's only one game, and yes, the Patriots are on tap this Sunday. But when a team does that against an offense that features Matt Schaub, Steve Slaton and Andre Johnson, you gotta take notice.

I readily believe, however, that it won't matter one bit if the Jets don't beat the Patriots on Sunday. That's right, they must win the game. It's been way too long (8 games) since the Jets beat the Pats at home and it must be the year. Especially since I'll be at the game - I'm due for a victory over the Pats!

Even better than the team's display on defense was the play of rookie quarterback Mark Sanchez. It was simply an awesome debut for the rookie. And even though every Jets fan forgot about Brett Favre a long time ago, he is an even deeper memory now. Thank God Favre left because we got a real quarterback because of it. Sanchez went 18-for-31 for 272 yards and a touchdown. Can he do it again? We'll see. Like I wrote earlier, it all depends on the Patriots game this week.

Now, here's the Tuesday Afternoon GameDay lineup:

1. Jason Campbell should not be a starting quarterback in the NFL. If there was ever any doubt about that fact, anyone would have to change their mind after seeing Campbell call an audible on 3rd and 8 to a running play straight up the middle. The call gave the Washington offense zero percent chance of converting the play. I don't care if there are 10 defensive backs in the game and 2 lineman, you gotta a) throw the ball or b) run some kind of draw. You simply can not run the ball up the middle. Campbell was horrible the whole game against the Giants, but that play stood out as one that says he's just not ready for prime time.

2. If any team can figure out how to lose a game worse than the Buffalo Bills, let me know. What a pathetic ending.

3. I absolutely hate the Thursday night opening game. It's not the same as playing all the games on Sunday and a couple on Monday night. Thursday night opener? No. Monday night doubleheader? Yes.

4. I have to admit that I wanted Jay Cutler as the quarterback of the Jets. But after watching him throw four interceptions against the Packers in his debut for the Bears, I'm glad things worked out the way they did. In one of my fantasy football leagues (and I am doing way too many this year) I've already dropped him. He was my backup to Donovan McNabb, who might not even play this upcoming week, which says a lot about Cutler. I went with Matt Hasselbeck instead.

5. Speaking of fantasy football, I'm doing six (freaking six!) leagues this year. Way too many, I know, and I've learned my lesson. Let's see, in my league, I lost to the evil one in controversial fashion. At the end of the football week, I held the lead and was on my way to victory. But being as evil as he is, Craig dug deep into the box score and found that two of my players were given credit for fumble recoveries on offense. So, he made a big stink and I had to end up erasing those points, which, of course, gave him the victory. I won in two leagues and lost in two others. In the sports writers league, I probably have the greatest team ever built. I have Drew Brees at QB, Matt Forte and Steve Slaton at RB, Wes Welker, Roddy White and Jerricho Cotchery at WR, John Carlson at TE, and Tony Romo as an offensive player. I don't think anyone can beat that, but I'm sure the evil one is preparing to write a comment as we speak with one of his teams. By the way, in one of the leagues that I lost in, I had Drew Brees. That's not good.

6. I don't fault Jorge Posada at all for "brushing" Jesse Carlson last night in the Yankees game. If it was me, and he was in my way, I'd lean my shoulder into him. The ump saying that it was unsportsmanlike is way out of line too. Just shut up; nobody cares what you have to say. The bottom line is if you want to start something, you have to deal with the consequences, and it looks like Posada got the best of Carlson, who is from the area ... bum.

7. Brett Favre's celebration with rookie Percy Harvin after a Vikings touchdown on Sunday was so pathetic and phony it actually got me a little upset. Favre can fool people as long as the team wins. But once things go bad, people will see the real Favre - a selfish player who could care less about his teammates.

8. We're trying something new at the Press and Herald during the high school football season and it starts tonight with the Southington vs. Hall game. We are going to be doing live "gamecasts" ... well, as live as my fingers can let us be. So, check back here tonight, and for most games this season, for continually updated scores and stats. If Southington scores tonight, you will know about it in a matter of seconds. Check in at halftime and see who the stat leaders are. We're really excited about it, and we hope you check it out, starting tonight.

9. Finally, the Jaguars are struggling to fill their stadium (and by struggle I mean there are about 20,000 tickets unsold for every game this year, which would blackout the games on local television) and I hear that Jacksonville's owner thinks drafting Tim Tebow will solve the problem. Tebow, the Florida quarterback, is a Jacksonville native. While I understand wanting to have a local kid on the team, Tebow isn't the prototypical quarterback and I don't think he could make it as a passer. I don't think that's how you build a winning team. But I guess it won't be too big of a chance if you use a second-round pick on the guy. First round might be a little much.

College GameDay Rewind: Watching Derek Jeter Get Hits Record And GameDay On The Big Screen

I’ll start College GameDay Rewind with some … baseball. I was in attendance for history Friday night as Derek Jeter became the Yankees all-time hits leader, eclipsing Lou Gehrig at the new Yankee Stadium. It was a great night and I had a feeling of anticipation that I’ve never felt before. I got chills when the PA announcer said that the game would finally start after a long rain delay. And forget about it when Jeter came to the plate for his first at-bat; it was hysteria. When Jeter finally did get the hit, the crowd was loud, but the chants and cheers did not go on as long as I thought it would. Me and my group tried our best to keep it up, and we did, believe it or not, but it was nothing like I thought it would be. It all goes back to the new Stadium not holding the same aura as the old place. If this happened in the old Stadium, the place would have rocked for the entire inning. Don’t think that is possible? Just remember the Paul O’Neill chants in the 2001 World Series, a game I attended as well. But I’m glad I was part of history. And, on top of everything, I made it on the big screen at the Stadium. I managed to throw my arms in the air after finally realizing I was on the massive screen. It was a surprisingly great moment. This week, it’s on to the Meadowlands for Jets-Patriots, which should be a good one. I hope, anyway.

Now, on to College GameDay Rewind:

My Weekend: 2-5 (spread); 7-0 (overall); 1-0 (upset picks)
My Season: 8-6 (spread); 12-2 (overall); 1-0 (upset picks)
My Money: UP $140 (season)
Craig's Weekend: 3-4 (spread)
Craig's Season: 7-7 (spread)
Craig's Money: DOWN $70 (season)

No. 19 North Carolina -4.5 at UConn
My Pick: North Carolina 33, UConn 17
Actual Score: North Carolina 12, UConn 10
The Tar Heels won on a holding penalty in the end zone by UConn, which is probably the most pathetic way to win or lose a football game. I’m happy I was driving from Long Island to work when the game was played. Lame. GameDay starts 0-1 and Craig does the same.

+19 at No. 14 Virginia Tech

My Pick: Virginia Tech 30, Marshall 7
Actual Score: Virginia Tech 52, Marshall 10
This one was a no-doubter from the beginning. Tech scored 28 points in the second quarter to make this an easy win for GameDay. Both Craig and I even our record at 1-1.

No. 2 Texas -32 at Wyoming

My Pick: Texas 56, Wyoming 14
Actual Score: Texas 41, Wyoming 10
Here we have the dreaded one-point loss, as pointed out by Rich in the comments section of the GameDay picks column. Texas led 13-10 at the half but came alive with 21 unanswered points in the third quarter to turn a no-shot cover into a very-likely one. But the Longhorns managed just one touchdown in the fourth to win the game by 31 points, which, of course, is one less than I needed. That always hurts. Again, GameDay and Craig both go the same way, and both take the loss, to drop to 1-2.

No. 9 BYU -18 at Tulane

My Pick: BYU 31, Tulane 14
Actual Score: BYU 54, Tulane 3
BYU showed me a lot with its dismantling of Tulane on Saturday; unfortunately the Cougars also showed me another loss, as I had Tulane covering. I should never have underestimated BYU, but I did and I have to suffer another loss because of it. This week is not going so well, as I drop to 1-3 on the day. Craig went with BYU and picks up a game, improving to 2-2.

No. 18 Notre Dame -3 at Michigan

My Pick: Michigan 17, Notre Dame 16
Actual Score: Michigan 38, Notre Dame 34
My first upset pick of the season comes true as the Michigan Wolverines top Notre Dame in dramatic fashion. It was a great finish and I couldn’t be happier as Michigan moved into the Top 25 yesterday. Notre Dame, on the other hand, will probably be looking for a new head coach next season as there is no way Charlie Weis will survive. He’s a goner. Craig called me out for picking a score so low, saying that I should no better that when two bad teams play each other, it’s always a shootout. I guess that’s true, after all, his crappy Miami Hurricanes won a shootout with even crappier Florida State last Monday. GameDay gets back on track, finally, to improve to 2-3 on the day. Craig, a closet Michigan fan, gets the victory as well, moving to 3-2.

South Carolina +7 at No. 21 Georgia

My Pick: Georgia 31, South Carolina 21
Actual Score: Georgia 41, South Carolina 37
Craig again went on the attack for my pick, as he said I should have stuck with my “always go against Georgia” theory. But I just didn’t think this one qualified, as South Carolina is nothing close to a juggernaut and Georgia was the home team. Still, the Bulldogs do what they always do, disappoint the masses. Sure, they won the game, but by not nearly enough. Georgia was lucky just to get out with the victory. Let’s just say no more plays on Georgia for the rest of the season. Craig and I both went with Georgia … why? … and Craig moves to 3-3, while I fall to 2-4.

No. 3 USC -7 at No. 8 Ohio State
My Pick: USC 20, Ohio State 10
Actual Score: USC 18, Ohio State 15
I was actually pretty close in my assessment of this blockbuster game. I knew there wouldn’t be a lot of offense; and I knew that USC freshman quarterback Matt Barkley would struggle. But I just didn’t think Ohio State could get it within a touchdown. Well, much like the rest of the day, I was wrong. USC did manage to win the game, but by only three. GameDay ends with a 2-5 record, while Craig picks up a game on the week, pulling in a 3-4 record.

College GameDay Picks Column: An Early Edition As I Head To Yankee Stadium For History

Executive Sports Editor Brad Carroll takes a look at the top games of the day
Last Week
: 6-1 (spread); 5-2 (overall); 0-0 (upset picks)
Craig’s Record
: 4-3 (spread)
This Season
: 6-1 (spread); 5-2 (overall); 0-0 (upset picks)
Craig’s Season
: 4-3

No. 3 USC at No. 8 Ohio State; 8 p.m.; ESPN

The Skinny: With Ohio State barely getting past Navy last week at home, it would be easy to say Southern Cal will rout the Buckeyes tonight. But not so fast. USC isn’t the unstoppable force it has been for the past several years and a lot of question marks remain heading into this big-time matchup. Freshman Matt Barkley will start at quarterback for the Trojans so the Horseshoe and its fans could rattle him. But with that said, I still say USC. The Pick: Southern Cal (-7) wins it 20-10.

No. 2 Texas at Wyoming; 3:30 p.m.; VERSUS
The Skinny: GameDay had a great start to the college season, punching in with a 6-1 record. Read more about the week in College GameDay Rewind at While BYU may have made the biggest jump in the rankings after its upset of Oklahoma last week, it was Texas that benefited the most, as it now has a clear path to the National Championship game. Today, it’s all about how many points Texas can score. The Pick: Texas (-32) wins it 56-14.

No. 9 BYU at Tulane; 3:30 p.m.; ESPN2
The Skinny: BYU made a tremendous jump in the AP polls this week after its victory over Oklahoma and is actually the third game in the GameDay lineup. Crazy. Of course, this week has all the makings of a let-down game, as the Cougars travel to Tulane this afternoon for another nationally televised game, and they host Florida State in one week. BYU wins, but not by enough. The Pick: BYU (-18) wins it 31-14.

No. 18 Notre Dame at Michigan; 3:30 p.m.; ABC
The Skinny: All I have to say is thank God that Notre Dame and Michigan came through with big victories in their respective season openers last week. Otherwise, with a loss by one or both, this game would mean absolutely nothing. And as a Michigan fan, that would be a sad thing. I don’t think either team is that good, but Michigan should defend the home field. The Pick: Michigan (+3) wins it 17-16.

No. 19 North Carolina at UConn; 12 p.m.; ESPNU
The Skinny: Connecticut has a huge home game this afternoon as No. 19 North Carolina heads into our neck of the woods. The Huskies need the game to take a step forward in their quest for nationally respectability, and a win today would go a long way toward doing that. Unfortunately, UConn still isn’t ready for the big stage as UNC rolls to victory. The Pick: North Carolina (-4.5) wins it 33-17.

South Carolina at No. 21 Georgia; 7 p.m.; ESPN2
The Skinny: If you didn’t listen to me last week in my assessment of Georgia football, than you have no one to blame but yourself. I spelled it out as best I could — don’t trust the Bulldogs in a big game. And it was proven again last week. This matchup is a little different as South Carolina hasn’t become the power under Steve Spurrier many expected when he took over. The Pick: Georgia (-7) wins it 31-21.

Marshall at No. 14 Virginia Tech; 1:30 p.m.; ESPN360
The Pick: Virginia Tech (-19) wins it 30-7.
Here are Craig Carroll’s picks for the week: USC, Texas, BYU, Michigan, North Carolina, Georgia, Virginia Tech.

College GameDay Rewind Debuts With A Whole Lot Of Green

With the opening week of the college football season in the books, I learned a number of things right out of the gate. If you’re going to talk smack, make sure to duck; Oklahoma’s season is over before it began; Michigan could actually be good this year; Notre Dame still stinks; Georgia did what it always does – lose a big game; Ohio State is overrated; and for anyone who played a Division I-AA team, you’re lame. But first and foremost is the fact that I will never watch a Miami Hurricanes football game with evil Craig again. With the Hurricanes struggling for a few years now, Craig hasn’t exactly had the chance to root for his team in a big game. But that was exactly what he got to experience Monday night against Florida State . Let’s just say thank God that Florida State dude dropped the pass in the end zone or I could only imagine the evil one’s reaction. I’ll get my chance to root for a now-forgotten program in a big game next week as my Michigan Wolverines take on Notre Dame. For Miami-Florida State , I was just rooting for the Canes to cover the spread, of course, and they did to end my opening week with a stellar 6-1 record. Craig also clocked in with a winning, 4-3, record. There’s a bunch of green below, which is a great start to the season.

I was back on Long Island for the weekend to take part in an in-person fantasy football draft and bring my total leagues to four with one still to go tomorrow afternoon. That’s a lot of leagues, but two of them are free, just based on bragging rights, so it’s not a total big money play. While College GameDay Rewind is back for Year 2, Tuesday Afternoon GameDay will be back as well. Week 2 of the NFL schedule should be an interesting column as I’ll be in Jersey for Jets-Patriots. Well all know those fans don’t mix well, but it makes for some interesting stories. I just hope to be on the winning side for once.

Now, on to College GameDay Rewind:

My Weekend: 6-1 (spread); 5-2 (overall); 0-0 (upset picks)
My Season: 6-1 (spread); 5-2 (overall); 0-0 (upset picks)
My Money: UP $490 (season)
Craig's Weekend: 4-3 (spread)
Craig's Season: 4-3 (spread)
Craig's Money: UP $70 (season)

Navy +22 at No. 6 Ohio State
My Pick: Ohio State 41, Navy 27
Actual Score: Ohio State 31, Navy 27
I wrote that this would be an exciting game, and after a mid-game lull, it was exactly that. Navy actually had the chance to tie the game in the final minutes, but a potential two-point conversion pass by quarterback Ricky Dobbs was intercepted and returned for two points by the Buckeyes. I was hoping the Midshipman would pull off the upset, but, obviously, I was just happy that the college football season started out with a College GameDay victory. I did think this would be the closest thing we would see to an upset on the opening Saturday … but … we’ll get to that later. I start the year out 1-0 while Craig goes with Ohio State to drop to 0-1.

No. 13 Georgia +4.5 at No. 9 Oklahoma State
My Pick: Oklahoma State 38, Georgia 21
Actual Score: Oklahoma State 24, Georgia 10
It took Oklahoma State a little while to wake up offensively, but as soon as it did, it was over for the Bulldogs. Georgia did what it always does – lose on the big stage. The Cowboys actually were stellar on defense, holding the Bulldogs to just 257 total yards, including 95 rushing yards. If Oak State can play like that on defense all season long it just might have a shot at beating Texas . The Cowboys offense, led by WR Dez Bryant, did what it needed in putting the game to bed in the second half. I hope everyone (if you haven’t already) has learned to go against Georgia every single time in a big spot. This was yet another example. GameDay starts out 2-0, while the evil one gets his first win of the year to even his mark at 1-1.

Nevada +14.5 at No. 23 Notre Dame
My Pick: Notre Dame 27, Nevada 21
Actual Score: Notre Dame 35, Nevada 0
I’m just happy I didn’t go with the upset pick, which I know a lot of people were talking about in this game as early as the end of last season. Otherwise, there isn’t too much to say about it. The Irish destroyed Nevada and gave their legions of fans some hope. There’s nothing wrong with that … hey, I’m excited about Michigan looking pretty darn good in an easy win over Western Michigan too … but let’s not go crazy just yet. If Charlie Weis and Notre Dame don’t beat Michigan this coming Saturday, the season is over and Weis could be fired the next morning. There’s no margin for error with the Irish this year. But, if Notre Dame does beat the Wolverines, then you can start to dream big. GameDay drops to 2-1 on the day with the ND loss. Craig takes the loss as well and falls to 1-2.

No. 20 Brigham Young +22 vs. No. 3 Oklahoma
My Pick: Oklahoma 49, BYU 28
Actual Score: BYU 14, Oklahoma 13
I actually feel bad for Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford. He decided to come back to school this season to try and win a national championship, instead of being the likely No. 1 pick in the NFL Draft, and now it could all be for naught. As exciting as it was watching BYU drive down the field and eventually score the game-winning touchdown with three minutes to go, I was brought down a bit every time ESPN showed Bradford on the sidelines. You have to respect a guy who stays in school even though a ton of money would be waiting for him if he left early. BYU ended up holding on for the one-point victory as a 54-yard field goal attempt by punter Tress Way was short and wide. Bob Stoops is taking a little bit of heat for trying the field goal, but with a 4th-and-14 staring at the Sooners, he almost had to make that decision. The only problem I have is if you’re putting the punter on the field to try the kick, the chances can’t be that good. If I deem my kicker can’t make it from that distance, I’m taking my chances with the offense on the field. I know I would feel a lot better about the situation today if the pass fell incomplete rather than a kick ending up short and wide. But for BYU, it’s a tremendous win that could catapult it into a BCS game. GameDay went with the Cougars and the points to improve to 3-1 on the day. Craig went with BYU as well and moves to 2-2.

No. 5 Alabama -6.5 vs. No. 7 Virginia Tech
My Pick: Alabama 27, Virginia Tech 17
Actual Score: Alabama 34, Virginia Tech 24
I’ll admit it; I was a whole lot of worried when Virginia Tech held a 17-16 lead into the fourth quarter. But the Tide finally put the mistakes, penalties and turnovers to rest and went on to outscore the Hokies 18-7 in the fourth quarter to take the win and the cover. Alabama controlled the game time-wise and yards-wise and, in the fourth quarter, the scoreboard finally showed it. The win moves GameDay to an impressive 4-1 at the end of the first Saturday of the season. Craig, being the ACC guy he is, went with Virginia Tech and falls to 2-3. We still have two games left, on Sunday and Monday.

No. 8 Ole Miss -17 at Memphis
My Pick: Ole Miss 56, Memphis 24
Actual Score: Ole Miss 45, Memphis 14
To look at the final score, you might think this game was in the bag from the beginning. Well, not even close. Ole Miss led 17-7 at the end of three quarters, and 24-14 with nine minutes to go. That put the pick in serious jeopardy and I pretty much already conceded that the best I could do was push. So, with time winding down, the Rebels finally were able to score a touchdown on third-and-long to take a 31-14 lead, and I was thinking about how much I hate ties. But that was just the beginning, as Ole Miss scored two more touchdowns to win by 31 points. Hey, I’ll take it. I end the weekend with a 5-1 record, while Craig draws even at 3-3 with the Ole Miss pick. Now we head to Monday night for Miami and Florida State.

Miami +6.5 at No. 18 Florida State
My Pick: Cincinnati 33, Hawaii 30
Actual Score: Miami 38, Florida State 34
Miami and Florida State combined for a great fourth quarter – with the Canes outscoring the Seminoles 21-11 – and a great finish to the opening weekend of college football. As I already mentioned, Florida State dropped what would have been the game-winning touchdown as time expired to give Miami the win. GameDay also took home the victory to improve to 6-1. Craig went with the Canes as well and ends at 4-3. Also, Johnny Burnham gave his picks in as well and he finished with a 4-3 record.

(AP photos)

College GameDay Picks Column: I Swear I Won't Sucker Punch You

Executive Sports Editor Brad Carroll takes a look at the top college football games of the day
Last Week
: 0-0 (spread); 0-0 (overall); 0-0 (upset picks) ...
Craig’s Record: 0-0 (spread)
Last Season: 65-61-2 (spread); 90-36 (overall); 8-10 (upset picks) ...
Craig’s Season: 65-61-2

No. 20 Brigham Young at No. 2 Oklahoma; 7 p.m.; ESPN
The Skinny
: Believe it or not, we’re back for another year of College GameDay where the battle for Carroll supremacy hits Year 3 in this paper. I think we all remember my monumental collapse last year (losing my last six picks) to end in a season tie with brother Craig (6-0). But this is a brand new year. Oklahoma opens the season against a tough BYU squad, but with QB Sam Bradford leading the way, don’t look for an upset. The Pick: Oklahoma (-22) wins it 49-28.

No. 5 Alabama vs. No. 7 Virginia Tech; 8 p.m.; ABC
The Skinny
: Even though I love afternoon college football, there is something special about a blockbuster matchup played on national television in prime time. Virginia Tech is hurting, as RB Darren Evans is out for the season with a torn ACL, so the Hokies could struggle on offense, especially with a QB who played poorly last year. Alabama has one of the best defenses in the country and should keep the Hokies in check at the Georgia Dome. The Pick: Alabama (-6.5) wins it 27-17

Navy at No. 6 Ohio State; 12 p.m.; ESPN
The Skinny
: For uncensored thoughts on all of my pick results, make sure you read College GameDay Rewind exclusively at throughout the week. Ohio State-Navy boasts an interesting QB matchup, as Midshipman Ricky Dobbs and Buckeye Terrell Pryor could put on quite the show. We all know what Pryor can do, but Dobbs has the potential to be just as explosive, making this game one to watch. The Pick: Ohio State (-22) wins it 41-27.

No. 8 Ole Miss at Memphis; 3:30 p.m.; ESPN
The Skinny
: With its highest ranking in nearly 40 years, Ole Miss has some high expectations heading into the new season. The Rebels didn’t do so well last year when the microscope was on, however, dropping two straight games after their stunning upset of Florida. Still, Ole Miss went on a roll and won six straight to end the season and set up what could be a special year. Ole Miss has won four straight openers over Memphis. The Pick: Ole Miss (-17) wins it 56-24.

No. 13 Georgia at No. 9 Oklahoma State; 3:30 p.m.; ABC
The Skinny
: Anyone who has followed GameDay throughout the years knows exactly what I’m about to say – don’t trust Georgia. The Bulldogs always have high expectations coming into a season, but those hopes are quickly dashed when they actually take the field. Today will be no exception as Oklahoma State will roll to victory. The Cowboys have one of the best offenses in country, with QB Zac Robinson, RB Kendall Hunter and WR Dez Bryant. The Pick: Oklahoma State (-4.5) wins it 38-21.

Miami at No. 18 Florida State; 8 p.m.; ESPN
The Skinny
: Both schools are nowhere near what they were in years past, but this is still a huge rivalry that gets the Monday night stage. Florida State, which is surrounding in controversy yet again, has won three of the last four meetings. The Hurricanes have a solid running attack, with Craig Copper and Javarris James, so they should be able to keep it close. The Pick: Florida State (-6.5) wins it 24-21.

Nevada at No. 23 Notre Dame; 3:30 p.m.; NBC
The Pick
: Notre Dame (-14.5) wins it 27-21.
Here are Craig Carroll’s picks for the week: BYU, Virginia Tech, OSU, Ole Miss, Oklahoma State, Miami, Nevada.