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Syracuse fired football coach Greg Robinson (AP photo, right) today effective at the end of the season and the only question I have is how long did it take for Lane Kiffin to make a call campaigning for the job? My guess is about five seconds after he heard the news he was on the horn. But that’s life when you’re out of a job, which I might know very well, very soon. Speaking of The Bristol Press (that is the paper I’m sports editor of right now, for those of you readers that just come by for the GameDay experience … thank you, by the way), I’ve heard just under 10,000 rumors of potential buyers and interested parties. If it’s true and the paper is sold, then great. But things at the paper have to change. The way the paper is run has to change. The attitude at the paper has to change. Otherwise, it’s just a wasted investment that will suffer the same fate as it did last week. Of course, the bigger news is that the Jets are in first-place after their thrilling victory over the Patriots Thursday night. I’m still relishing in that win … and for the chance to be the first team to knock off the undefeated Tennessee Titans. And, my fantasy teams right now could all get a victory, but I’ll withhold any real talk of that as to not jinx myself. By the way, I'm watching Entourage right now and all I have to say is that Vincent Chase CAN NOT act. It's that simple - he's horrible. Let's hope the episode is good because it's been bad for the past couple weeks.

Now, on to College GameDay Rewind:

My Saturday: 3-4 (spread); 5-2 (overall); 0-0 (upset picks)
My Season: 44-38-2 (spread); 63-21 (overall); 4-4 (upset picks)
My Money: UP $220 (season)
Craig's Saturday: 4-3 (spread)
Craig's Season: 39-43-2 (spread)
Craig's Money: DOWN $830 (season)

No.1o Ohio State -9.5 at Illinois
My Pick: Ohio State 33, Illinois 21
Actual Score: Ohio State 30, Illinois 20
Ohio State is getting on my good side in a hurry, as the Buckeyes have covered two straight games for me. The big question next week is whether I continue the trend of going with OSU or skip out and go with my Wolverines. Tune in Friday to GameDay to find out. Anyway, Ohio State gets the half-point, but comfortable, cover and we start out 1-0. Craig is 1-0 as well.

Notre Dame -4 at Navy
My Pick: Notre Dame 28, Navy 21
Actual Score: Notre Dame 27, Navy 21
Two games and I’ve been pretty much dead-on in my score predictions. That’s always a good sign. Notre Dame did everything it could to lose this game for me, however, as it allowed Navy to recover two onside kicks and come very, very close to pulling off the upset. But, alas, the Notre Dame defense held on in the last drive to take the win and the cover. Yes, shockingly, the Irish come through. We’re both off to 2-0 starts after the noon games.

No. 17 North Carolina -3 at Maryland
My Pick: North Carolina 27, Maryland 23
Actual Score: Maryland 17, North Carolina 15
Only three points were scored in the second half – a field goal by Maryland in the fourth quarter. North Carolina led 12-7 at the end of the first quarter, but that was pretty much it. Craig was celebrating because the Tar Heels’ loss gives his Miami Hurricanes a better shot at playing in the ACC title game. For me, I’m just happy UNC started the basketball season with a win. Craig is 3-0 with the win, while I fall to 2-1.

No. 24 South Carolina +22.5 at No. 3 Florida
My Pick: Florida 31, South Carolina 17
Actual Score: Florida 56, South Carolina 6
Not much to say here. I didn’t think the game would be close, but I figured Steve Spurrier would at least have his team ready to play. He didn’t and South Carolina got embarrassed. How was this team ranked 23rd in the nation? I’m 2-2 now, but Craig is making a move for perfection, improving to 4-0.

No. 6 Southern Cal -24 at Stanford
My Pick: Southern Cal 63, Stanford 20
Actual Score: Southern Cal 45, Stanford 23
Leave it to Southern Cal to stop scoring 60 points a game when I pick them to cover. It was actually just a seven-point game entering the fourth quarter, but USC scored 21 in the fourth to take the win but fall just short of the spread. Stanford scored six in the period. I fall to 2-3, while Craig drops his first game of the day, 4-1.

Mississippi State +22 at No. 1 Alabama
My Pick: Alabama 45, Mississippi State 14
Actual Score: Alabama 32, Mississippi State 7
On a day where things were looking bleak, it was actually Alabama that came to the rescue for GameDay. I put my trust in the Tide, which I’ve been blasting for the entire season, for the first time and they came through. I move to 3-3 on the day, while Craig falls again and sees his record move to 4-2.

Boston College +6.5 at No. 20 Florida State
My Pick: Florida State 28, Boston College 20
Actual Score: Boston College 27, Florida State 17
I don’t even know why I went with Florida State. I thought they would win, but, man, it’s Florida State. The Seminoles haven’t been good in forever and haven’t won a big game in forever. So, we both lose this one. I end the day at 3-4 (horrible) and Craig pulls in another winning week, going 4-3. The good news is that next week has a slate of good college games, so we won’t be stretching to pick the weak matchups of this week (as in a typical week, BC-FSU, USC-Stanford and UNC-Maryland probably would have never had gotten on the board … we went 0-3 on those.)


  1. The Irish did come through for you! And for us and Charlie Weis too. I think Irish fans need to realize Rome wasn't built in a day and that Weis is moving the program in the correct direction. I don't want to see Weis leave just yet. Now, if they don't have a 9-1, 10-1 season next year, we're going to have problems...Clausen needs to start playing the way he did in the beginning of the season as well.

  2. I don't know, I think Weis is living off that one great season with Ty Willingham's players. This is his first head coaching job since high school, so he may not be what many think he is. But I do agree that he gets another year. If he doesn't turn things around, though, he's in real trouble. And, Clausen is way, way, way overrated. But thanks for the win!